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Page VALENTINE STRAXGE-continued. VALENTINE STRANGE-continued. Our French Professor, . 352, 368, 385

Page Outwitting the Brigands,


23. Running away from Dis. 49. Val Strange meets his old Pavement Portraits--


380 Friend and Enemy at times, ‘Dot,'

24. Of how much have you

and after all there is on Housekeeper, a,

robbed us?'

395 each sido a softened and Man in Possession, a,

25. 'He's an awfully Odd Fish is


tender esteem, 257 Song and Syınpathy,

412 Violet Charmion,

Strange, 707

Well of St Keyne,

791 Playing the Wrong Card 26. 'My Dear," said the Old Lady,

Will Stout the Parish Beadle, . 501 496, 513, 530, 545

"you are fretting about Something,'

427 Ravine, the: a Hunting Experience in India, .

27. Like a Ghost revisiting Old 663

413 Royal Bricklayer, the, .


357 Ruined Grave, the,

28. A Messenger from the Bank, 460

Notices of Books.
Saved by Bullocks,

29. 'I am afraid, Sir, it is talked

Setting the Snares-
210, 221, 238, 258, 271 30. Shorn of wealth and shorn

Ants, Bees, and Wasps, by Sir of All,

John Lubbock,

553 Slight Scare, a,

755 State Banquet in Madagascar, 31. All Day,' Hiram looked about

Country Pleasures, by Mr Milner, 750 580

for Chances, and next Essays : Moral, Philosophical, and Story of an Old Coat, 13, 26

Stomachical, on the Important Inez,

morning he set out afoot in

736 the Old Coaching-days, 811

pursuit of Employment, 507 Science of Good Living, by Mr 32. A Blue Foolscap Document,

Launcelot Sturgeon,

822 Strange Story, · 144, 161, 175, 191

written in a stiff and legible Frozen Asia, by C. H. Eden, Two Corbies,

hand, lay on the page


207 - Startling Adventures, 270

before him,

524 Gaelic Proverbs, edited by Sheriff Nicolson, :

734 VALENTINE STRANGE, a Story of the 33. 'I had the pleasure of meeting Primrose Way.-By David Christie

you, Sir, one hot day last Herring and the Herring-fishery, summer, when you paid by Mr De Caux,

477 Murray, Author of A Life's Atone

me this identical Half. Notes and Jottings from Animal ment, &c.


540 Life, by the late Mr Frank 34. “Did the return of one of her Buckland,

591 1. Hiram Search,


Lovers please her, even Recent Egyptian Discoveries in 2. “The Blind Bow-boy's Butt

though he were not the Upper Egypt, Official Report of shaft,' 19 chosen?' 556 M. Maspero,

521 3. 'I like the Primrose Way, 35. Comes over here to see Con., Report on Vagrancy and Mendisaid Strange,

35 and finds himself too late,' 572 city by the Howard Associa3, Continued

First 36. And now he began to know tion, from The Field,

466 Draught is sweet enough;

how futile his Dishonesty Volcanoes: What they Are, and it is only in the After-tasto

would have been even had What they Teach, by Professor that we detect its Bitter

he succeeded,
587 Judd,

777 ness,

59 37. “You didn't answer the Two Year in Manitoba (1880-1881), 4. Hiram 'looks around for

Letters I sent you at the being the Experience of a something to get a Livin'

Grand Hotel,

603 Retired Officer in settling his at,' 77 38. His feet were in the Prim. Sons (w.c.),

313 4, Continued - A Furnished

rose Way, and he had not Room for a Single Gentle

the heart to leave it, 620


92 39. * All is Ready,' said Val Anglers' Evenings, by the 5. “You were tired of me, and

quietly. "Tell your Mis

Members of the Manchester wished me dead,'


Anglers' Association,

199 6. “Half a Million of Money is 40. “Gerard,' his Mother had said, Anglo-Saxon Britain, by Mr something considerable", 124

looking with an awful fore

Grant Allen, B.A., 7. 'Oh,' said Gerard, 'that's

boding fear at his face, Autumnal Leaves, by Mr Jolly's Sister,'

you will bear it for your

Francis George Heath, 627 8. ‘My Dear," said Mr Jolly, 'I

Father's sake. There are Bits from Blinkbonny, under told you so,'

156 things worth living for yet,' 652 the Pen-name of John 9. She answered' Yes,' 171 41. Mother,' said Gerard on the


134 10. The Ghost of Garling's Past, 186 evening of his return, 'I British Letter Writers, com11. Armed and like a Giant, 204

am going abroad,'

668 piled by the Editor of 'Eng12. ‘Mary,' said Hiram medita- 42. “Mister, there's a score of

lish Essayists,

627 tively, I've made a Dis

living souls aboard that Celtic Britain, by Professor covery,

craft. Let go the wheel,' 682 Rhys,

835 13. “That Coin is marked,

' said 43. The Horror of the Vengeance Charlemagne, by the Rev. Hiram seriously; 'I shan't

his Enemy had purposed

Edward L. Cutts, B.A., 548 take another,'


left Val unhinged and China, by Mr Robert K. Douglas, 14. “You look wretched, Val.


699 Professor of Chinese at King's What is it?' 251 44. ‘Ay!' cried Garling in a quiv- College, London, .

696 15. She loves me. I shall win

ering, voice, "you have Christmas Art Productions, 836 her yet!'


enough, Dogs of Other Days, by Miss 16. This is my Future Partner,

amongst you,'
715 Eve Blantyre Simpson,

134 Ladies,

284 45. Constance ! maybe God will English Literature in the Reign 17. 'You've got Two Names, have

be good, and let me see you

of Victoria, by Henry Morley, 343 you?' thought Hiram, 285

happy, as you never could Familiar Quotations Series of 18. Underband ?'

299 have been in this world," 731 Books, The, published by 19. Reginald, in his friendship 46. ^ Hiram,' she said dejectedly,

Whittaker & Co.,

275 for Val Strange, began to

* aren't you going to kiss Funeral Tent of an Egyptian grow desperately fearful

747 Queen, by Mr Villiers Stuart for him, 315 47. • Mister,' said Hiram gravely, of Dromana, M.P.,

519 20. “Valentino Strange, I want







you paid me long ago. Gazetteer of Scotland, by the to speak to you,'

You enlisted me with this

Rev, John M. Wilson, 835 21. 'My Dear, I have had a talk


703 Handbook to the Rivers and with your Father,' 348 48. 'Let me stay with you,

Broads of Norfolk and Suf. Mvialf what pleaded Mülly. I shall

folk. by Mr G. Christopher


92 "T





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Page Heroes of Science, by Professor Castle Garden,

793 Hunting Experience in India P. Martin Duncan, 754 Cheops Tomb, a Pilgrimage to,

[The Ravine), .

663 In Memoriam : Ralph Waldo Chloral,

743 Impromptus,

740 Emerson, by Mr Ireland, 483 Christmas Letter Mission, . 738 Improvements on Board Ship, Leaves from & Naturalist's Cinderella Down-stairs, .

423 Modern,

141 Note-book, by Dr Andrew Civilised Game,

616 Indian Forest-notes,

333 Vilson, F.R.S.E. 276 . Clifford Diamonds, the, 578, 594, 610 Inferior Society,

729 Life-work of John B. Gough, 276 Concerning Sea Stories for the Ingenious Smugglers, the, 827 Manual of Bowl-playing, by

11 Insects and Flowers,

323 W. W. Mitchell, Millport, 276 Conjurer' Outwitted, the, 129

on the Surface of Oranges, 312 Manual of Injurious Insects, by Conjuring Contretemps,

300 Interior of the Earth Molten or Miss Ormerod, 134 Connubial Tribulation, 661 Solid ? Is the,

37 My Garden Wild, by Mr Heath, 134 Contented Man, the,

536 | Investment, a Safe,

425 Practical Microscopy, by Mr Continental Travel, Notes on, 787, 816 Is Merriment Declining?

809 George E. Davis, F.R.M.S.,. 407 Convict Schools,

499 Jim Flannerty's Ghost,

593 Report on the City Day Census, 549 Cosmic Dust,

697 John Gow, the Buccancer, . 801 Robert Bums: A Summary of Country Pleasures, .

750 Jottings from Animal Life,

591 his Career and Genius, by Cricket Chat, 630 Jubilee Year, Our (w. c.), .

49 Professor Nichol of Glasgow, 696 | Curious Advertisements, 399 Keeping Order in Church, 217 Russia, Past and Present, issued

Case of Foster-nursing,. 263 Knitting of Stockings by the by the Society for PropagatCases of Gunshot Wounds, 717 Ancient Egyptians,

808 ing Christian Knowledge, 313 Instances of Mental Kyrle Society,

351 Science and Culture, by Pro- Prescience,

118, 776 Lambeth Art Pottery,

80 fessor Huxley, . 199 | Curious Propositions, 101 Life in Egypt, European,

001 Snow Dreams by Mrs Saxby, 131

Superscriptions, 294 Light-glint on Loch Lomond, 711 Something about a Well, with Curling (the Roaring Game), 30 Literary Coincidences, more of Our Dogs, by Dr Delusions, some Singular,


288 John Brown, 834 Difference of a Dot,

42 | Little Heroes,

$06 Story of My Life, by Colonel Digestion, a Good, .

47 London, Odd Nooks of,

370 Meadows Taylor, . 482 Disease Germs, 409 Lordship's Privilege, His,

17 Summer Tours in Scotland : Domestic-servant Difficulty, 329 Lower Plant-life,

765 Glasgow to the Highlands, Ways and Means, 137 | ‘Luck,

790 Guide-book by Mr David Dot,'

147 Mahwa Tree,

151 MacBrayne,

407 | Dreams, more

164 Manufacture of Fabricated Wine, 182 Talks about Science, by the late

Dropped Telegram,
82, 96 Marjorie,

768, 784 Professor Thomas Dunman, 549 Dr Salviati's Glass-works, 576 Marriage of Wards of Court, 771 Wild Animals and Birds : Their Dutch Canal, Up a,

441 Married Women's Property Act Haunts and Habits, by Dr Earthquakes,


819 Andrew Wilson, . 835 Ecclesiastical Relics,

303 Meat from the Antipodes, 103 Economical Decoration,

434 Mental Prescience, Curious InEgyptian Discoveries, Recent, 521 stances of,

118, 776 Enfield Court Robbery, 705, 720 Milk-supplies, Our,

798 English Universities en Fête, 639 Minor Stage, Reininiscences of Episode in the Life of a Poet, an the,.

201, 607 Miscellaneous Articles

563 Misapplied Virtues,

388 Instruction and . Enter- Epping Forest,

439 | Model Establishment,.

295 tainment, European Life in Egypt, 601 Modern Changes, Some,

679 Savages, Ancient, 8, 23 MONTH, THE: Science and ArtsAconitine, 261 Experiments with Snake-poison, 71

69, 130, 196, 277, 340, 403, 484, Adventures of

Fabricated Wine, the Manufac-

550, 628, 693, 756, 836 'Special.

149, 243, 303
ture of,

182 Mortlake Peerage, 305, 320, 335 African Adventure, 675 Fairyland and Fairies, 454 Mortimer Collins,

242 Amber, 214 Farming, a Word on,

233 Mr Superintendent's Test, 87 Ancient European Savages, 8, 23 Fashion,

297 | Mummy-flowers,

824 Anglo-Americans, 281 Felix Dean's Adventure, 229 Music, Royal College of,.

231 -Indian Chaplain, Recollec- Few Notes on Siberia,

207 Musical Fishes,

644 655 Fisherwoman of Honfleur

My Aunt's Tale,

179 Animal Life, Jottings from, 591

417, 432, 447, 461, 479 New Friend, 641, 658, 672, 686 Studies in, 574 Fishery Exhibitions, .

121 Mysterious Duel in 1770, Antipodes, Veat froin the, 103 Friendship, a Word or Two upon, 728 Mystery of the Pacific, a, 615 Art of Epigram, : 99 Future of Road-travelling, . 311 National Defences, Our,

377 Good Living, 822 Gaelic Proverbs, 734

633 Art Pottery, Lambeth,

So Going Forth to Labour (w. c.), . 313 Nature's Rain Record, 664 Assending Ben Nevis in Winter, 205 Gold,

489 Newgate Past and Present, 110, 126 Assurances. Post-office,

249 Göttingen, Student-life at, 355 New Zealand, Silkworm-farming Asylan Notes, 665 Great Comet of 1882, 745 in England and,

215 Atlantic, the Race across the, . 457 Map of Palestine,

86 New Zealand, Tea and Silk FarmAwards to Workmén, 103 Growth of a Capital,


ing in, Baboo English,


565 Newspaper Editors and their "Baby, 359 Having a Hobby, 393 Work,

585 119 Hedgehog, the--Doinesticated, : 807 North Uist, Rod and Line inBermada, a Visit to, 361 Heloderm, the,


383, 552 Pess! a Character Sketchi, 65 Herring-fislierý in Iceland,

703 Norway Under the Snow, 825 Bibliographical Curiosity, . 744

477 Notes on Continental Travel, 787,

816 724 Highland Collie and her adopted Obituary Curiosities,

701 173 Kittens, 62 Odd Nooks of London,

370 Book Titles, Concerning, 365 Holiday Cruise,

473 Notices,

212 619 - Episode,

247 Brittany, Three Days in, 511 Home of a Naturalist,


505 Humours of a Building Society's American Confidence Trick,
Cancale and its Fisheries,

Banquet, :

326 Australian Bush-tracking, 487 Capital, Growth of,

345 Humours of Irish District Visit- Castor-oil Plant
419 destroyer,






tions of an,

40, 63




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-, the,

Black Buoy, the,
'By Contract,




Card Stories,

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Pago Parcels' Post, the, .

723 Setting the Snares-


136 Patent Medicines,


210, 224, 238, 258, 271

Combustion without Flame, 631 | Pavement Portraits

Siberia, a Few Notes on,


Cost of a London Fog,


147, 257, 291, 517, 707 Silkworm-farming in England and

Critics of Sculpture,

135 Pawnbrokers,

158 New Zealand,


Disconnection of Titles and Peep into an 'Ants Nest, 553 Singular Delusions, some,



343 Pepysian Library,

317 Six Weeks in Sicily,


Discovery as to Pulmonary

Pet Trout, a,

519 Slight Scare, a,



344 Pilgrimage to Cheops’ Tomb, 436 Small Folk's Postbag,


Effects of the Vibration of

Platonic Friendships,

185 Snake-anecdotes,

414, 462

Telegraph-wires, Some, 407 Playing the Wrong Card-

Snake-poison, Experiments with, 71

House of Rest for Women in

496, 513, 530, 545 Some Modern Changes,



199, 280 Plovers' Eggs, .

189 Something on Both Sides,

How Fisher-folk might Pro- Popping the Question,

45 Song and Sympathy, .


vide for a Rainy-day,', 200 Post-office Assurances,

249 Spur of the Moment, On the, 401

Ladies' Fashions and Bird-life, 280 Potato and Salmon Disease, 765 State Banquet in Madagascar,


Land-subsidences in Cheshire, 135 Primroses and other Flowers, 183 Story of an Old Coat, . 13, 26

Moons of Mars-a Striking Procrastination,





760 Provide for a Rainy Day, How Strange Story,

'144, 161, 175, 191

Natural Ballroom,

487 Fisher-folk might, 105, 200 Student-life at Göttingen, . 335

New Guard-rail for Fishing- Punch, or the Drama at the Studies in Animal Life-Fore-

boats and other Vessels, 840 Street Corner,

75 thought,


New Torpedo-boat,

840 Queen's Household,

153 Sudden Deafness,

i 178

Oil on the Water,

840 Queer Cases,

534, 543

White Hair,


Population of the Earth, 632

Dishes, Some more,

373 Superintendent's Test, mir, 87

Porpoise Laces,

759 Race across the Atlantic,

457 | Tarbert Ship-canal,


Rod and Line Fishing in North Rain-band, the,

681 Tea and Silk Farming in New


552 Ready Retorts,

452 Zealand,

Running man Target 488 Recent Egyptian Discoveries, . 521 Tennessee Squire, a,


Split-lug Rig for Fishing-boats, 135 Experiments in Scientific Testamentary Curiosities, . 566

Strange Story of Retribution Agriculture,

560 Three Days in Brittany,


in Animal Life,

600 Reception at the Vatican, 451 Travelling Notes-South Africa, 263

Suggested Cure for the Potato

Recollections of an Anglo-Indian Trial of a Peer (Lord Cardigan),




655 Trooping the Colours,

Tower of London,

135 Relics, Ecclesiastical,

303 Tropical Britain,

Useful Reform in Police In-

Relief of the Poor at Home and True Story of Old Coaching-days, 811


632 Abroad,

94 Two Corbies,

Vine Disease Suggested

Remarkable Dreams, more,

161 - Startling Adventures,


408 | Reininiscences of a Long and Typographical Trippings,




Busy Life (w. c.),

49 | Unfashionable Dinner-party,


Wonderful Timber Region, 839 Reminiscences of 's Visit to Sir Up a Dutch Canal,

John Franklin,

468 | Vagrancy and Mendicancy,

Oil at Sea,

i 195 Reminiscences of some Severe Vatican, a Reception at the,.

Old Claymore, the,


Winters, .

5 Vintage-time,


Curler and his wife, the, 833 Reminiscences of the 'Minor Visit to Bermuda,


English Battlefield [Bosworth Stage,

201, 607

Sir John Franklin, Re-


445 Road-travelling, the Future of, 311 miniscences of a,


Story, an,

617 Roaring Game, the (Curling), 30 | Volcanoes,

Oldest Inhabitant, the,

391 Rod and Line in North Uist,' 333, 552 Wards of Court, Marriage of,

On a Sugar Estate, 221, 25+ Royal Bricklayer, the,

357 Water, Simple Facts concerning, 338

Having a Hobby,


College of Music,




the Plank (w.c.),

169 Ruined Grave, the,

112 Well of St Keyne,


Spur of the Moment, 401 Saddell and its Legends,

429 Will Stout the Parish Beadle,


Our French Professor, 352, 368, 385 Safe Investment,

425 Wolf-children,


Jubilee Year (w. C.),

49 Saved by Bullocks,

646 Word in Season (w.o.),


Outwitting the Brigands, 773 Sea Stories for the Young, 11 on Farming,

Owls and Owlets,

166 Sea-fare,

623 or Two upon Friendship, 728

Oxford Reminiscences,

701 Seamy Side of Human Nature, 814 Workmen, Awards to,


Palestine, the Great Map of, 86 Secrets of Success,


Paper and Pine-apple Fibre, 503 Servant-girl Question, 329, 583 Young Life in the Streets, 782

292 Work of Rivers,




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[blocks in formation]



A DUSTY, hilly road wound up and down, here | renewed look of anxiety, he made another search in broad light, there in deep shadow. It was a in his waistcoat pockets ; and again he smiled sweltering English summer day, and there was as he drew forth a single lucifer-match. Balancno wind; but a dry quiver was in the air at ing this between his finger and thumb, and times, as though the parched earth panted. The regarding it as though it were in some sort a birds chirped in feeble enjoyment of the drowsy curiosity, he opened his lips and broke into heat, and the grasshopper shrilled incessantly from speech. cool and tangled grasses. A lame traveller came 'I dew not think,' he said, in slow distinct toiling up a stiffish slope in the lane, bearing a and nasal tones, 'as there was ever anybody in bundle on his shoulder. The bundle, which was my fam’ly as was gifted with mi-racklous powers. bare and scanty, was slung on a walking-stick The professed spiritualist is not an animal I feel with a crook at the end of it. Arrived at the called upon to admire. But if I am not an top of the slope, the lame traveller sat down in unwillin' medium, there never was, an’ never shadow on a smooth table of rock which cropped will be, sech a phenomenon on the face of the out beneath an elder-bush. He was lank in build, universal globe. There ain't a breath of air and sallow in complexion. His nose and his stirrin' at this minute ; but this is the last luciferbeard were each long and pointed, his cheek- match I have, an' I've on'y got to strike it to bones were prominent, his cheeks sunken, and raise some gentle zephyr that'll just come round his eyes as bright as a hawk's. The stone on the one corner that ain't guarded an' blow it out. which he sat was in an English lane, and a true Now, that's a remarkable fact, an' illustraytive English landscape smiled and dozed around him ; of my general luck. An' if anybody was to be but he, though dressed in a commonplace English here, an' I was to bet on the zephyr, the atmocostume, was evidently foreign to the scene. In sphere would lie in dead stillness till this match age he might have been anything from five-and- had burned clean through, an' then most likely twenty to five-and-thirty.

it'd blow a tornado just to rile me.' He spoke The seat he had taken being a low one, and his with a look and voice of weary gravity. This figure tall and gaunt, his knees were ungrace- old country ain't so thick crowded as I used to fully prominent. He sat in an attitude of great fancy; or if it is, it's my luck that drives the fatigue

, his head drooping, and his arms hanging people off any road I happen to be travellin'. loose at his sides. After a time, he shook off If this lucifer don't strike, or if it blows out, this broken look, and began to explore his waist- or the pipe won't draw, I shan't see a human coat pockets with an aspect of anxiety. A smile creetur for ten mile. If by any chance I get crossed his features ; and between finger and a light, I shall prob’ly find a boxful on the thumb he drew out a very little bit of twist road, immediately after. Ay, ay. Things re'ly tobacco. This he shredded with an enormous air contrairy.' pocket-knife, and packed carefully into the bowl He made grimly elaborate preparations for lightof a well-blacked clay-pipe. Then, with a ling the match. He took off his broad-brimmed


With a

felt hat, laid it above his knees, and drew him the rejected morsel ; 'you air not hungry. When self back upon the stone until the hat and his you air, you 'll know better 'n turn your nose legs made a little cave of safety for the lucifer. up at dry bread. An' I'll tell you what 'tis, Then he rubbed the end of the match gently on my ca-nine friend, I hope you never may be. a bit of roughened stone, and smiled to see the Hunger's a real cruel thing for man or beast flame. He gave an anticipatory pull at his pipe, to suffer—a real cruel thing it is. If you'd the smiled again, bent above the light, and pulled brains to have the heart, you'd be nigh on cryin' gently till flame and tobacco just" kissed each to see a citizen of the Great Republic takin' his other. Then came disaster.

last meal with a hunderd an' fifty mile afore him, If the weary traveller had turned his head, an' blank starvation at the end of it.—Goin', are he might have seen through the parted boughs you? Wal, good-bye. I s'pose my conversation's of the elder-bush a sun-tanned healthy face with kind o' dull to a prosperous dog like you.' a pair of honest gray eyes alive with fun. A The dog saw what the traveller did not see; young man clad in a suit of dark tweed lay with he saw his master rise noiselessly behind the ħis elbows on the grass, with his chin supported hedge and slouch along beside it with vary footon his hands. The band of his hat was stuck steps ; and he followed. The young man shook full of flies, and a disjointed fishing-rod lay on a warning finger at the terrier; and he, comthe grass beside him. The strap of his creel prehending the sign, went quietly in his master's pulling tightly at his shoulder, seemed to indi- train. By-and-by the young man, being out of cate prosperity in sport. Close to his sun-tanned earshot of the lame traveller, began to run ; and cheek were the hairy face, black muzzle, and the dog still kept at his heels. Reaching a stile, glittering eye of a broken-haired terrier. The the master halted there, and kneeling in the grass, dog's hind-legs quivered with readiness to obey beckoned the dog to him. Then detaching a joint an expected order, and his black nose wrinkled of the fishing-rod from the bundle, he motioned and his eyes glittered as if he understood the the terrier to take it. 'Home, at once !' he said coming mischief. At the critical second recorded, with a warning finger raised once more. the young man slightly raised his head and gave wag of the tail, the dog took the slender joint an almost imperceptibỉe wave of the right hand. between his teeth and trotted gravely towards a With a bark and a leap the terrier flew through lofty white house which stood upon the slope of the hedge, and lighting on the traveller's shoulders a hill a mile away. The dog's master sat down for the fraction of a second, bounded over his upon the stile, and drawing from his pocket a head, twisted himself round and barked himself well-stocked cigar-case, he began to smoke. The backward along the dusty road, recoiling at each cigar-case bore a monogram and a crest; and its explosion like a canine cannon. The traveller owner, though plainly attired, looked like an dropped the extinguished match and reached English gentleman from head to heel

. His broad out in sudden anger for a stone. Before his shoulders and deep chest gave indications of hand had secured the missile, he drew it back physical strength and soundness, and his tanned again. "Tain't no use throwin' stones at Destiny,' cheeks were ruddy with health. His face was he said resignedly. 'I might ha' been prepared not remarkably handsome, but he was goodfor it. I'd rather it had been the gentle zephyr, looking enough to pass in a crowd ; and his though, because then I might ha' took credit for bronzed hand swept now and again over bein' a prophet. But even that consolation 'd be moustache which gave character and manliness tew much for a man like me to look for.'

to his countenance. The carriage of his head was The unseen auditor was grave, as if his jest perhaps a trifle haughty ; but he was an only had failed. There was

even a slight look of son, and was accustomed to having his own way. shame upon his face.

That circumstance may have helped to decide 'I meant to ha' made that smoke do for the fashion in which he should carry his head dinner,' soliloquised the traveller mournfully. on his shoulders. His figure was almost perfect He turned to one side and untied the lean bundle. in its combination of strength and grace; and Ridicalous small sum of money twopence is, ain't there was that exquisitely clean and healthy look it? An' a ridicalous small amount o bread an' about him which is the especial attribute of the cheese it buys. Wal, Hiram, you've played the well-bred British man. When the lame traveller, prodigal ; an' I reckon you'll ha' to come down to having finished his scanty meal, came limping the swine-husks yet. Hand 'em in at once ; I'm down the lane with the lean bundle still over game for 'em. I'm holler enough to be ready his shoulder, he caught sight of the figure a to fill up with nigh aʼmost anythin'.—Hello! hundred yards away, and scanned him with keen Air you hungry?'

eyes. This query was addressed to the dog, who ‘Old country,' he said to himself voicelessly, finding himself in safety, had at first sat down boasts of a likely-lookin' sort o' people. Clean to bark in comfort; and now seeing the bundle grit all through, some on 'em, an' lots of it, but open, crossed over to the traveller with something no lumber. Now, that's a lord o' the sile, I of the air of a friend dropping in casually to dine. reckon. Looks born to order other folks around The man broke off a small_avery small piece while he slides along easy!


Then he caught

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