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vuner persons, shall be entitled to vote at the -, 1or the Church Wardens and Vestrymen of the ration. 11. And be it further enacted, That all grants and conveyances wer heretofore made or that hereafter may be made by the said corpo

ration of Trinity Church of any of their lands, tenements, and hereditaments to any other religious society now incorporated, or that may hereafter he duly incorporated, shall be and the same are hereby declared to be valid and effectual according to the tenor thereof, Provided the annual value of such lands, tepements, and hereditaments at the time of such grant or conveyance together with the other estate real and personal of such other religious corporations shall not exceed the annual sum which they are or may

be respectively entitled to hold. And whereas, Saint George's Reeilal

Church in the city of New York, formerly called Saint George's
Chapel, was one of the chapels heretofore belonging to the corpo-
ration of Trinity Church, and the pew holders in the said chapel
and others qualified according to the charter of Trinity Church,
and the laws of the State, were corporators of the said corpora-
tion of Trinity Church. And whereas, by mutual agreement and ·
consent the said chapel called Saint George's Chapel yith such
of the corporators of the corporation of Trinity Church as belong-
ed thereto or statedly worshipped in the said chapel, have been set
off and organized as a distinct religious society, and have incorpo-
rated themselves as such under the name of the Rector, Church
Wardens and Vestrymen, of Saint George's Church, in the city
of New-York, and the corporation of Trinity Church have grant-
ed to or vested in the said newly incorporated religious society the
exclusive right to the said chapel with the appurtenances, and
which are now enjoyed accordingly, but doubts are entertained

as to the legal validity of the said transaction: Therefore, 3t. George's IV. Be it further cnacted, That the separation of Saint George's Church de Chapel in the city of New-York, from the corporation of Trinity varate Church Church shall be and hereby is confirmed, and that the said Church rom Trinity

rinity now called Saint George's Church, shall not at any time hereafChurch.

ter, be held or taken to he, a church or chapel belonging to Trin-
ity Church, so as to qualify any of the congregation thereof to vote
at the elections of Church Wardens and Vestry men of Trinity
Church above mentioned, and the said religious society called the
Rector, Church Wardens and Vestrymen of Saint George's Church.

in the city of New York, shall have a right to all the temporalind to possess ties derived from the corporation of Trinity Church as aforesaid, s separate

and may enjoy the same in as full and beneficial manner as any such religious corporation can hold and enjoy its temporalities,

howsoever the same may be acquired.. orporation V. And be it further enacted, That when and as often as it shall her Church seem expedient to the said Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry, &e.

men of Trinity Church in the city of New-York to divide the congregation or corporators belonging to the said corporation, it shall be lawful for them so to do, by setting apart as a separate

church any of the churches or chapels that may belong to and oviso.

form part of the said corporation, Provided the same be done with - the assent of a majority of the persons entitled to vote as afore


ay set apart

said who shall belong to such church or chape. apart and who shall attend a meeting to consider on, tion after at least ten days notice previously given for thavn pose in the said church or chapel, during or immediately after divine service. And such separation so assented to, shall take effect according to the terms agreed upon between the parties, and the members of the congregation of such church or chapel so sepse arated shall immediately thereafter cease to be members of the A corporation of Trinity Church above mentioned, and may pro- . ceed to incorporate themselves according to law as a separate congregation of the said Protestant Episcopal Church, and being so incorporated may receive from the said corporation of Trinity Church any grant, conveyance or gift of any chapel or other real or personal estate for its separate use, and may hold and enjoy the same accordingly, as fully and beneficially as any such religious. corporation can hold and enjoy its temporalities, howsoever the same may be acquired, H VI. And be it further enacted, That in every case where a wo revious church ( religious society which has been or may be duly incor- to file an inporated shall have exhibited such account and inventory as is her acquire specified in the ninth section of the act entitled, “An Act to pro- additional pro

perty. K. & R. vide for the incorporation of religious societies," it shall not be F. 1. 342. g. 9. necessary for such church or society again to exhibit any account 217. and inventory unless the said church or society subsequently to such exhibition shall have purchased or aequired any lands, tenements or hereditaments within this state, any act, law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding, Provided always, that nothing in this act contained, shall be construed to affect, or defeat the right of any person or persons or of any body corporate to the estate seal or personal how held, occupied or enjoyed by the corporation : of Trinity Church.

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[Note. This act passed the Senate on the 25th March, 1913, by 21 votes to 9, and the Assemby on the 2d April, 1813, by 66 votes to 23-It was transmitted to the Council of Revision at that session, where it remained without any decision on it, until the first day of the session of 1814 [Jan. 25th, 1814.] when no objections being returned by the council, it became, by the constitution, a law of this state and as such is filed

y and as su¢m 15 meu in the secretary's office 'The bill before the countr in the secretary's offire.-The bill before the council of revision had been referred to Chancellor Lansing, who had reported objections to its becoming a law, and on the question being taken in the council thereon, Jan. 25, 1814, the council were equally divided. - The Governor, Mr. Justice Spencer, and Mr. Justice Yates being in fur hor of the objections, and Chancellor Lansing, Chief Justice Kent, and Mr. Justice Van Ness against the objections (Mr. Justice Thompson being absent]-consequently no objections could be returned by the council to the bill and it became a law as before stated.-Possessors of the new revised laws, would do well to note in Vol. 2 page 217, S. 10, that a material alteration has been made in that section, by the last section of this law, which though it speaks of the 9th section of the act“ To provide for the incorporation of religious societies,vide K. & Ri v. 1. 342, yet in fact applies to the 10th section of the revised act of April 5, 1813, which has a similar title and incorporales' the 9ih section of the former act. This results from the fact that the revised act was passed subsequent to the law under consideration; having been sent to the council of revision.- The merits of this bill, were ably discussed and considered in a pamphlet published by Robert Troup, Esq. one of the vestry of Tririty Church, about the time the bill was before the council of revision.]

CHAP. II. a gaoi lunar bisa

54 B si a - stative to the time for holding the circuit courts and courts of oyer and terminer in and for the county of Albany.

Beat Passed February 4, 1814. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York representCireuit Courts &c. when to ed in Senate and Assembly, That hereafter there shall be held in bene.. the county of Albany, two Circuit Courts in each year at least, one W. v. 1. 335. of which shall commence on the second Tuesday of April, and

the other on the first Tuesday of October, Provided nevertheless, that the Justices of the Supreme Court shall have power, as occasion may require, during any term of the said court to alter the times above appointed for such circuits to any other days in the months of April and October, so that the same be done two terms at least previous to the circuit intended to be altered.

HOOD [Note. The revised act of April 5, 1813, concerning the Circuit Courts, &c. (see Vol. 1. 335.) had placed Albany on the same footing with those counties in which Circuits were appointed at the pleasure of the Supreme Court.--This act is intended to remedy this defect.]


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Ch. 230.

AnACT to exicni the time for producing specimens of TV oollen Cloth

agrecable to an act entitled An Act for the encouragement of
manufacturers of woollen Cloth and for other purposes," Passed
19th June, 1812. .

: Passed February 4, 1814. * I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York; repre sented in Senate and Assembly, That the time limited in and hy en

by Time, lies the first section of the said recited act for the production of the Sess. 35, best specimens of woollen cloth of uniforin texture and quality, W. 1.6. to the society for the promotion of useful arts, at the city of Albańy, shall be, and the same is hereby extended to the fifteenth day of March next.

II. And be it further enacted, That in cases where but two of the Judges of the court of Common Pleas in any county of this When two state, have attended or shall hereafter, attend, to examine speci- of the Com. mens of woolen cloth under the second section of the said recited certify. act, the certificate of such two Judges shall have the same effect, and shåll entitle the persons producing them, to the premiums awarded by the said act, in the same manner, as if more than two Judges had attended, or the Clerk of the county had been associated with them, any thing in the said recited act to the contrary notwithstanding

o the Judges

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Pleas inay

[Note.-The act extended and explained by this law, is not to be found in the revised laws. It was no doubt omitted because it was considered as a temporary and not a permanent act. The importance of it however will not be disputed, and those desirous of examining all its provisions will find it in session 35, Ch 230.

An ACT relative to the recording of deçds of lands in the Military


Passed February 4, 1814. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, representcd in Senate and Assembly, That no deed, conveyance or writing, Certain deeds relating to the title or property of any lands granted by this state, iar ds not to be as bounty lands, to the officers and troops of this state who serv- recorded uns

less, &c. V. N. ed in the army of the United States, executed on or before the & W. v. 1.

371. first day of May one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, shall hereaster be registered or recorded, unless the same be acknowledged or proved according to the provisions of the first section of the act entitled “An Act concerning deeds,” passed the 12th day of April 1813, any thing in the seventh section of said act or any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Note. --The 7th section referred to, is to be found in the V. N. & W. vol. 1. 371, and this law it would be well there to note. To professional gentlemen it is need less to observe, that landed estate in the military tract may be deeply affected by this provision; as the death of witnesses, &c. inay prove insurmountable obstacles in the way of proving old leeds according to the existing laws, though the proof or acknowledgment of deeds under the former law had often opened, it cannot be disputed, a door to the greatest iniquity and fraud.]

LAWS-S. 37.

An ACT' relative to the directors of the bank of Troy.

Passed February 4, 1814. Récital. WHEREAS the President and Directors of the Bank of Troy

by their petition have requested that the charter incorporating sail bank may be so altered as to authorise the directors of said bank in the village of Waterford to be elected and appointed in any part of this state,

Therefore; The 5 diree. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New York, representto reside ed in Senate and Assembly, That the five directors of the bank Waterford of Troy directed by the act of incorporation to be elected and sen from any appoioted from stockholders residing in the village of Waterford,

may whenever any vacancy or vacancies shall happen, he elected and appointed, in the manner preseribed by said act, from the stockholders residing in any part of this state, any thing in the said charter, to the contrary notwithstanding.

part of the State.

Note.--The bank of Troy was incorporated March, 22, 1811. [Sess. 34. Ch. 66.] directing 17 directors to be elected and chosen-3 to be chosen by the Governor and council of appointment, (of these 3 one was to reside at Lansingburgh, another at Troy, and the third at Waterford.) and the other 14 to be elected by the stockhold. ers. 6 of which directors were required to reside at Troy, 4 at Lansingburgh, and 4 at Waterford. On the 12th Marci, 1813, [Sess. 36. Ch. 61.) the bank was authorized to establish a branch, (for discount and deposit,) at Waterford. On the 9th April, 1813, Sess. 36. Ch.153.7 further provision by law was made, declaring that the 5 directors to be elected and appointed and to reside at Lansingborgh might be elected or appointed from the stockholders residing in Rensselaer or Saratoga counties. This act now makes further provision by allowing the 5 directors heretofore required to reside at Waterford to be chosen and appointed from any part of the state.]



An ACT for tlic relief of the Rector, Church IVardens, and Vestry

of the Protestant Episcopal Church of St. Marks, in the Bowery, in the City of New-York.

Passed February 4, 1814. . WHEREAS the Rector Church Wardens and Vestry of the Protestant Episcopal Church of St. Marks, in the Bowery, in the city of New-York, have by their petition represented to the legislature that by reason of the alteration of the streets in the said eity, made in pursuance of the act of the legislature, entitled “ an act relative to improvements, touching the laying out of streets and roads in the city of New-York and for other purposes," passed April 3d, 1807, they sustain great injury in the present shape, boundaries and dimensions of the ground on which the said church is ereeted, in the ninth ward of the said city, and also the ground used by the said corporation for a cemetery in the said ninth ward, and also the ground on which the parsonage house is erected, belonging to the said corporation in the tenth ward of the said city; that the present shape, boundaries and dimensions of the same were derived from streets that are in part abolished by the opera

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