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other things to the said Corporation and their Successors, under the Reservations therein mentioned, seven undivided Parts (the whole into eight equal parts to be divided) of all those Lands, Countries and Territories, situate, lying and being in that part of South Carolina in America, which lies from the most Northern Stream of a River there commonly called the Savannah, all along the Sea Coast to the Southward, unto the most Southern Stream of a certain other great Water or River, called the Alatamaha, and Westward from the Heads of the said Rivers respectively in direct Lines to the South Seas, To have and to hold the same, to them the said Corporation and their Successors for Ever, for the better support of the said Colony under the Yearly Rent of Four Shillings Proclamation Money of South Carolina, for every Hundred Acres of the said Lands for ever, which the said Corporation should Grant, Demise, Plant or Settle, but not to Commence until Ten Years after such Grant, Demise, Planting or Settling; And Erected and Created the said Lands, Countries, and Territories into one independent and separate Province by the Name of GEORGIA, and made the Inhabitants who should reside therein, free and not subject to any Laws, Orders, Statutes, or Constitutions of South Carolina, except the Commander-inChief of the Militia, and Authorized the said Corporation for the Term of twenty-one Years from the Date of the said Letters Patent to form and prepare Laws, Statutes and Ordinances for the Government of the said Colony, not repugnant to the Laws and Statutes of England, to be presented under their Common Seal, to his Majesty in Council, for his Approbation or Disallowance, and that the said Laws so Approved of should be in full Force and Virtue within the said Province: And impowered the Common Council for the Time being of the said Corporation, or the major Part of them, to dispose of, expend and apply, all the Moneys and Effects belonging to the said Corporation, and to make Contracts for Carrying and Effecting the good Purposes therein intended, and that they should, from Time to Time, appoint a Treasurer, Secretary, and such other Officers, Ministers, and Servants of the said Corporation as they should see proper, for the good Management of their Affairs, and at their Pleasure to remove them and appoint Others in their stead, and that they should appoint, reasonable Salaries, Perquisites and other Rewards for their Labour or Services, and that *uch Officers should be Sworn before they Act, for the faithful and due Execution of their respective Offices and Places; and declared, that the Treasurer and Secretary for the Time being should be incapable of being Members of the said Corporation; and granted to the said Corporation that it should be lawful for them, their Officers or Agents, to Transport and Convey into the said Province, such of his Majesty's Subjects and Foreigners as were willing to go and


therein mentioned, and for defraying all other Charges about the same; and directed the said Corporation from time to time to give in to one of the Secretaries of State, and to the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, Accounts of the Progress of the said Colony; And directed that the said Common Council should from time to time for the said Term of twenty one Years from the Date of the said Letters Patent, have Power to appoint all such Govemours, Judges, Magistrates, Ministers, and Officers, Civil and Military, both by Sea and Land, within the said District, as they should think fit and needful for the Government of the said Colony (except such Officers as should be appointed for Managing, Collecting and Receiving such of his Majesty's Revenues, as should arise within the said Province) with a Proviso, that every Governourso Appointed, should be Approved by his Majesty, and Qualify himself as other Governours in America are by Law required to do, and give Security for Observing the Acts of Parliament relating to'Trade and Navigation, and Obeying all Instructions from his Majesty, or any Acting under his Authority, pursuant to the said Acts: And Granted, that the said Corporation for the said Term of twenty one Years, from the Date of the said Letters Patent, should have Power, by any Commander or other Officer for that Purpose appointed to Train, Instruct, Exercise, and Govern, a Militia for the special Defence and Safety of the said Colony, to Assemble in Martial Array, and put in Warlike Posture, the Inhabitants of the said Colony, and in Time of actual War, Invasion or Rebellion, to use and exercise the Law Martial, and also to erect Forts and Fortify any Place or Places within the said Colony, and the same to furnish with al! necessary Ammunition, Provision and Stores of War for Offence and Defence, and from time to time to commit the Custody and Government of them to such Person or Persons as to them should seem meet, Declaring that the Governour or Commander in Chief of South Carolina should have the Chief Command of the Militia of Georgia, and that they should observe his Orders; And Granted that the said Corporation should have Power to Import or Export their Goods, at or from any Port or Ports that should be appointed by his Majesty within the said Province for that purpose, without being obliged to touch at any other Port in Carolina: And Declared, that after the End of the said twenty one Years, such Form of Government, and method of making Laws, Statutes, and Ordinances for the Government of the said Province, and it's Inhabitants, should be Observed and Established within the same, as his Majesty, his Heirs and Successors should Ordain and Appoint, and should be agreable to Law; and that after the End of the said twenty one Years, the Governour, and all Officers Civil and Military, within the said Province.

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