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shall be for a term of three years, and until his suc-
cessor is appointed and qualified: It shall require
the affirmative vote of the majority of the members
of said board to carry any motion or resolution, to
adopt any rule, to pass any measure, or to authorize
the issuance of any certificate as in this act pro-
SEC. 2. Each member of said board shall before Oath of

entering upon the duties of his office, take the con-
stitutional oath of office, and shall, in addition, make
oath that he is a graduate of a school giving a regu-
lar course in osteopathy and surgery and a licensed
practitioner of osteopathy of this state. The presi-
dent and secretary-treasurer shall be empowered to
administer the oath of office.

Sec. 3. Said board shall be organized on or be- Organization fore the fifteenth day of June, 1917, by electing from meetings. its members a president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer who shall hold their respective positions during the pleasure of said board. Said board shall hold its regular meetings on the first Tuesday of January and July of each year, alternating between the eastern and western part of the State of Washington, excepting that the first meeting shall be held the first Tuesday in August 1917. Special meetings of the board may be held at such time and place as the board may designate.

Sec. 4. Two forms of certificates shall be issued Certification. by said board under the seal thereof, and signed by the president and secretary-treasurer: First, a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice osteopathy; second, a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice osteopathy and surgery.

In order to procure a certificate to practice Practice of osteopathy, the applicant for such certificate must qualificafile with said board at least thirty days prior to a regular meeting thereof, satisfactory testimonials of


good moral character, and a diploma issued by some legally chartered school of osteopathy and surgery, the requirements of which shall have been at the time of granting such diploma in no particular less than those prescribed by the Association of Osteopathic Colleges for that year, or satisfactory evidence of having possessed such diploma, and he must file with such diploma an application sworn to

before some person authorized to administer oaths, Application. and attested by the hand and seal of such officer, if

he have a seal, stating that he is the person named in said diploma, that he is the lawful holder thereof, and that the same was procured in the regular course of instruction and examination, without fraud or misrepresentation. The said application shall be made upon a blank furnished by said board, and it shall contain such information concerning said medical instruction and the preliminary education of the applicant as said board may by rule provide: Applicants who have failed to meet the requirements must be rejected.

An applicant for a license to practice osteopathy

and surgery must furnish evidence that he has and surgery, served for not less than one year as interne in a

thoroughly equipped hospital which shall have had at least twenty-five beds for each interne devoted to the treatment of medical, surgical, gynecological and special diseases, and he also must have had a service of six weeks, or the equivalent thereof in the maternity department of the same or some other hospital, during which time he shall have attended or participated in the attendance upon not less than six confinements. He shall furnish evidence that he has had sufficient experience in and a practical working knowledge of pathology, and the administering of anaesthetics: Provided That when an applicant who has graduated before July, 1917, has hot completed one year as interne as above provided, he

Practice of


of applicants.

must furnish evidence that he has been engaged in the active practice of osteopathy for a period of at least two years prior to that date: Provided further, That any person holding a valid unrevoked certificate to practice osteopathy in the State of Washington who is a graduate of a college recognized by the Association of Osteopathic Colleges and desiring a certificate to practice osteopathy and surgery shall be examined in surgery and the management of surgical cases (including anaesthetics) and be granted said certificate if satisfactorily passing said examination.

Sec. 5. In addition to the requirements above Examination set forth, such applicants for a certificate must be personally examined by said board as to their qualifications. The examination shall be conducted in the English language, shall be practical in character and designed to discover the applicant's fitness to practice osteopathy, and shall be in whole or in part in writing on the following fundamental subjects, towit: Anatomy, histology, gynecology, pathology, bacteriology, chemistry, toxicology, physiology, obstetrics, general diagnosis, hygiene, principles and practice of osteopathy and any other branches thereof that the board shall deem advisable. Provided, That those seeking a certificate to practice osteopathy and surgery shall also taken (take]an examination in surgery and the management of surgical cases (including anaesthetics) before being granted said certificate. Examination in each subject shall consist of not less than ten questions, answers to which shall be marked upon a scale of zero to ten. All applicants must obtain not less than sixty per cent in any one subject. The examination papers shall form a part of the records of the board and shall be kept on file by the secretary for a period of one year after examination. In said examination the applicant shall be known and designated by number

and license fees.

Annual license fee.

only, and the name attached to the number shall be kept secret until after the board has finally voted upon the application.

Sec. 6. Each applicant on making application Examination shall pay the secretary-treasurer of the board a fee

of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which shall be paid to the State Treasurer by said secretary-treasurer and used to defray the expenses and compensation of said board. In case the applicant's credentials are insufficient, or in case he does not desire to take the examination, the sum of fifteen dollars ($15.00) shall be returned. All persons licensed to practice osteopathy or osteopathy and surgery within this state who are engaged in active practice shall pay on or before the first day of May of each year to the secretary-treasurer of the said board a renewal license fee of five dollars ($5.00), except that the first payment after the passage of this act shall be paid on or before the first day of August 1917. This fee shall be reduced to two ($2.00) dollars after 1925. Licenses not so renewed will not be valid. The secretary-treasurer shall thirty (30) days or more before May 1st of each year mail to all active practitioners of osteopathy or osteopathy and surgery in this state at their last known address a notice of the fact that the renewal fee will be due on or before the first of May: except that the first notice after the passage of this act shall be sent on or before July 11, 1917. Nothing in this act shall be construed so as to require that the receipt shall be recorded as original licenses are required to be recorded.

All money received or collected by said board or Disposition any member or officer thereof, during any month,

shall be turned over, before the tenth day of the succeeding month to the State Treasurer together with a verified statement showing the sources from which such money was derived. The secretary-treas

of fees.



tion of


urer of said board shall give surety bond to be approved by and deposited with the auditor of the Bond by state, in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), treasurer. the cost of said bond shall be paid by the state.

Each member of said board shall receive a com- Per diem pensation of five dollars ($5.00) per day for each expenses of day in which he is actually and necessarily engaged in attendance upon meetings of the board, in going to and returning from the place of meeting, and all necessary expenses incurred in attending such meetings. All such compensation and expenses, and all other expenses incident to the execution of the provisions of this act shall be paid by the State Treasurer upon warrants drawn by the State Auditor upon the presentation of proper vouchers to be approved by a majority of said board, as in the case of state officers: Provided The expense does not compensaexceed the receipts of said board. The secretary- secretarytreasurer of said board shall receive a compensation to be determined by said board not to exceed fifty ($50.00) dollars per annum.

SEC. 7. Said board shall keep an official record Records of of all its proceedings, a part of which record shall consist of a register of all applicants for certificates under this act, with the result of such application. Said record shall be evidence of all the proceedings of said board which are set forth therein.

Sec. 8. Every person holding a certificate au- Recordation thorizing him to practice osteopathy or osteopathy cates. and surgery in this state, must have it recorded in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the holder of said certificate is practicing his profession, and the fact of such recording shall be indorsed on the certificate by the county clerk recording the same. Every such person, on each change of his residence, must have the certificate recorded in the county to which he shall have changed his


of certifi

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