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Concerning the design'd


Of a New



South of Carolina,


Most delightful Country of the Universe.

By Sir Robert Mountgomrt, Baronet.

LONDON: Printed in the Year 1717.

P. Force, Washington, 1835.


¥ T will perhaps afford some Satisfaction to the Gentlemen of * Carolina, to know, that my Design arises not from any sudden Motive, but a strong Bent of Genius I inherit from my Ancestors: One of whom was among those Knights of Nova Scotia purposely created near a hundred Years ago, for settling a Scots Colony in America. But the Conquest of that Country by the French prevented his Design, and so it lies on his Posterity to make good his Intentions for the Service of their Country.

The Humour however Descended, and ran down with the Blood: For my Father was so far of this Opinion, that, together with Lord Cardross the late Earl of Buchan, and some other Gentlemen, he Cnter'd into Measures for Establishing a Settlement on Port-Royal River in South- Carolina, and Lord Cardross went thither in Person ; but the Spaniards dislodg'd them, and destroy'd the Plantation: Advantage being taken of some Confusions, which arose through the want of full Powers, and distinct Jurisdiction.

The charming Descriptions, which on this last Occasion, I met with, of the natural Sweetness, and Beauties, of Carolina, inspired me with an early Affection to that Place, in particular. But the Wars intervening, and calling for my Sword, in the more immediate Service of my Country, gave me no Opportunity to put in Practice certain Schemes which occur'd, effectually forming a Settlement there, till just now; when together with some of my Friends, who unite their Endeavours with mine, I am like, by continuance of the Indian Disturbances, to enjoy my own Wish, with the Additional Pleasure of being useful to the Province.

Tho' our Design does not altogether depend on the Subscription of Purchasers, herein propos'd, yet our own Stock so encreas'd will be made more effectual, and we shall give at the same Time an Opportunity to many of Sharing in our Benefits, who cou'd not be otherwise concern'd in the Undertaking.

If therefore, the Offer, which we make, shall meet with En

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