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SHOWING the name, location, names of Officers and names and residences of Attorneys upon whom process can

be served, of each Co-operative Insurance Company authorized to transact business in this State, December 31, 1882.

Showing the name, location, etc. (Continued).

[blocks in formation]

Dutchess Mut. Ben. Association Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Empire Order of Mutual Aid.. Lockport, N. Y........
Expressmens Mut. Ben. Asso'n.. Elmira, Ń. Y
Equitable Aid Union ........

Columbus, Pa...
Eureka Aid Society.

Point Chautauqua, N.Y.
Fishermens Mut. Ben. Association.. New York..
Friends of Humanity (Sovereign
Grand Council)

New York.
Free Sons of Israel, Endowment

Fund, Grand Lodge, Ind. Order.. New York.
Friendly Mutual Relief Association. Brooklyn
German Benevolent Society.

Schenectady, N. Y.
German Masonic Mut. Relief Asso’n New York..
Gold and Stock Life Ins. Asso'n. New York
Grand Legion, S.K. A. O.U.W’km'n Albion, N. Y
Greenpoint Mas. Mut. Ben. Asso'n. Brooklyn
Hand-in-Hand Benefit Society. New York
Home Mutual Aid Association. Boston, Mass.
Home Benefit Society

New York.
Ins. Clerks Mutual Ben. Asso'n.... New York.
Jewelers League.

New York
Knickerbocker Mut. Ben. Asso'n. Brooklyn
Knights of Columbia.

Kingston, N.Y.
Knights of Honor..

Louisville, Ky..
Knights of Pythias, Endowm't Rank| Indianapolis, Ind.
Knights Templar & Mas.Mt. Aid As. Cincinnati, O..
Manuf’rs & Mechanics Relief Ass'n. Amsterdam, N. Y....
Mariners Mutual Benefit Asso'n... New York.
Masonic Assurance Association.. New York.
Mas. Life Asso'n of Western N. Y Buffalo, N.Y.
Masonic Guild & Mut. Ben. Asso'n. New York.
Masonic Relief Asso'n of Cent. N.Y. Syracuse, N. Y
Massachusetts Benefit Association.. Boston, Mass.
Mercantile Benefit Association...... New York..

W. H. Crosby... C. W. Swift...
Seymour Dexter. Wm. E. Jenney Wm. E. Jenney. 90 Main st., Lockport.
S. M. Shoemaker s. DeWitt. Thomas G. Wallis 621 Church st,, Elmira.
Daniel A. Dewey. W.H. Muzzy. C. G. Maples... Mayville, NY
J.J. Aldrich.... W.D. Parker W, D. Leet.... Point Chautauqua, N. Y.
Pulaski Benjamin Geo. T. Moon... z. S. Crooher.. 344 East 58th st., N. Y.
Moritz Ellinger.. L. Goldschmidt. Adolph Acher.. 320 Broadway, N. Y.
Isaac Hamburger H. J. Goldsmith H. J. Goldsmith 27 Second Avenue.
A. L. Sherman.. Wm. J. Allen... Chas. N. Judson. 29 Sidney pl., Brooklyn.
F. von Behren... F. Wittenmeyer. Frederich Fabrey Schenectady.
Gustav Sauter.. Herman Conrad H. Schroeter.. 58 East 4th st., N. Y.
C. S. H. Small.. Daniel E. Pike. . C. S. H. Small.. | 197 Broadway, N. Y.
F. A. Schoeffel. Geo. Schweiger. Clark D. Knapp. Albion, N. Y.
John A. Affleck. H. M. Beckett. H. M. Beckett. 16 Court st., Brooklyn.
M. L. Marks,.... Samuel Gompers Louis Mendelson 911 Sixth avenue, N. Y.
C. W. Sherburne Horatio G.Nutter H. W. Riddall. Windsor hotel, 5th ave.
John F. H. King G. W. Godward. Loyal S. Crane. 26 Broadway, N. Y.
J. M. Tompkins. Chas. E. Shade.. Edward Rowell.. 153 Broadway, N. Y.
G. T. Woglom.. Wm. L. Sexton G. T. Woglom.. 34 John st., N. Y.
Richard P. Dean. Frank Baiseley. Littus 0. Reeve. 203 Keap st. , Brooklyn.
D. J. Auchmoody J. R. Kittredge. D.J. Auchmoody 29 Union ave. Kingston.
R. H. Cochrane. | B. F. Nelson.. August Hoelzle. 260 West 36th st., N. Y.
John P. Linton.John Stumph..

J.0. Nott.....

Albany, N. Y.
E. F. Carson,... Chas. Brown. D. M. Neal 9 E. Seneca st., Buffalo.
H. B. Waldron, L. M. Arnold.. Chas. P. Winegar. Amsterdam. N. Y.
Frank Ridgeway. Rufus S. King... J. Travis King... 6 Wall st., N. Y.
C. J. Thoms.... F. W. Herring... C. E. Coddington 23Nassau st., N. Y.
J. MoCredie..... S. M. Evry D. F. Day

Buffalo, N.Y.
John W. Simons. Daniel Sickles. Henry C. Banks. 192 Broadway, N. Y.
R. H. Parker. A. A. Schenck... R. H. Parker.. 43 W. Fayette st. Syrac'e
W. A. Simmons. G. A. Litchfield.. Geo. E. Curtis.. Tribune building, N. Y.
J. W. Congdon... Russell P. Hoyt.. Abel Crook 93 Nassau st., N. Y.

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Mercantile Mut. Accident Asso'n... Boston, Mass..

C. W. Sherburne H.G. Nutter W. H. Riddall... 5th ave., Windsor hotel.
Mercantile Mut. Accident Society.. Albany, N. Y.

Dayton Ball Wm. C.Hickox. Wm. H. Hickox. 52 State st., Albany.
Mohawk Valley Masonic Life Ass'n. Ilion, N, Y.

Philo Remington. J. P. Ogden... J. P. Ogden

Ilion, N. Y
Mutual Aid and Accident Asso'n.. Rochester, N. Y.

Burt Van Horne. D.J. Woodworth George Raines.. Rochester, N. Y.
Mutual Benefit Association

New York

Edward Barr. W. D. Chandler. Edward Barr... 78 John st., N. Y.
Mutual Endmt. & Accident Asso'n.. Bath, N. Y.

David Rumsey... G. H. Wheeler... G. H. Wheeler... Bath, N. Y.
Mutual Help Ass'n for Odd Fellows. Trumansburgh, N. Y... A. F. Morton. C. F. Hunter.... J. J. Phelps..... Trumansburgh, N. Y.
Mutual Life and Accident Asso'n... New York.

W. J. Walker... G. A. Walker Alfred Taylor.... 50 Wall st , Ñ. Y.
Mutual Relief Association..

New York

H. S. Herrman.. Leopold Woodle. H. S. Herrman 537 Broadway, N. Y.
Mutual Relief Society.

Rochester, N. Y.

S. A. Ellis.

A. G. Slocum J. M. Dunning. Rochester, N. Y.
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n.... New York.

E. B. Harper.... F. T. Braman.... Alfred Taylor.... 50 Wall st., N. Y.
Mystic Tie Mutual Benefit Asso'n.. New York

James Morrow. T. K. Durham... T. K. Durham... 43 Bleecker st., N Y.
New York Ferry Engineers' Ass'n.. New York

Wm. H. Newell. J. S. Gallagher.. J. S. Gallagher. 79 South st., Brooklyn.
New York Life, Accid't & Health As. Seneca Falls, N. Y.. J. B. Murray.. Wm. N. Preston J. B. Murray. Seneca Falls, N. Y.
New York Masonio Mut. Ben. Ass'n New York

W. H. Rodman. John F. Graham. John W. Kelsey. 382 Sixth avenue, N. Y.
New York Mut. Accident Asso'n... Utica, N. Y

James Miller Tallesin Evans... P. F. Bulger. Utica, N. Y.
New York Nat. Mutual Aid Soc.. Rochester, N. Y.

Henry S. Hebard W. Montgomery. Chas. S. Baker.. 105 Lake ave. Rochester.
New York State Mut Benefit Asso’n Rochester, N. Y

Nirom M. Crane. Elisha W. Baxter E. W. Baxter... Rochester, N. Y.
New York State Relief Ass'n .. Albany, N. Y.

Robert Geer. J. E. Allanson. Chas. W. Mead..) 86 State st., Albany, N.Y.
New York and Brooklyn Ferrymens

Brooklyn, N. Y

James Lockman. Isaac G. Pryer... John T. Ballou.. 111 8th st., Brook’n, E.D.
North American Mut. Ben. Society. New York.

J. Gottschalk.. Emile Halbrau.. H. L. Washburn. 261 Broadway, N. Y.
Northwestern Masonic Aid Ass'n. Illinois.

D. J. Avery J. A. Stoddard.. J. S. Moore. 92 Lloyd st. Buffalo, N.Y.
Northern Tier Mas. Mut. Relief As.. Ogdensburgh, N. Y.. Gates Curtis. W. W. Fulton... Gates Curtis. Ogdensburgh, N. Y.
Odd Fellows Mut. Ben. Asso'n. Brooklyn, N. 'Y.

J. M. E. Barnett. John H. Sutter..

127 N. Portland ave.
Odd Fellows Mut. Aid & Ben. Ass'n Rochester, N. Y.

Jacob Fonda. Samuel Gosnell J. W. Stebbins.. 5 Chestnut st., Roch'r.
Odd Fellows Protective Union. Rochester, N. Y.

William Young. Charles Owen.. J. H. Child.. 14 N. Wash'n. st., Roch.
Odd Fellows Provident Association Brooklyn, N. Y... S. L. Rowland.. E. Jacobs.

E. Jacobs

168 S. Elliot pl.,Brooklyn
Odd Fellows Relief Association... Albany, N. Y

D. C. Wildy Daniel H. Turner Charles H. Mills. 74 State st., Albany, N.Y.
Order of the Golden Chain (Supreme
Lodge) .......

Baltimore, MD

E. S. Allmett... A. Stanley Wier. W. A. Marble...
Owego Mutual Benefit Association.. Owego, N. Y.

F. M. Baker. J. J.Van Kleeck. F. M. Baker. Owego, N. Y.
Patrons Aid Society...

Elmira, N. Y
G. S. McCann.... E. J. Young E. J. Young...

Elmira, N. Y.
Peoples Benefit Association.. Syracuse. N. Y.

Daniel Candee. Joseph N. Page.. Daniel Candee.. 11 Harrison st. Syracuse.
Peoples Mutual Benefit Asso'n. Oswego, N. Y.

N. W. Nutting. Henry Lewis... N. W. Nutting.. Oswego, N. Y.
Peoples Relief Association

Albany, N. Y.

F. E. Shulter.... E. C. Dayton. Edward D.Ronan Albany, N. Y.
Polar Star Mutual Benefit Asso'n... New York.

George W. Weed Smith S. Merritt. Sam'l Sanderson 363 Grand st., N. Y.
Press Mutual Aid Association

New York.

Henry C. Lukens E. T. Taggart. Jacob A. Cantor. 119 Nassau st., N. Y.
Protective Mut. Accident Asso'n.... Norwich, N. Y

B. Gage Berry... A. B. Conger... E. B. Thomas.... 218 N. Broad st. Norwich
Richmond County Relief Asso'n... Tottenville, N. Y.. Wm. A. Brown.. H. L. Sprague
Ringgold Mutual Life Ins. Asso'n... Brooklyn, N. Y

Eibe H. Kugeler. J. H. Van Thun. Eibe H. Kugeler. 64 N. Portland av.Brook.
Royal Arch Mut. Relief Soc. No. 1.. New York.

Daniel Wolff.. Joseph N. Levey.) Daniel Wolff.. 83 Pine st., N. Y.


Showing the name, location, etc. (Continued).




....8, 80

frauds in keeping, of corporations...

Аст. .

to establish insurance department...
for incorporation of insurance companies...
relating to inland navigation insurance companies. .
to provide for losses in extraordinary conflagrations.

relating to false statements by companies .

providing for consolidation of companies.

relative to examinations and reports of companies

authorizing insurance against damage by lightning -
authorizing insurance against damage by wind storms or tornadoes, 49
for incorporation of life, health and casualty insurance companies, 53
respecting insurances for benefit of married women.

authorizing special deposits with superintendent, etc
to authorize certain companies to make dividends.....

authorizing companies to invest in county, town or village bonds, 87
relating to insurance of plate glass...
to provide for taxation of life insurance companies

relative to marine insurance companies...

authorizing formation of county and town insurance companies.. 146
concerning charitable, benevolent and beneficiary associations,
societies and corporations

relative to insurances on property in this State made in foreign
countries, etc.

to enlarge powers and duties of trustees..

relative to unclaimed dividends of insurance companies.

relative to insurance against horse stealing, etc

relative to closing up of insolvent companies...

authorizing joint-stock companies to reduce their capital stock... 176
regulating responsibility of insurance agents. ...

regulating investments by insurance companies




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