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Endeavours to such easy Benefits, as will (without the smallest waiting for the Growth of Plants) be offer'd to our Industry, from the spontaneous Wealth, which overruns the Country.

The Reader may assure himself, our Undertakings upon all Occasions, will be the plainest, and most ready Roads to Profit; not form'd from doubtful, and untried Conceits, nor hamper'd by a Train of Difficulties; none are more apt than we to disregard Chimerical, or rash Designs; but 'tis the Business of Men's Judgment to divide Tilings plain from Things unlikely.

We cannot think it proper to be too particular upon this Subject, nor will it, we suppose, be expected from us: One Example, however, we will give, because we wou'd present a Proof, that much is practicable there, which has not yet been put in Practice; we shall Pitch on Pot-ash, a Commodity of great Consumption in the Trades of Dying, Glass-making, Soap-Ooiling and some others; not that this is the only present Prospect which we build on, but as 'tis necessary we shou'd particularize one Benefit, that others may be credible.

And here it will not be amiss, if we describe what Pot-ash is, and how they make it; since, 'tis likely, some may have attempted it already, in the Forests of America, and miscarried, by depending upon ignorant Undertakers.

It is not very properly indeed call'd Pot-ash, not being any kind of Ashes, but the fix'd, and vegetable Salt of Ashes, which, if mix'd with Water, melts away, and turns to Lye; For this Reason 'tis preferr'd to all other Lixiviate Ashes, Foreign, or Domestick, which, not being perfect Salts, but Ashes of BeanStraw, and other Vegetables, made stronger by the Help of Lye, bear no Proportion, as to Price, with Pot-ash itself, which is, as we said before, the pure Salt without any of the Ashes.

To procure this Salt, in Russia, and the Countries famous for it, tiiey burn great Quantities of Oak, Firr, Birch, and other Woods, cut down, when flourishing, and full of Sap; The Ashes they throw into Boilers, or huge Caldrons full of Water, and extract a thick, sharp Lye by boiling; They let this Lye grow clear by settling, and then draw it off, and throw away the Ashes left at Bottom.

Tiis Lye, so clarified, they boil again, and as the Watry Part evaporates apace, they supply the Waste thro' a small Pipe, from anottier Vessel of the same Sort of Lye, set higher than the Boiler; At last, by a continued Evaporation, the whole Vessel becomes full of a thick brownish Salt, which being dug out in Lumps, and afterwards calcin'd, compleats the Work, and gives a Colour to the Pot-ash, like a whitish Blue, in which Condition it is barrell'd up, and fit for Merchants.

Nothing can be plainer, or more easy than this Practice in our Rights of the Purchasers, the following Deed, together with the Articles themselves, stands enrolled in the High Court of Chancery.


rw* O All to whom these Presents shall come I Robert Mount'gomry of Skelmorley in the Sheridom of Aire in NorthBritain Baronet send Greeting. Whereas His Excellency the Lord Carteret Palatine, and the Rest t)f the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina in America have by their Grant, bearing Date the Nineteenth Day of June last, bargain'd, sold, alien'd, releas'd, enfeofFd, and confirm'd to Me the abovemention'd Sir Robert Mountgomry, my Heirs, and Assigns, all that Tract of Land in ttieir said Province, which lies between the Rivers Allatamaha and Savanna, and erected the said Tract into a distinct Province, wtih proper and independant Jurisdictions, under the Name and Title of the Margravate of Azilia, to be held of them the Lords Proprietors of Carolina by me, my Heirs and Assigns for ever; and whereas for better carrying on my design of transporting People and making a new Settlement in the said Margravate; I have made and caused to be publish'd the Proposals hereunto annex'd, Now Therefore for securing the Advantages proposed in the said Articles to all, who shall or may Subscribe any Sum or Sums of Money for the Purchase of Lands and Profits in the Margravate of Azilia aforesaid, and shall on their parts, make good the Payments and Conditions mention'd in the Articles, I the abovenamed Sir Robert Mountgomry do, by these Presents to be enroll'd in the High Court of Chancery, in perpetual Proof and Testimony of the Security hereby design'd to be convey'd, engage, bind, mortgage, assign, and firmly make subject the said Grant, Lands, and benefits for making Good the Uses in the said Articles expres'd in Manner, as at large herein under describ'd: And I do hereby declare and consent, that the Instruments sign'd by my Hand writing as recited in the seventh Article, shall be deem'd and they are by virtue of these Presents declar'd to be, a firm, and sufficient Proof of Title to the respective Claim therein mention'd to be convey'd by and upon the Security by these Presents provided; And I do hereby authorize and appoint David Kennedy, Esq; in my Absence to fill up, and deliver the said Instruments with all effectual Authority, and irrevocable Right of Representation, which by Letter of Attorney, or by any other Form or Means whatever, can or might be deputed to Him, And I declare myself obliged, as to the sufficiency of the Writings delivered by such Act of the said David Kennedy, Esq; as firmly as if I had in Person fill'd and deliver'd the said Writings; And in Case that I Sir Robert Mountgomry, or my Heirs, or Assigns, or any claiming Right, or exercising Power by, from, or under me, shall at anr

time hereafter refuse to submit to the said annex'd Articles or to any of them, or shall under any unjust Pretence whatsoever forbear the Cultivation of the Purchasers Lands, or consign the annual Products, arising therefrom, or any Part of the same, to any other Person, or Persons, than to the Factor, or Factors, who shall be appointed by the Purchasers, or to Persons approved by them, or shall refuse, or deny admission, Residence, or ocular satisfaction on the Spot to any Agent, whom the Purchasers may at any time think fit to send over for that Purpose; In any of these Cases the Purchasers shall, by virtue of these Presents (any Form of Law, Usage, Custom, or Pretence to the contrary notwithstanding) have a warrantable, and incontrovertible Right, and Authority, to procure, and obtain present Justice to themselves in Manner following, That is to say—Upon such Breach of Covenant the said Purchasers shall, or may meet upon the Summons of the Party injur'd, or of any other Person interested, and by a Majority of the Voices present elect a Committee of Three, which Committee shall draw up a State of the Case they complain of, And present it to me, or my Heirs or Assigns, or to any Agent acting for me, or them, or any of them in London, or elsewhere, and if within ten Days after such Presentation they receive not due Satisfaction from such Person, or Agent, they shall leave Notice in Writing at the Place of his dwelling, or publish in the Gazette, or other Authentick News Letter, that on some day therein to be named, they design to lay the State of their Case before the Kings Attorney General, and Solicitor General in London for the Time being, in order to have their Opinion, whether the Fact they complain of be, or be not not a Breach of any Part of the Articles hereunto annex'd, that so the said Person, or Agent may attend if he shall have any thing to offer, in Defence of the Matter complain'd of, And if upon the Question, the Attorney and Solicitor General shall joyn in Opinion and give it under their Hands, that the Cause of Complaint does plainly appear in their Judgements to be a Breach of the Articles subscribed to, and such Person, as above described, or some Agent acting for Him, shall not forthwith make due satisfaction, such Forbearance to do Justice in the Case, shall after Thirty Days next following the date of the said written Opinion, become an absolute Forfeiture of the Grant, and from thenceforth all Lands, Prerogatives, Priviledges, Powers, and Benefits, whatsoever held, claim'd, or enjoy'd by virtue of the said Grant, shall be taken Possession of for the sole future Use of the Body of Purchasers, and shall be carry'd on to their general Advantage, and according to their Orders, and Direction, by any Person, or Persons whom they shall chuse by a Majority of their Voices, and send over to that Purpose: And that no possible Let, or Impediment, on my Part, or the Part of my Heirs, or Assigns, may in any sort incommode, or prevent the most strict and immediate Performance of this Covenant, I the said Sir Robert do hereby renounce for myself, and all claiming from me, all Pleas, Prerogatives, Priviledges and Pretences whatsoever, which I, or they, may by the said Grant, or by any Form, Custom, or Mode of Proceeding at Law be possess'd of, or entitled to; And I do consent and declare, that when the written Opinion abovemention'd of the Attorney, and Solicitor General in London, shall be produe'd to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, and sent over to their Deputies at Charles Town, and be enter'd in their Journal, It shall stand as a determinate Judgment recorded against me, or them, after which no Appeal shall be lawful, and possession shall be given immediately, that is to say, no other Process shall be needful than twenty Days Notice from the Governour, and Council at Charles-Town abovemention'd: From which Time for ever, if full Satisfaction be not made within the said twenty Days, as well in the Matter complain'd of, as by Payment of all Costs, and Damages sustained by the Complainants, the Purchasers shall in Right of themselves, and by Virtue of these Presents, possess, occupy, and enjoy all Manner of Authorities, Territories, and Advantages of what kind soe\er, arising from the Grant abovesaid, and I the said Sir Robert Mountgomry, my Heirs, and Assigns shall effectually stand excluded, both in Law, and in Equity, to all Intents and Purposes, as if the said Grant had never been made. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand and seal this Fifteenth Day of July, in the Third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, fyc. Annoq; Domini, 1717.

R. Mountgomry. Art. I. The first fifty thousand Acres, which shall be run out, settled, or planted, shall be always kept, as a distinct Division, separate from the rest of the Margravate, and shall all be clear'd, and improv'd before any other Settlement is made, or suffer'd in any Part of the Margravate, and a Right will be sold by Virtue of the propos'd Subscription, to all the Profits arising from twenty five Tiiousand of those Acres, when the fifty Thousand shall be clear'd; and in the mean time to half the yearly

-+ Amount of the whole Profit which shall be made by the Colony, which Sale will be made in Acres, (more or less at the Discretion of the Buyer, only nothing less than five Acres) at the Rate of forty Shillings per Acre: And tho' the whole shou'd not be purchased, yet the Books shall, notwithstanding, be shut up forthwith, that so no Time may be lost, and the then Number of Purchasers,

i. be they never so few, shall compose the Body, and enjoy their

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