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IVilliam Greenfield,
Christopher Grcenficjd,
Thomas Young, sen.
Henry Green,
Pettr 'Vector,
Hugh Frazcr,
John Sallie,
James Carwclls,
John Lyndall,
Joseph Fitzwater,
Eisha Foster, ,

Walter Fox,
John Penrose.
David Snook,
Edward Townsend.
John Desborough,


Andrew Dnchee,
James Gallway.
John Kelly,
Joseph Stanley.
Thomas Young.
Thomas Cross,
Richard Davis.
Thomas Tibbet,
James Dean.
Donald Stewart,
John Dudding,
William Ewcn,
Henry Loyd,
John Amory,

James Houston.
Isaac Young,
Robert Hanks,
Archibald Glen.
Thomas Neal,
Stephen Tarrien,
James Smith.
Samuel Ward,
Pierre Morelle,
John Desborough, jun.
Edward Rush,
Benjamin Adams,
Charles Britain,
John Rae,
William Coltbred.
Thomas Wattle,
Thomas Railie,
James Corneck,
James Burnside,
John Teasdale,
Giles Becou.
Francis Brooks.
John Clark,
George Rush,
Andrew Walker,
John Miller,
Thomas Andrcws<
ll7illiam Sterling.
Thomas Gantlet,
Richard Rogers.

In all in.

THIS Representation was signed with tlie greatest Willingness by the above One Hundred and Seventeen Free-holders in the County of Savannah, and only a very few of the General's Favourites declin'd to subscribe the same, so strong appeared to all of them the Truths therein contained, and the absolute Necessity of such an Application. The Jews applied for Liberty to sign with us; but we did not think it proper to join them in any of our Measures: We likewise did not allow Widows and Orphans to subscribe; because as the Representation contain'd the absolute Necessities of the Colony; it Might be objected to us, that they were no proper Judges. As for the People of Ebenczer, the Subscribers did particularly appoint some of their Number to wait upon Mr. Boltzius, their Pastor, and to shew him

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