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as now I do, upon the peaceful regions you have quitted forever. Such is your lot as members of society ; but it will be your own fault if you

look back on this place with repentance or with shame ; and be well assured that, whatever time--aye, every hour-you squander here on unprofitable idling, will then rise up against you, and be paid for by years of bitter but unavailing regrets. Study then I beseech you, so to store your minds with the exquisite learning of former ages, that you may always possess within yourselves sources of rational and refined enjoyment, which will enable you to set at nought the grosser pleasures of sense whereof other men are slaves ! and so imbue yourselves with the sound philosophy of later days, forming yourselves to the virtuous habits which are its legitimate offspring, that you may walk unhurt through the trials which await you, and may look down upon the ignorance and error that surround you, not with lofty and supercilious contempt, as the sages of old times, but with the vehement desire of enlightening

those who wander in darkness, who are by so much the more endeared to us by how much they want our assistance.”.


“There are some wants which the animal instincts of our nature leave safely to encumber us, since they are sure of being provided for, as hunger and thirst, and other such natural propensities, operating as a physical necessity; he who feels them will take means to satisfy their craving, as the more he feels them the more sure he is to endeavor to obtain relief. But it is not so with the wants of nature affecting the more refined and noble part of our constitution. It is not so, for instance, with the want of education, I mean common secular education ; on the contrary, the more ignorant people are the less civilized they are; the less they know of the utility and advantages of learning, the less they bestir themselves and take means of supplying the defects in their education."

[Systems for carrying instruction to the people, must ever be established, and the rich

should cheerfully submit to levies for their maintenance; knowing that taxes for the support of education are like vapors, which rise, only to descend again to beautify and fertilize the earth. And yet there is an evil tendency in a law, for we are ever ready to excuse individual effort and leave the education of the

peo ple to legislators and School Systems : so that if individual effori is requested, the reply is “have we not anexcellent School System, and a princely School Fund?—This matter belongs to the government, and not to you or to me.” Such remarks remind me of the boy who was indentured in the old fashioned way, to work nine months of the year and receive an education the remaining three months ; but the boy could never be induced to attend school; and when the neighbors asked him why he did not go to school as other boys did, he replied, “my master has agreed to give me an education,-he is bound to do it in the 'denture, and I'm not going to the school house arter it.” Many of us seem to think that the School Law and the School Fund, are bound to give us an educa

tion, and that we are not to make any personal effort for it. And relying upon a School System, will only cheat us of an education ; personal effort is the price of knowledge. But what at present, is most wanting with us, is, an active co-operation on the part of the people, with our school systems.-Ed.]

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