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Miss O'Neil From the mezzotint by Smith



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Three Distinct Sources of Calumny - A Union Suggested, and

Dismissed – The Paternal Virtues of an Illustrious Char. acter - Allusion to Mr. Barton's Letter - Subject Deferred - The Duke of Cumberland Accused - Mrs. Jordan's Return to the Stage — Her Reported Profits Exaggerated - Mrs. Siddons — Tacitus — Miss O'Neill, Character of That Lovely Actress — The Year 1814 Fatal to Mrs. Jordan - Mr. Alsop's Ruin; Goes Out to India with Lord Moira - His Lot There, His Conduct, and Death - The Defeat of All Her Hopes, as to Her Eldest Daughter, Followed by the Peril of Her Sons - Colonel Quentin's Court Martial - The Charges — His Conviction, and the Punishment of the Accusers - List of the Dismissed Unfortunates - George and Henry Fitzclarence

- Contrive to Visit India — Singular and Impertinent Interference, on Their Account, with a King's Ship -- Mrs. Jordan's Letter from Whitehaven - Liable to Additional Insurance on Alsop's Life - Gives Up Her Sheffield Engagement from Illness — Mrs. Jordan's Letter from Carlisle, 3d December, 1814 - Her Solemn Determination as to Her Daughter, Mrs. Alsop — Proposes a Retirement to Wales The Two Sacrifices Submitting to Exile without a Murmur.

HE 'letters which have been laid before

the reader will have given all the infor

mation that Mrs. Jordan thought herself at liberty to commit to paper. The sensible and dispassionate woman appears in every line of them.

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