Flood-control Plans and New Projects, Volume 1

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Page 275 - Act shall be expended on the construction of any project until States, political subdivisions thereof, or other responsible local agencies have given assurances satisfactory to the Secretary of War that they will (a) provide without cost to the United States all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project...
Page 275 - The Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors concurs in general in the views and recommendations of the reporting officers.
Page 416 - States, shall at all times be controlled by such reasonable rules and regulations in the interest of navigation, including the control of the level of the pool caused by such dam or diversion structure as may be made from time to time by the Secretary of War.
Page 275 - ... changes; (c) complete the enlargement of the channel of Miles Creek and restore the channel capacities of Black Rascal, Burns, Bear, Owens, and Mariposa Creeks in accordance with the plan of the district engineer...
Page 271 - ... of $500,000, would therefore be fair and equitable both to local interests and to the United States. "10. I recommend construction of the Pine Flat Reservoir with a gross storage capacity of 1,000,000 acre-feet and of the supplemental channel improvement work ; all substantially as outlined in the report of the Board, at an estimated total first cost of...
Page 1 - HoUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON FLOOD CONTROL, Washington, DC The committee met at 10 am, Hon.
Page 280 - Congress to apply in considering these water projects, in my opinion, would be that the dominant interest should determine which agency should build and which should operate the project. Projects in which flood control or navigation clearly dominate are those in which the interest of the Corps of Engineers is superior and projects in which irrigation and related conservation uses dominate fall into the legitimate field of the Bureau of Reclamation.
Page 280 - December 17, 1!)43, both printed in House Document 475. Tributary reservoirs should, when advisable from the standpoint of basin-wide development, be constructed, operated, and maintained by the agency with dominant interest under existing law. In all reservoirs, utilization of storage for flood control should be in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War and utilization of storage for irrigation should be in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior.
Page 280 - On May 29, 1940, the President advised the Secretary that he had reviewed the reports on the project made by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Corps of Engineers, War Department, and concluded that the project is "dominantly an irrigation undertaking and is suited to operation and maintenance under the reclamation law.
Page 415 - The improvement of the Trinity River and tributaries, Texas, for navigation, flood control, and allied purposes is hereby approved and authorized in accordance with the reports contained in House Document Numbered 403, Seventy-seventh Congress...

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