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"useful, in procuring a Regiment for our Protection; but let me 'add a Truth equally certain, that only the Flourishing of the 'Colony can support that Regiment; and not only the Support 'of the Soldiers, but your own Honour, Glory and Reputation 'are intermixed with the Fate of the Colony, and must Hand or

fall with it.

'To come closer to the Point, please to consider the Conse'quences of Refusing the Representation of the Colony, whereof 'your Excellency as one of the Honourable Board will be fur'nished with a Copy, and how these Consequences may affect 'the Colony, the Nation, the Trustees, the Military Es

Tablishment in this Province, the Indians and Yourexcel


'As to the COLONY, the deferring hitherto the necessary 'Relief, has already too tragically affected it, by dispersing a 'great Part of the Inhabitants; the Remainder, in a languishing 'Condition, supported more with faint Hopes and a continued 'Reliance on the Honour of the Nation and Trustees, than 'Victuals; while want and meagree Famine guard the Door of 'many, and render them equally incapable to stay or go: The

• Town, so beautifully situated to the Honour of the Contriver.

• bearing the most visible Signs of Decay and Mortality before

• it is fully born; and the once cultivated Plantations now over

• grown with Weeds and Brush, are so many Hicjaccts of such ; and such Persons and Families! I wish it were possible to draw 'a Veil over this tragick Scene! But, Sir, our Case is more 'clamant than a thousand Tongues, and will reach the Ears and 'pierce the Hearts of every TRUE RRITON. If such the

. Effects of Delay, what will the total Dissolution of the Colony 'produce? Such a Body of miserable People, Orphans and 'Suppliants, will be heard by the Justice of the Nation; and if 'it shall appear, that the too positively adhering to an impracti

• cable Scheme, and the refusing those obvious Means that would 'answer the proposed End, or with-holding those just Rights 'which we are entitled to, have been the Cause; we should have

■ Right to recover Damages from the Authors of our Miseries. ; In all Places where Settlements were attempted by the English,

and found untenable, the Settlers were taken Home upon Pub

• lick Charge, their Losses recompensed, and they made other

• wise Useful to the Community; while we are neither allowed ; to do for ourselves here or elsewhere. As to the second Point, 'how the NATION would be affected by it; it is first obvious, 'That all the noble Ends and Advantages they propos'd are lost, 'and Sums of Money expended to no Purpose but to inform the 'French and Spaniards of the Importance of a Pass which theyrestore to us, in Mr. Oglethorpe, our Father and Protector, 'whose Honour and Affection was depended upon; secure to 1 yourself a Society that love and honours you, and who will 'always be ready to sacrifice both Life and Fortune to your 'Honour and Protection; and your Name with Blessings will be 'perpetuated. If in this I have, by a sincere and well-meant Free'dom, given Offence, I heartily ask Pardon; none was intended: 'And I only request, that, while Truth keeps the Stage, the 'Author may be allowed to remain incog. behind the Scenes. lam, SIR, Your, &c.



THIS Year there was promised a Bounty of Two Shillings Sterling on every Bushel of (Corn, and One Shilling on every Bushel of Pease and Potatoes, raised in the County of Savannah: This induc'd some few to plant; but they were miserably deceived; for few or none of them ever received their full Bounty, and not many any Part thereof, (altho' if they had received it twice over, it could not have answer'd the End:) People being thus, by a Chain of Disappointments and Miseries, most of them rendered incapable to subsist, and toward the End of this Summer, beginning to dispair of having any favourable Answer to their Representation, or Hopes of Redress, left the Colony faster than ever; and when the Answer (or rather Denial) came over, they went in such Numbers that the whole Province of South-Carolina was overspread with them, and in and about the Town of Charlestoum alone, this Autumn, above Fifty Georgians died in Misery and Want, most of whom were buried at the Publick Charge.

IN September a printed Paper, entitled, An Answer to the Representation, Sfc. was sent over, and arrived at Savannah; and of which this is an exact Copy.

The ANSWER of the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America, to the Representation from the Inhabitants of Savannah, the 9th of December, 1738, for altering the Tenure of the Lands, and introducing Negroes into Georgia.

To the Magistrates of the Town of Savannah, in the Province of Georgia.

* np HE Trustess for establishing the Colony of Georgia in '.*• America, have received by the Hands of Mr. Benjamin Bali

* of London, Merchant, an attested Copy of a Representation, 1 signed by You the Magistrates, and many of the Inhabitants of '" Savannah, on the 9th of December last, for altering the Tenure

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