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Fallov'ficld, then on the Bench, used what Arguments he could to persuade him, That it was reasonable every Person should represent his own Case to the Trustees, and he apprehended the Design of the Trustees was such; but Stephens in a Passion said. Except they would sign this, they should have the 1'ublick Seal to no other Paper; so it was to no Purpose what either he or the Recorder Mr. John Py could urge, who very soon left the Court, declaring their Dislike and Abhorrence of such Proceedings; but immediately they, with the Rest of the Inhabitants, to the Number of above HBty drew up a Remonstrance to the Trustees, in which they fully set forth the true State of the Colony, with their own miserable Condition in it: This Paper, and soon after a Petition to the King and Council, fyc. were lately transmitted to the Authors hereof, who immediately forwarded then for London; but as the Issue thereof is now depending, we don't think it proper to expose them to the Publick.

On the 2d of April last a Fire broke out by Accident in a Smith's Forge in Savannah, which consumed almost one whole Square; and in the highest Rage of the devouring Flames, Mr.' Thomas Jones stood an idle Spectator with his Hands in his Bosom, and with the utmost Unconcernedness, insomuch, that when he was applied to by several of the miserable People for a small Quantity of Gun-Powder to blow up an adjoining House, in order to prevent the Fire from spreading, his Answer was, 1 can do Nothing in it, I have no Orders concerning such Matters.

We have lately been informed from Frederica, that the General having stationed twelve Men upon the Place which was the Settlement of Messrs. Ker and Carteret before mentioned, they were attacked by Spaniards or Spanish Indians, and four were killed, four carried off, and two wounded.

A good many of the People have come away from Frederica lately, and in order to get off were obliged to make use of Stratagems, such as going a Hunting upon the Islands, fyc. We are informed, that some Differences have happened betwixt the General and some of the Magistrates there, and that in the Place of one of them he has appointed one of his waiting Boys. Several of the poor Remainder of the Darien People have likewise escaped, notwithstanding the Body of Forces stationed there to prevent them.

HAVING thus brought this Historical Narrative within the Compass proposed, and endeavoured to dispose the Materials in as distinct a Method and Series as the necessary Conciseness avould allow: We readily admit that the Design is far from being contributed by the Publick, and by private Persons, in such Ways and Channels as have been of little or no Service to the Colony.


11. The Misapplying or Keeping up Sums of Money which have been appointed for particular Uses, such as Building a Church, Sic. several Hundreds of Pounds Sterling (as we are inform'd) having been lodged in Mr. Oglethorpe's Hands for some Years by past, for that Purpose, and not one Stone of it yet laid.

12. The Assigning certain ft'd Tracts of Land to those who came to settle in the Colony, without any regard to the Quality of the Ground, Occupation, Judgment, Ability or Inclination of the Settler, &tc. &c. &c.

By these and many other such Hardships, the poor Inhabitants of Georgia are scatter'd over the Face of the Earth; her Plantations a Wild; her Towns a Desert; her Villages in Rubbish; her Improvements a By-Word, and her Liberties a Jest: An Object of Phy to Friends, and of Insult, Contempt and Ridicule to Enemies.


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