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King and Parliament. These 3 heads being methodized, and put in to form, by the Clarke of ye Assembly, who happened to be at this meeting, and redd unto, the people, held a despute, from allmost noone, till midnight, pro and con, whether the same might, in the last Article especially, be with out danger taken. The Generall, and som others of the cheife men was Resalute in the affirmative, asserting its innosscency, and protesting, without it, he would surrender up his commission to the Assembly, and lett them finde other servants, to do the countreys worke: this, and the newse, that the Indians were fallen downe in to Gloster county, and had kill'd som people, a bout Carters Creeke; made the people willing to take the Ingagement. The cheife men that subscribed it at this meeting, were coll. Swan, coll. Beale, coll. Ballard, Esq. Bray, (all foure of the councell) coll. Jorflan, coll. Smith, of Purton, coll. Scarsbrook, coll. Miller, coll. Lawrane, and Mr. Drommond, late Governour of Carolina; all persons, with whom you have bin formerly acquainted.

This worke being over, and orders taken for an Assemblye to sitt downe the 4 of September (the writs being issued out in his majestyes name, and signed by 4 of the Councell, before named) the Generall once more sitts out to finde the Indians: of which Sr. William have gained intelligence, to prevent Bacons designes by the Assembley, returns from Accomack, with a bout 1000 soulders, and others, in 5 shipps and 10 sloops to James towne; in which was som 900 Baconians (for soe now they began to be called, for a marke of destinqtion) under the command of coll. Hansford, who was commissionated by Bacon, to raise Forces (if need were) in his absence, for the safety of the countrey. Unto these Sr. William sends in a summons for a Rendition of ye place, with_ajiaidoa to All that Wobw Ttecrme Bacons and entertaine his cause. What was returned to this sommohs I know not; but in the night the Baconians forsake the Towne, by the advice of Drummond and Lawrance (who were both excepted, in the Governours sommons, out of mercy) every one returning to there owne aboades, excepting Drommond, Hansford, Lawrence, and some few others, who goes to finde out the Generall, now returned to the head of York River, haveing spent his provisions in following the Indians on whom he did sum execution, and sent them packing a grate way from the Borders.

Before that Drommond and those with him had reached the Generall, he had dismist his Army, to there respective habitations, to gather strength against the next intended expedition; eccepting som frew resarved for his Gard, and persons liveing in these parts; unto whom, those that came with Hansford being joyned, made about 150 in all: With these Bacon, by a swift march, before any newes was heard of his return from the Indians, in these parts, comes to Towne, to ye consternation of all in it, and there blocks the Governour up; which he easily effected by this unheard of project. He was no sooner arived at Towne, but by several small partyes of Horse ('2 or 3 in a party, for more he could not spare) he fetcheth into his little Leagure, all the prime mens wives, whose Husbands were with the Governour, (as coll. Bacons Lady, Madm. Bray, Madm. Page, Madm. Ballard, and others) which the next morning he presents to the view of there husbands and ffriends in towne, upon the top of the smalle worke hee had cast up in the night; where he caused them to tarey till hee had fmished his defence against his enemies shott, it being the onely place (as you do know well enough) for those in towne to make a salley at. Which when compleated, and the Governour understanding that the Gentle women were withdrawne in to a place of safety, he sends out some 6 or 700 hundred of his soulders, to beate Bacon out of his Trench: But it seems that those works, which were protected by such charms (when a raiseing) that plug'd up the enimys shot in there gains, could not now be storm'd by a vertue less powerfull (when finished) then the sight of a few white Aprons; otherways the servis had bin more honourable and the damage less, several of those who made the salley being slaine and wounded, without one drop of Blood drawne from the enimy. With in too or three days after this disaster, the Governour reships himself, soulders, and all the inhabitants of the towne, and there goods: and so to Accomack a gane ; leaving Bacon to enter the place at bis pleasure, which he did the next morning before day, and the night following burns it downe to the ground to prevent a futer seege, as hee saide. Which Flagrant, and Flagitious Act-perjbrmed, he draws his men out of town, and marcheth them over York River, at Tindells point, to finde out collnell Brent, who was advancing fast upon him, from Potomack, at the head of 1200 men, (as he was informed) with a designe to raise Bacons seige, from before the towne, or other ways to fight him, as he saw cause. But, Brents shoulders no sooner heard that Bacon was got on the north-side Yorke River, with an intent to fight them, and that he had beate the Governour out of the towne, and fearing, if he met with them, that he might beate them out of there lives they basely forsake there colours, the greater part adheareing to Bacons cause; resolveing with the Perssians to go and worship the rising sun, now approaching nere there Horisson: of which Bacon being informed, he stops his proceedings that way, and begins to provide for a nother expedition a gainst the Indian, of whom he had heard no news since his last March, a gainst them: which while he was a contriveing, Death summons him to more urgent affairs in to whose hands (after a short seige) he surrenders his life, leaving his commition in the custody of his Leift Generall, one Ingram, newly comin to the countrey.


Sr. William no sooner had news that Bacon was Dead but he sends over a party, in a sloope to Yorke who snap'd collonell Hansford, and others with him, that kep a negilegent Gard at coll. Reades howse under his command: When Hansford came to Acomack, he had the honour to be the first Verginian born that ever was hang'd ; the soulders (about 20 in all) that were taken with him, were commited to Prisson. Capt. Carver, Capt. Wilford, Capt. Farloe, with 5 or 6 others of less note, taken at other places, ending there days as Hansford did; Major Cheesman bein apointed (but it seems not destinated io the like end, which he prevented by dying in prisson through ill usage, as it is said. . •

This execution being over (which the Baconians termed crewilty in the abstract) Sr. William ships himself and soulder for York River, casting Anchor at Tindells point; from whence he sends up a hundred and 20 men to surprise a' Gard, of about, 30 men and boys, kept at coll. Bacons howse, under the command of Major Whaly; who being fore-warn'd by Hansford fate, prevented the designed conflict with the death of the commander m cheife, and the taking som prisoners: Major Lawrence Smith, with 600 men, meeting with the like fate at coll. Pates Howse, in Gloster, a gainst Ingram, (the Baconian Generall) onely Smith saved himself, by leaving his men in the lurtch, being all made prissoners ; whom Ingram dismist to their owne homes ; Ingram himself, and all under his command, with in a few days after, being reduced to his duty, by the well contrivance of Capt. Grantham, who was now lately arived in York River: which put a period to the war, and brought the Governour a shoare at coll. Bacons, where he was presented with Mr. Drumond; taken the day before in Cheekanonimy swomp, half famished, as him self related to my Husband. From coll. Bacons, the next day, he was convayed, in Irons to Mr. Brays (whither the Governour was removed) to his Tryall, where he was condemn'd with in halfe an hower after his coming to Esqr. Brays, to be hanged at the midle Plantation, within 4 howers after condemnation; where he was accordingly, executed, with a pittifull French man. Which don, the Governour removes to his owne howse, to settle his and the countryes repose, after his many troubles; which he effected by the advice of his councel and an Assembly convein'd at the Greene Spring; where severall were condemned to be executed, prime actors in ye Rebellion; as Esqr. Bland, col]. Cruse, and som other hanged at Bacons Trench ; CapU Yengyrrf Cheekahominy, Mr. Hall, clarke of New-Kent court, James Wilson (once your servant) and one Leift. Collonell Page, (one . I that my Husband bought of Mr. Lee, when he kep store at your howse) all four executed at coll. Reads, over against Tindells


Eoint; and Anthony Arnell (the same that did live at your howse) anged in chanes at West point, beside severall others executed on the other side James River: enough (they say in all) to out number those slane in the wholl war; on both sides: it being observable that the sword was more favourable then the Halter, as there was a grater liberty taken to run from the sharpness of the one, then would be alowed to shun the dull imbraces of the other: the Hangman being more dredfull to the Baconians, then there Generall was to the Indians ; as it is counted more honourable, and less terable, to dye like a soulder, then to be hang'd like a dogg.

Thus Sr. have I rendered you an account of our late troubles in Verginia, which I have performed too wordishly; but I did not know how to help it; Ignorance in som cases is a prevalent ovatour in pleading for pardon, I hope mine may have the fortune to prove soe in the behalfe of

,, •', Sr. Yor. ffriend and servant,

To his Wife, A. C. at q. Creek.

My deare,

Allthough those who have depicted that fickle Godes, Fortune, have represented* her under various shapes, there by to denote her inconstancys; yet do I thinke there is not any thing sublunary subjected to the vicissetudes of her temper so much as is the condition and estate of man-kinde: All things ells partakes som thing of a stedfast and perminent decree excepting Man in the state of his affaires. The sun is constant in his Anuall progress through the Zodiack, the Moone in her changes, the other Planits in ther Asspects: The productions of the Earth have a fixed constant season for there groath and increase, when that man (in his creation litle inferiour to the Angles) cannot promise untohimself a fix'd condition, on this side Heaven.

How many hath thou and I read off, that the sun hath shined upon in the East, with honours and Dignityes, which his western beames hath seene clouded with poverty, reproaches and contumelies. The same moment that saw Ceaser cheife Man in the senate, beheld him in a worss condition then the meanest slave in Rome; and in less then 6 howers Phoebus ey'd the Marqus of Ancrey, in the midst of his Rustling traine of servitures, not onely streameing out his blood, but spurn'd and drag'd up and down the dirtie streets of Paris, by the worst of mecanicks. It is but the tother day that I did see N. B.* in the condition of a Tratour, to be tryed for his life; who but a few days before was judged the most accomplish'd Gen: man, in Verginia to serve bis King and countreyj at the councell Table, or to put a stop to the insolencies of the Heathen, and the next day rajs'dto his dignities againe; Thus doth fortune sport her self with poore rriortells, som times mount them up in to the aire (as Byes do Tennis balls) that they may com with the grater violence downe, and then a gane strike them a gainst the earth that they may with ye grater speed mount up in to the Aire, &c. &c.

From Towne, June 9, '76.


* Nathaniel Bacon.

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