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[blocks in formation]

Evils, 116

Ewe bleat for the lamb, made the, 448
Ewigkeit, afay in de, 297
Exact man, and writing an, 326

shade of Julius Cæsar's hair, 58
Exactness, with, grinds he all, 262
Exalted sat, Satan, 107
Examination, 't will be found upon, 87
Examine Venus and the moon, 306
well his milk-white hand, 36
Example, by Christian, 197

by the same, 315

may profit by their, 414

you with thievery, I'll, 402

Exceeds all earthly bliss, as far, 262
Excel, of all those arts in which the
wise, 467
Excellence a fair divided, 168

it cannot reach, and hates that, 114
Excellent, oh, it is, 151
Excess, better the, 28

of blood, perish through, 447
of ill-got, ill-kept pelf, 300
of it, give me, 273
wasteful and ridiculous, 152
Exchange a peaceful word, nor to, 229
joy is an, 198

Exchequer of the poor, thanks, the,


Exclusive heaven, a sole, 176
Excommunicated, nor, 64

Excrement, stolen from general, 402
Excuse for the glass, she 'll prove an,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

to bury them, in, 254
Expects his evening prey, 470
every man to do his duty, 104
Expediency, 117

party courage is party, 297
Expedient, to pursue the, 141
Expenditure, annual, nineteen nine-
teen six, 192

Experience, 117

my, tell ye wut it's ben, 40
old, but his, 198

to make me sad, than, 261
Expire, persons died before they, 91
Explain his explanation, 117
it, by trying to, 323
Explained, is easily, 329
Explanation, 117

Exploits and mighty enterprises, ripe
for, 470
Exposed he lies, 86
Expound, and argue, he could plead,
Express, even its minted coins, 157
Expressed, but ne'er so well, 447
in fancy, but not, 11
Exquisite to last, joys too, 198
Extension of domain, 110

Extent of your treasures, you learn
the, 366

proud of a vast, 353

to any great, 340

Extenuate, 117

External parts, agree with our, 456
Extracting sunbeams out of cucum-
bers, for. 393.

Extreme gusts will blow out, 132
hate in the like, 237

in love or hate, in good or ill, 449
Extremes, 117.

both... in, 324

[blocks in formation]

Eyes, 118

all my mother came into mine, 399
and feast upon her, 238

and his temples about, sported his,

and with rainy, 164

are heavy and dim, till the, 460

a stain, what looks to thy dim, 198
because thou hast hazel, 322
buried in thy, 174

close up his, 80

dear as these, 443

drink to me only with thine, 99
engendered in the, 124

grow dim, that made your, 176
hath not a Jew, 197

have dulled their, 155
hooded, shafts from, 23
hood mine, 372

I could play the woman with mine,


I could weep my spirit from mine,

I dared not close, my fevered, 369
I'll drink the words you send, with
mine, 466

I strain my, 313

kindling her undazzled, 277
knowledge from others', 394.
left the flushing in her galled, 399
lies deeply buried from human, 186
light that visits these sad, 443
love looks not with the, 69
make thy two, 380

might sometimes see, our, 321
mine, have seen the glory, 153
no speculation in those, 29
not a friend to close his, 86
of flame, in he came with, 87
of the ignorant, 2

of the sleepers waxed deadly, 77
revengeful, fix, 28

sans, 49

saw with his own, 106

sees with larger, other, 261
severe, with, 199

shall be turned to behold, when my,


sights of death within mine, 102
smell onions, mine, 438

soft, looked love, 334

tears in his, 307

that death bandaged my, 78
that shone, the, 258

that would not shrink, with, 420
that you could turn your, 355
the cynosure of neighbouring, 70
the mind has a thousand, 281
the night has a thousand, 281
the steady keel, while follow, 43
thet tell o' triumph, 299
they strike mine, 364

those cunning waters of his, 426
through another man's, 170
try to shut their saddening, 384
were closed, thy dying, 139

[blocks in formation]


this life which seems so. 461
thoughts be your fair pillow, 304

to no purpose, 462

to see, a maiden, 24

woman, never a, 119
Fairer, 120

Fairies, none but, here are seen, 304
Fairly bound, so, 30
Fairy gifts fading away, like, 47

hands their knell is rung, by, 34
ring, or to tread our, 304

tales of science, with the, 352
Faith, 120, 121

almost mak'st me waver in my, 378
and hope, two cardinal virtues, 315
and love, works of, 267

and morals hold, the, 412
and pride, glows with, 173
and unfaith can ne'er be equal
powers, 241
an' truth, wut's words to them
whose, 19

fought for queen and, 105
have, and struggle on, 391
have thine own, 312

I build my, 155,

in all, is want of, 241

in God and nature, 156

in honest doubt, more, 97

in the Christ, thou who hast, 242

is but the flower, 327

itself be lost, 376

law, morals, all began, 269

many in sad, 416

perplexed in, 97

shall make a clearer, 466

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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