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idlenesse and security, it brought confusion and ruine to their state.

Let not such a prize of hopefull euents, so lately purchased by the hazard of our valiant men, in the deepe Seas of forreine dangers, now perish in the Hauen by our neglect, the Hues of our friends already planted, and of those noble Knights and Gentlemen that entend to goe shortly, must lie at our mercy to be reteeued and supplied by vs, or to be made a prey vnto others (though wee feare not the subiects of any Prince in amity, that they will offer wrong vnto vs:) And howsoeuer wee heare tales and rumours of this and that, yet be not dismaid, for I tell you, if we finde that any miscreants haue wronged, or goe about to hurt our few hundreds there, we shall be ready to right it againe with many thousands, like the giant Antens, whose often foSes renued his strength the more.

And consider well that great worke of freeing the poore Indians from the deuourer, a compassion that euery good man (but passing by) would shew vnto a beast: their children when they come to be saued, will blesse the day when first their fathers saw your faces.

If those vndaunted English and Scottish Captaines that so often ventured their liues, and spilt their blood, to re-conquer Palestina from the Turks and Sarazens, had seen the gappe so open in their daies, and the way leading to so many goodly purchases, certainely it had not now beene left for vs to doe. How strange a thing is this that all the States of Europe haue b<?ene a sleepe so long? That for an hundred yeares and more, the wealth and riches of the East and West should runne no other current but into one coffer, so long till the running ouer, spread it selfe abundantly among a factious crew of new created Friers, and that to no more speciall end, then with instigating bloody plots to pierce the heart of a Christian State and true Religion. It is long since I read in a little treatise, made by Frith, an English Martyre, an excellent foretelling touching the happinesse of these Northerne Hands, and of great wonders that should be wrought by Scots and English, before the comming of Christ, but I haue almost forgotten, and cannot readily call it to minde as I would, and therefore I omitte it now, Protesting vnto you, it would be my griefe and sorrow, to be exempted from the company of so many honourable minded men, and from this enterprise, tending to so many good endes, and then which, I truely thinke this day, there is not a worke of more excellent hope vnder the Sun, and farre excelling (all circumstances wayed) those Noble deedes of Alexander, Hercules, and those heathen

Monarks, far which they were deemed Gods among their posterity.

And so I leaue it to your consideration, with a memorable note

of Thomas Lord Howard, Earle of Surry, when K. Henry the

eight, with his Nobles at Douer tooke shipping for Turwin and

Turney, and bidding the said Earle farewell, whom he made

Gouernour in his absence; the Story sayth the Nobleman

wept, and tooke his leaue with teares, an admirable

good nature in a valiant ir.inde, greeuing to be

left behinde his Prince and Peeres in

such an honourble seruice.

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Declaring the former successe and

present estate of that


Being the Second part of Noua Britannia.


Published by Jiulhoritie of his Majesties Counsels of Virginea.

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To the Bight Worshipful and worthie Knight

Sir Thomas Smith, of London, Governour

of the Moscovia and East India

Companies, one of his Majesties

CouNSEiiij for Virginea, and •

Treasurer for the Colony:

Peace and health in


IT is come to passe (right Worshipful) with the businesse and plantation of Virginea as it is commonly seene in the attempt and progress of all other most excellent things (which is) to be accompained with manifold difficulties, crosses and disasters, being such as are appointed by the highest providence, as an

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