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Opening of PARLIAMENT—Her Majesty's Speech—Announcement of the Royal Marriage—The Address in the House of Lords — Duke of Somerset—Lord Seaford–Duke of Wellington—Lord Melbourne— Prince Albert's Religion—Lord Brougham-Riots at Newport–Address in the House of Commons—Mr. Čavendish and Sir W. Somerville —Sir Robert Peel—Lord Howard de Walden's Note—Lord Palmerston —Answer to the Address—Bill for the Naturalization of Prince Albert —Question of Precedence — Duke of Wellington — Prince Albert's Annuity—Lord John Russell–Cases of Prince Leopold, Queen Adelaide, and Prince George of Denmark—Mr. Hume's AmendmentChancellor of the Exchequer—Civil List—Colonel Sibthorp's Amendment—Sir James Graham—Mr. Leader—Sir Robert Peel—Division and defeat of the Ministers - - - - - []


PRivilege Question.—Sale of Goods of Messrs. Hansard—First Action for Libel brought by Stockdale—Second Action commenced by him— Appointment of Select Committee by the House of Commons to examine and report as to Privilege of Publication—Resolutions passed by the House—Result of Second Action by Stockdale—Case of Polack—Resolutions passed by the House of Commons—Third Action commenced b §. against Messrs. Hansard—Direction of the House to Kiel. Hansard not to appear or plead—Execution of inquiry of Damages—Proceedings in the Action—Writs of fieri facias and venditioni exponas issued—Application to Mr. Justice Littledale by Sheriffs to enlarge Rule for return of Writ of venditioni exponas—Petitions from Messrs. Hansard to the House—Motion by Lord John Russell, that Stockdale be called to the Bar—Debate thereon—Motion carried— Further Discussion on Motion that Stockdale had been guilty of Contempt—Warm altercation between Sir Robert lnglis and Mr. O'Connell —Stockdale committed to the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms-Motion by Lord John Russell, that the Sheriff of the County of Middlesex be called in—Motion by Lord John Russell, that the Sheriffs be ordered to refund to Messrs. Hansard the Monies levied by them—Animated Debate on this Question—Motion that the Sheriffs be committed to the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms—Carried by a large Majority—Motion that Mr. Howard (Attorney to Stockdale in the Action) be called to the Bar—Amendment by Sir É.i. Sugden—Mr. Howard apologises to the House and is reprimanded by the Speaker - [16

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