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SECTION 1. The name of this Association shall be the

“BROOKLYN ENGINEERS' Club." Sec. 2. The offices of the Club shall be located in the Borough of Brooklyn.

Sec. 3. The object of the Club shall be to promote social and professional intercourse among its members; to advance engineering knowledge and practice, and to maintain a high standard of professional procedure in all respects.

Sec. 4. The means to be employed for this purpose shall be: Meetings for the presentation and discussion of appropriate papers and for social and professional intercourse; the publication of such papers and discussions as may be deemed expedient; the maintenance of a technical library, and such other means as may be deemed proper.


MEMBERSHIP. Section 1. The Club shall consist of Corporate, Associate, Non-Resident and Honorary Members.

Sec. 2. A Corporate member shall be a civil, military, naval, mechanical, electrical, mining or other engineer, architect, surveyor or analytical chemist, or a person who has taken a course in a technical school with the purpose of entering one of the above-mentioned professions. He shall be either a resident of Brooklyn, or one of the other Boroughs of the City of New York, or a practitioner therein, at the time of his election.

Sec. 3. An Associate member shall be a person residing, or doing business in Brooklyn, or another Borough of the City of New York, at the time of making his application, who has such a knowledge of or connection with applied science as qualifies him, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, to co-operate with engineers in the advancement of professional knowledge.

Sec. 4. A Non-Resident member shall be one possessing the qualifications enumerated in Sections 2 and 3, whose residence is outside of the City of New York; Commissioned Engineer Officers in the Military or Naval service of the United States may be elected to this grade of membership.

Sec. 5. A Corporate or Associate member who shall remove his residence to the distance stated in Section 4, may be transferred to the Non-Resident class at the beginning of the fiscal year following such removal, provided notice of the removal be filed with the Secretary at the time of payment of the annual dues, or not later than February 1st.

Sec. 6. A Non-Resident member who shall remove his residence to within the City of New York, shall become a full member in the same manner as specified in Article III, but shall not be required to pay an entrance fee. Provided, however, that his application for full membership shall be filed within three (3) months of his removal, otherwise his name will be dropped from the roll of the Club by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the next calendar year, except that no action shall be taken unless a copy of this section shall have been served upon him at least four (4) weeks prior to such action.

Sec. 7. Honorary members shall be chosen from persons resident in Brooklyn, of acknowledged eminence in the pursuit of their profession, or on account of their contributions to the welfare of the community along professional or municipal lines. There shall not be more than five (5) Honorary members at any one time.

Sec. 8. Associate, Non-Resident and Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office, but shall enjoy all other Club privileges.


ADMISSIONS AND EXPULSIONS Section 1. An application for admission to the Club as a Corporate member or for transfer from the Non-Corporate to the Corporate grade, shall embody a concise statement, with dates, of the candidate's professional training and experience, and shall be in a form and in such detail as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. It shall be signed by the applicant, and shall contain a promise to conform to the requirements of membership if elected. The applicant shall give at least three (3) references, two of whom shall be Corporate members in good standing.

Sec. 2. At the time of giving notice of the regular meetings of the Club, the Secretary shall issue to each member, in any grade, whose address is known, a list of all new applications received up to that time for membership in any grade or for transfer from one grade to another, which list shall be dated and shall contain a statement of the name, address, and present employment of each applicant and the names of his references, with a request that members transmit to the Membership Committee any information in their possession which may affect the disposition of the applications.

Not less than twenty days after the date of issue of such list the Membership Committee shall make a report in writing upon each of these applications to the Board of Directors, who shall, at the next meeting, consider the reports received, and, if approved by them, shall direct a ballot.

Sec. 3. The ballots shall be letter ballots, in a form to be prescribed by the Board of Directors. They shall be mailed to each Corporate member whose address is known, and shall state the date on which the ballot is to be canvassed.

A four-fifths vote of those voting shall be necessary for election. In case of a candidate failing of election, no notice thereof shall be entered in the minutes, but the candidate shall be notified.

Sec. 4. The application of any candidate, once rejected, shall not be considered by the Board of Directors, within one year, unless the same be accompanied by a request signed by not less than five (5) Corporate members asking for a reconsideration of the ballot, and stating the reason for such request. The Board of Directors, shall it deem those reasons sufficient, shall present said application at the next regular meeting of the Club, with the request that it be acted upon.

Sec. 5. All elected candidates shall be duly notified and shall subscribe to the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

If these provisions are not complied with within thirty (30) days from the notification of election, such election shall be considered void unless, for special reasons, the time shall be extended by the Board of Directors. Membership of any person shall date from the day of his election.

SEC. 6. Honorary members shall be proposed by the Secretary upon the unanimous recommendation of the Board of Direc

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