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Scranton, Pa., February 29, 1896. Hon. James W. Latta, Secretary of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, Pa.:

Sir: I have the honor of presenting my annual report as Inspector of mines for the First Anthracite District, for the year ending De cember 31, 1895.

The total output of coal for the year was 6,510,817 tons, an increase over that of the previous year of 603,566 tons. The total shipments was 6,216,937 tons. The number of fatal accidents was 39 against 47 in 1894, the non-fatal numbered 121 against 98 the year before. Nineteen wives were made widows, and thirty-five children under fourteen years of age were made fatherless by the accidents.

For each fatal accident which occurred, 166,944 tons of coal were produced, which is an increase per fatal accident of 45,258 tons over that of 1894. The number of tons of coal produced per accident fatal and non-fatal was 40,692 or about the same as that for the year preceding.

The average number of days worked by the forty collieries of the district was 182.31 against 171.9 in the year 1894.

There has been no material change in the general condition of the mines during the year. The only improvements were a few short planes and tunnels that were essential to keep up the production.

In addition to the usual tables, the report contains a description of each fatal accident that occurred in the district during the year, also a few short remarks on the principal causes of the same.

Respectfully submitted,



Table Showing the Production of Coal, the Number of Persons Em ployed by Each Company During the Year 1895, and the Average Number of Tons Produced per Employe.

Names of Companies.

Number of tons


Men employed.

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Delaware and Hudson Canal Company,
Hillside Coal and Iron Company,
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company,
Jones, Simpson & Co.,
Lackawanna Coal Company,
Elk Hill Coal and Iron Company,
Pennsylvania Coal Company,
Pancoast Coal Company,
North West Coal Company,
Egerton Coal Company,
New York and Seranton Coal Company,
Sterrick Creek Coal Company,
Blue Ridge Coal Company,
Moosic Mountain Coal Company,
Mt. Jessup Coal Company,
Murray Coal Company,
Riverside Coal Company,
Dolph Coal Company,
Waddell Coal Company,
Franklin Coal Company,
Russel B. Coal Company,


840,904 463.015 289,379 287,596 272.846 247,138 224,092 190.518 173, 839 173,395 156,013 154,199 120,888 116,365 50,096 74,031 109,937 134,100 21,089 6,132

552 484 1:18

74 278

601 108






Number of tons of coal produced per employe, 400+.

Number of Fatal Accidents and Quantity of Coal Produced per Life


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Names of Companies, Number of Fatal and Non-Fatal Accidents, and

Tons of Coal Produced per Accident.

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