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exercise of patience and other vertues, and to make more wise thereby the managers thereof: by which occasion not only the ignorant and simple minded are much discouraged, but the malitious and looser sort (being accompanied with the licentious vaine of stage Poets) have whet their tougues with scornfull taunts against tbe action it selfe, in so much as there is no common speech nor publicke name of any thiug this day, (except it be the name of God) which is more vildly depraved, traduced and derided by such unhallowed lips, then the name of Virginea. For which cause (right noble Knight) I have set my selfe to publish this briefe apollogie to the sight and view of all men, not to answer any such in their particular folly, but to free the name it selfe from the injurious scoffer, and this commendable enterprise from the scorne and derision of any such, as by ignorance or malice have sought the way to wrong it. Which albeit I am well assured will no way availe to admonish or amend the incorrigible loosenes of such untamed tongues, yet shall 1 hold mine endevours well acquited, if I may but free your selfe, and so many right noble, and well affected gen painfull managing of your many publike actions:


for which I pray that God will please, to

continue still your health and strength

of body, with answerable successe,

to your honest, wise, and

most approved desires.

R. r.




IN that most sacred historie penned by the Prophet Moses, (the first historian that ever wrote, and left his writings to posteritie) it is recorded, that when the pride of earthlie men, in the race and progenie of Noah, began to aspire and sought to clime the Celestial throne; it so highly provoked the Majestie of God, that consulting with the Deitie, and comming downe by his word and almightie power, he subverted their devices and proud attempt, infatuating their understanding by confounding their tongues, and leaving each one to his severall waies, to follow the pronesse and follie of his owne heart, so that from this scattering and casting them out like unprofitable seed upon the dust of the earth, did spring up (as weeds in solitarie places) such a barbarous and unfruitful race of mankinde, that even to this day (as is very probable many huge and spatious Countries and corners of the world unknowne, doe still swarme and abound with the innumerable languages of this dispersed crue, with their inhumane behaviour and brutish conditions, and howsoever God laying this heavie curse and punishment upon them, that for the space of three thousand yeares and more, did never vouchsafe the hand of the weeder, to dense and give redresse to so desolate and outgrowne wildernesse of humaine nature, yet such is his eternall purpose, who in his owne appointed time, doth reskue the brand from burning and the prey from the Lions teeth, that like as we our selves and our forefathers (the first fruites of the Gentiles, who were all guilty of that great conspiracie) which were strangers from the Commonwealth of Israel, and lived long time without God in the world, were yet at length reduced home to that familie of saints and sonnes of God, so now appeareth the same grace, which God out of his secret counsell begins to extend and give to the remnants of those scattered Gentiles, our kinsmen and younger brethren (as I may say) the sundrie nations of America: which as they consist of infinite confused tongues and people, that sacrifice their children to serve the divel, as

those heathens did their sonnes and daughters to Levit. 20. 2. Molech: yet who can doubt or say, but even amongst

these, God may have his speciall numbers from whose neckes hee will now remove that heavie yoake of bondage: and to that end it is to be observed, when after that great apostacie foretold by the spirit of God, and which for many hundred yeares had almost drowned the christian world in superstition and Idolatrie; God that raised up her Majestie, our late Soveraigne, and put into her heart, by wholesome lawes to wipe away that mist of popish dimnes from our eyes, whereby we saw the light more cleare, did likewise move her Princely mind to proffer that light to this blinde and miserable people, in giving the first incouragement by our English Colonies to make plantation there, and according to her selfe, and the condition of her sexe, she named the Countrey Virginea: which mee thinkes should enforce from them that love the monuments of her never dying memoire, a fervent bond of zeale to that name and worke of God, the ground whereof was laid by her, the happinesse of whose raigne was our unspeakable joy, and will be derived to our posteritie.

And howsoever God pleased not to suffer the performance of that excellent worke in her daies (as hee likewise denied King David, whose purpose and preparation was to have built a Temple for the Lord) yet hee raised up (like Salomon) the best and wisest among the sonnes of men to be our King, and hath bent his royall disposition, by many gratious privileges, and giving his customs freely, to build this Temple for the Lord, yea many living temples for the honour of his name.

What shall wee then say, when thus the powers of heaven and earth encouraged the enterprize, and stirred up the spirits of worthy men, not the basest, but of the best and most honourable minded in the kingdome, to engage themselves to solicite their friends to assemble and consult advisedly how to replant this unnatural vine to make it fruitfull, when they looked to heaven they saw a promise, and looking to earthward they saw a blessing. And albeit in that infancie their numbers were but small, yet their willing resolution supplying that want, they made out 3. shippes with Captaine Newport, for a discoverie, who within few monthes returned with relation of a countrie discovered and seated like that pleasant land described by Moses, the stones whereof where brasse and iron, whose mountaines, vallies and streams did all attend some good employment, that they saw a poore people

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