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I really like the scientific theory behind the Lean Startup, but somehow the book failed to interest me cover to cover. Again, the typical American style (overly simplifying things, endless repetition ... Read full review

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This book basically conveys a few ideas which can be summarized on a sheet of paper. But the author rants on and on about the same concepts. That, to me, is a waste of time.

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India is promoting,supporting," start ups"this book can help improving " start up"performance.thanks to writer,publishers.
From- joshi Harshadkumar Govindji.india,gujarat,bhavnagar.
P.s.-" nirma
","Balaji wafers" or even " everlasting hero-Munjal "....all are proven example of " humble beginning ". 

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Excellent and recomended book for enterpreneur. It is a must reading..

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Absolutely fantastic read. I work in biz dev of a large corporation and I've put many of these ideas into action with impressive results. Read here: complete revitalization of a company acquired in distress in under 5 months. My relations have used it in start ups with similar success.
It's a quick, enjoyable, and easy to relate to read. A lot of people who knocked their reviews down to 3 or 4 starts claimed that they didn't like the writing style and didn't know exactly how to implement his ideas. Here's the answer: as an English major I found his writing very clear, concise, and well organized. The flow was excellent and in no way confusing. If you don't want to feel like you're being lectured, buy a fiction novel, not a book on how to run your company like IMVU.
As for implementation, think outside the box. If you can't even apply concepts in an out-of-context way you probably have more to worry about business-wise than just how to implement principles.
The Triangle Startup Factory, a successful start up director in one of the fastest growing areas in the country, recommends this book to the new companies they onboard. Companies that are receiving millions from investors.

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