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The Classical Season at Drury – Mrs. Jordan Returns

after Two Years' Absence — H. Siddons's “ Time's a

Telltale" - Record on “Men of Leisure” – « Ella Ros-

enberg,” by Kenney - The Patentees and Their Rights

- Miss Brunton a Countess — Godwin's “ Faulkener"

- Philosophy a Fine Thing - The Return Mrs. Sid.

dons to Covent Garden, and the Destruction of the

Theatre Eight Days After — The Dreadful Loss of Lives

- Other Losses Enumerated - Cold Comforts - Tran-

sition from Despair to Desire — Vanity, Avarice - The

Great Emporium of Pleasure for the Privileged Orders

– The Glowing Prospect - The Long Persecution and

Moderated Result — Consequences Even Now Felt — Mr.

Harris - Mr. Kemble and His Accomplished Daughter

- Drury Revives “ Bluebeard," and Arnold Produces

“ Man and Wife :" Its Fable – Mrs. Jordan Acts in It,

and Speaks an Epilogue - Its Strange Curtsey Couplet

- The “Unconscious Counterfeit," a Farce, Succeeds —

Sheridan's Brother, in Law, Not Wit - The “Circas-

sian Bride” Perishes the First Night — And the Theatre

the Night Following - Previously to the Account of

that Catastrophe, Bishop Commended, and His Music

for Shakespeare

· 191



Domestic Arrangements of Mrs. Jordan - Her Three Daugh-

ters, Their Husbands and Intended Fortunes -- Sir Rich-

ard Ford, His Marriage with Miss Booth - Attacks


and Dismissed - The Paternal Virtues of an Illustrious

Character - Allusion to Mr. Barton's Letter - Subject

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