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So, while I dabble here and there in BDSM reading I am definitely not all that well informed on it. I know when it works for me and when it doesn't, and here it definitely does.
Jack has some
serious conflict about himself as a sadist. He had people close to him turn against him when the truth came out so he's worked hard to keep it separate from his daily life. Unfortunately it is as much as part of him as anything else which means that he feels that he has to avoid any intimacy in his life ... regardless of how sexy he finds sweet Penny. But Penny is hiding secrets of her own and a little glimpse into Jack's world has her curious. Making Jack let her in is a fight she's not willing to lose.
I really liked these two together. They have fun, definitely rock the entertaining banter, and set the pages ON FIRE. There's a whole mess of emotions to go along with it as well, though. They struggle a lot with their feelings, both for each other and about themselves, but with each other's help they might be able to figure things out.
You are definitely going to have to be OK with some sizzling kink with these too, including a seriously strong Alpha with a need to inflict pain. But more importantly, you need to be ready for a lot of difficult times, ups & downs & abouts & arounds, because these two don't make it easy on themselves. Or us :) But it is definitely a ride that I enjoyed! I'm looking forward to seeing what Castille has in store for us next.
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This was a VERY intense story!
Let me just say that the subject matter of this story isn't my cup of tea. I'm not an enormous fan of BDSM, but I absolutely HAD TO read this because Sarah wrote it
. And I was not disappointed!
First of all, sexual content aside, this book brings up some pretty deep issues of self-mutilation and domestic abuse. While those are not pleasant topics, they added a great deal to the story by being the dark contrast to the light that Penny and Jack eventually found in each other.
Penny was so fun! Unsure of herself but also hilarious, I was really rooting for everything to work out for her. If anyone deserved a break, it was Penny.
Jack was great! Yes, he is also known as Master Jack, but he allowed his softer side to come out and play, which I loved. He, too, was fighting some demons, and Penny was just the perfect balance for him.
I met the whole crew at Redemption, and holy cow, I MUST go back and read this whole series! This book is totally a stand-alone, but this series is set in a gym full of alpha males who fiercely love their women...I just might have found my new favorite series :)
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