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The Men for the most part Hue idlely, they doe nothing hut hunt and fish: their wiues set their Come and doe all their other worke. They haue little Houshold stuffe, as a Kettle, and some other Vessels like Trayes, Spoones, Dishes and Baskets.

Their Houses are verie little and homely, being made with small Poles pricked into the ground, and so bended and fastned at the tops, and on the sides they are matted with Boughes, and coiiered on the Roofe with Sedge and old Mats, and for their beds that they take their rest on, they haue a Mat.

They doe generally professe to like well of our comming and planting here; partly because there is abundance of ground that they cannot possesse nor make vse of, and partly because our being here will be a meanes both of reliefe to them when they want, and also a defence from their Enemies, wherewith (I say) before this Plantation begun, they were often indangered.

For their Religion, they doe worship two Gods, a good God and an euill God: the good God they call Tantum, and their euill God whom they feare will doe them hurt, they call Squantum.

For their dealing with vs, we neither feare them nor trust them, for fourtie of our Musketeeres' wifi tiriue five hundred of them out of the Field. We vse them kindly, they will come into our Houses sometimes by halfe a douzen or halfe a score at a time when we are at victuals, but will aske or take nothing but what we giue them.

We purpose to learne their Language as soone as we can, which will be a meanes to do them good.

Of the Present Condition of the Plantation, and what it is.

WHen we came first to Neihum-kek, we found about halfe a score Houses, and a faire House newly built for the Gouernour, we found also aboundance of Corne planted by them, verie good and well likeing. And we brought with vs about two hundred Passengers and Planters more, which by common consent of the old Planters were all combined together into one Body politicke, vnder the some Gouernour.

There are in all of vs both old and new Planters about three hundred, whereof two hundred of them are settled at Neihum-kek, now called Salem: and the rest haue Planted themselues at Masathulets Bay, beginning to build a Towne there which we doe call Cherton, or Charles Towne.

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OF W. C.



COVRT OF Parliament

now assembled, for the propagating of the Gospel in America, and the West Indies; and for the setling of our Plantations there;

Which Petition is approved by 70 able English

Also by Master Alexander Henderson,
and some other worthy Ministers

of Scotland.

"' ■ i i i . i i i — .-.— y .■.... ■.» — .

Printed in the yeare, 1641.

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