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and collected as now prescribed by law for the assessment and collection of taxes for the purpose of creating a fund for the relief of honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines who served in the Civil War, in the war of Mexico or in any of the Indian wars, or the Spanish-American war or the Philippine insurrection, soldiers, sailors and marines who served in the United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps between April 6, 1917, and the date upon which peace is finally concluded with the German government and its allies, or soldiers, sailors and marines who served in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States in any other foreign war, insurrection or expedition, which service shall be governed by the issuance of a campaign badge by the government of the United States of America, and the indigent wives, widows and minor children of such indigent or deceased soldiers, sailors and marines, to be disbursed for such relief by such board of county commissioners. The admin- Relief istration of the relief as mentioned in this act shall tration. be administered in the ways and manners aforesaid until a recognized national society of all discharged soldiers, sailors and marines who served in the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps between April 6, 1917, and the day upon which peace is finally concluded with the German government and its allies is organized.

Sec. 8. This act is necessary for the immediate Emergency. preservation of the public peace, health and safety, and shall take effect immediately.

Passed the House January 30, 1919.
Passed the Senate February 19, 1919.

Approved by the Governor with the exceptions of Sections 2, 3, 4, which are vetoed, March 3, 1919.

Veto sustained March 3, 1919.



(H. B. 55.]


An Act to establish county law libraries in certain counties and

to provide for their government and maintenance.


Board of trustees.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of

Washington: Section 1. In each county having a population of three hundred thousand or more there shall be a county law library, which shall be governed and maintained as hereinafter provided.

Sec. 2. There shall be in every such county a board of law library trustees consisting of five members to be constituted as follows: The chairman of the board of county commissioners shall be ex-officio a trustee, and the judges of the superior court of the county shall choose two of their number and two members of the bar of the county to be trustees. The term of office of a member of the board who is a judge shall be for as long as he continues to be a judge, and the term of a member who is from the bar shall be four years. Vacancies shall be filled as they occur and in the manner above directed. The office of trustee shall be without salary or other compensation. The board shall elect one of their number president and the librarian shall act as secretary. Meetings shall be held at least quarterly and as much oftener and at such times as may be prescribed by rule.

Sec. 3. The board of law library trustees shall

Officers and meetings.

Powers of board.

have power:

(1) To make and enforce rules for their own procedure and for the government, care and use of the library, and for the guidance of employees.

(2) To remove any trustee, except an ex-officio trustee, for neglect to attend the meetings of the board.

(3) To employ a librarian and assistants and to prescribe their duties, fix their compensation and remove them at will.

(4) To purchase books, periodicals and other property suitable for the library and to accept gifts and bequests of money and property for the library, and to sell property which is unsuitable or not needed for the library.

(5) To examine and approve for payment claims and demands payable out of the county law library fund.

Sec. 4. The board of law library trustees shall, Reports by on or before the first Monday in September of each year, make a report to the board of county commissioners of their county giving the condition of their trust, with a full statement of all property received and how used, the number of books and other publications on hand, the number added by purchase, gift or otherwise during the preceding year, the number lost or missing, and such other information as may be of public interest, together with a financial report showing all receipts and disbursements of money.

Sec. 5. The board of county commissioners of County to each county to which this act is applicable shall, library upon demand by the board of law library trustees, provide a room suitable for the law library, adequately heated and lighted.

Sec. 6. The use of a county law library shall be Persons enfree to the judges of the state and to state and library. county officials and to the inhabitants of the county. The board of law library trustees may prescribe uniform rules for the use of the library.


titled to use

to be supplied by state officials.


credited to.

Sec. 7. State officials charged with the distriPublications bution of books, reports and publications are au

thorized to supply to each county law library established under this act the same books, reports and publications, and in the same quantities, as they are authorized to supply to the law library of the

University of Washington; and the librarian of the State law state law library is hereby authorized and directed duplicates. to distribute among the county law libraries es

tablished under this act, such duplicates of books and publications as may be in the supreme court library not needed for its purposes.

SEC. 8. In every civil action hereafter comLibrary

menced in the superior courts of counties to which fund, fees

this act is applicable, there shall be paid to the
clerk of the court, in addition to other fees required
by law, by the plaintiff or person instituting the
action, when the case is entered in the court or when
the first paper on his part is filed therein, a fee of
one dollar ($1.00), and by the defendant or other
adverse party and by an intervenor, or by groups
of two or more defendants or other adverse parties
or intervenors appearing separately from the
others, when his or their appearance is entered in
the case, or when his or their first paper is filed
therein, a fee of one dollar ($1.00). Such fees shall
be costs in the case and taxable as such. The clerk
shall pay the same into the county treasury, where
they shall go into the law library fund and be ex-
pended only for the county law library.

Passed the House, January 31, 1919.
Passed the Senate, February 26, 1919.

Permitted to become law without signature of Governor.


Secretary of State.


[S. B. 84.)


AN Act relating to the nomination and election of superior court

and supreme court judges, and amending section 4842 of
Remington & Ballinger's Annotated Codes and Statutes of

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of

SECTION 1. That section 4842 of Rem. & Bal.
Code be amended to read as follows:

Section 4842. When there are to be elected at Judicial any general election one or more judges of the supreme court, or of the superior court of any county, the candidates for each respective office whose names are to be placed on the general election ticket shall be determined as follows: The number of candidates equaling the number of judicial positions to be filled who receive the highest number of votes at the primary election, and an equal number of candidates for such positions, providing there are such candidates, who receive the next highest number of votes, shall be the candidates for such respec- Ballot tive offices and their names shall appear on the gen- of candieral election ballot under the designation of such respective offices: Provided, however, that where any candidate for any such office shall receive a majority of all votes cast at such primary election for such office, the name or names of such candidates receiving such majority shall be printed separately on the general election ballot, under the designation "Vote for ", and the name or names of no opposing candidate or candidates shall be printed on such ballot in opposition to such candidate or candidates, but spaces equaling the number of such majority candidates shall be left following such name or names, in which the voter may insert the name of any person for whom he wishes to cast




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