Reports, Volume 27

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1891 - Medicine

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Page 328 - ... varying in size from that of a walnut to that of a small child's head — the taste more or less aromatic, sweet, or subacid. It is produced on spurs, which spring from branchlets of two or more years growth, and continue to bear for a series of years.
Page 294 - I then place the curve of a strabismus hook over the cornea, about the junction of the lower with the middle third of the lens, and a spoon just above the upper lip of the wound.
Page 191 - The stem is from two to four feet in length, and from an eighth to a quarter of an inch in diameter, the leaves long and slender, and from four to six inches apart, joining the stem along the line of a very oblique spiral.
Page 30 - The fibrous variety, or those springing from the periosteum covering the basilar process of the occipital bone and body of the sphenoid...
Page 55 - ... first it was confined almost entirely to the right frontal region. Since its onset the pain has hardly ever been completely absent. Of late it has extended to the left frontal region, where, however, it is less severe ; and it still preserves the nocturnal character. In June, 1892, a fulness appeared on the right side of the neck, between the angle of the jaw and the ear. Its size was variable, the swelling being now very marked, and now almost absent. It never caused any pain. Blisters, which...
Page 311 - Ballet, claimed that lesion of a certain area in the posterior part of the posterior limb of the internal capsule, the "carrefour sensitif," causes hemianaesthesia similar to that of hysteria.
Page 231 - The regions bounded by the line ( ) represent the territories over which the branches of the Posterior Cerebral Artery are distributed. I. Is the region of the Anterior Temporal Artery. II. "
Page 101 - Steinthal, and occurred in a multipara, aged thirty-two, four months after she had been delivered of a hydatidiform mole. On the lower part of the anterior vaginal wall there was a swelling the size of a walnut, with an ulcerated patch on its surface, and on the posterior wall, opposite the tumour on the anterior wall, was a swelling the size of a hen's egg. The uterus was only slightly enlarged. The growth spread rapidly, and filled the vagina. The patient died soon after, but there was no post-mortem...
Page 276 - It is unnecessary here to argue that one of the most important, if not the most important, of...
Page 294 - Shortly after this, slight movement was noticed at the seat of fracture, where there was much callus ; the mobility increased, and with it the shortening increased also. In June, 1883, he was treated by a surgeon ; at that time there was extreme mobility between the fragments when the limb was at rest, but when the muscles were put into action the ununited fracture became fixed, and the patient^ stated that he could walk sixteen miles in a day at the rate of 3 miles an hour ; at this time there...

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