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cerned; forwhich he received a considerable Respected and regretted by an extenpreseut beyond what he had for his trouble. sire circle of friends, Mr. Stephen Flindall, He was likewise employed by many noble- . of the Hole in the Wall, Fleet-street. men and gentlemen in the management His habits of conviviality, so frequently and receipt of their estates; and, being an connected with his calling, in all probaexcellent accountant, with the clearest bility laid the foundation of a long illness ; head, was frequently of great use in ar- which, together with the unexpected death ranging their concerns, or settling any in- of a beloved daughter, the protracted suftricacies or disputes which had arisen. ferings of a promising son, and other seThe writer of this had known and employed rious domestic griefs, proved at last too him above 40 years, and can bear ample weighty for life to sustain. He has left testimony to his fidelity and accuracy. a widow and three children to lameot Having obtained the prize in the above him; the elder, an amiable young lady, lottery, he made several attempts to dis- he had the satisfaction to see happily pose of it for less than one half of what wedded a short time before his death. was considered to be its real value, and At Westminster, aged 25, Mr. Richard was long tantalized with expectations from Herring. A case more calculated to exagents of the Queen of Portugal, and cite sympathy for the widow, or a sigh from the late Empress of Russia, the lat. for the departed, seldom occurs in our ter of whom seemed very desirous of it; annals of the dead : having been but rebut her journey to the South of her domi- cently united to a discreet and agreeable nions interrupted the negotiation, and it young female, those trial of affection was not afterwards renewed. This being. was immediately put severely ou her, by the case, Mr. P. was advised to take it a disease which mocked all her tenderest into his own hands; and as the rent of Lei- care; defied the most salubrious air of cester house was enormous, he was in. different counties, and the skill of expeduced to buy a small piece of ground on rienced physicians: leaving after seven the Surrey side of Blackfriars-bridge, months suffering, à pregnant widow to lafor the purpose of exhibiting it. This was ment the severity of her fate. He had effected, and it was opened in 1788 or made arrangements for conducting a con1789. In the mean time he had taken siderable trade as a manufacturer of wax great.paios to study the various branches and tallow, the process of which he had cof. Natural History, in which he not only much shortened by an ingenious method succeeded to a wonderful degree, to the of melting by steam. 'Even with declining great surprize of his friends, but enriched strength the sanguine expectations of the collection with many additional and youth never forsook him. In listening to valuable specimens both of Nature and his frequent and latest remarks, the wri"Art, which were mostly disposed of by pub- ter of this article could never forget the lic auction in 1806; and though from his beautiful live of Pope : singular modesty the price of admission Hope travels through, nor quits us when was too low, yet he was never heard to ut,

we die."

J. M. F. ter a complaint, that his success was not In the Charter-house, aged 88, Mr. so great as his friends thought him deserv- Geo. Folingsby, formerly a shoemaker ing of. Mr. P. left one daughter and two in Inner Temple-lane, for nearly half a sons, to wbom he gave a good education century. He was supposed to have shod and brought up to more useful occupations more Lawyers than any man in England. than he had beeu tempted, and almost He was a native of the King's County. He obliged to embrace, when be deviated from married Margaret; the widow of Mr. Wihis first profession. Never was there a thers, formerly a bookseller near Temple better father, or more deserving man. Bar; a business which she carried on (as

Feb. ... In High-street, Marylebone, at a separate Trader) till her death. the advanced age of 107, Mons. Bertrand March 1. At his house at Dover, where D. de Lille, who had served Louis XV. 40 he had resided more than 30 years, in the years as first valet-de-chambre. After the 88th year of his age, the Rev. Alexander death of that Monarch, he lived on a small James, B. D. formerly of Christ Church property near Paris, which being at last college, Cambridge, rector of Little Campexhausted, and his pension taken away, he field in Essex, vicar of Buckland near Doeinigrated, and partook of the charity of ver, and of St. Margaret's at Cliff. He had this country destined to French Emigrants; long used himself to a regular and rather whilst his acute faculties and a consider- abstemious mode of living, seldom partakable portion of bodily health were pre- ing of more than one thing at diuner, and served to him till within a few weeks of his that generally of the plainest food at the death.

table. A long series of good health was Lately, After 48 hours great suffering, the reward of his moderation, for he had in consequence of falling into a pit or enjoyed an uninterrupted state of health hole left by the paviours in Red Lion- during the greatest part of his life. He street, Holborn, aged 63, Mr. C. Thorn, was a man of considerable learning, and of Liverpool.

well versed in the Greek language. Pond


of society, he was seldom without visitors, of Pomfret. By her, who died in 1769, he who always found a hearty welcome under bad a son and a daughter; the former of his hospitable roof. He had set hours for whom died in 1778 *, the latter in 1767. study, and the other occupations in which He married, secondly, Miss Preame, only his mind was engaged, and the afternoon daughter of Thomas Freame, esq. by his was generally appropriated to company wife Margaretta, the daughter of the Hon.' and the conversation of his friends. He William Penn, Founder and Lord Propriehad enjoyed the living of Campfield more tary of the Province of Pennsylvania; 'by than 30 years, during which time he whom he had a son and a daughter, both had not increased the tithes of the parish, of whom died in 1787. This most excel but left them at his death, as he had at lent man, during a life much extended befirst received them, although their value yond the common privilege of years, fulhad increased more than in a threefold ra- filled all the great duties which honours tio. He was very regular in the perform- and an ample fortune impose, in a man. ance of his duty at Buckland (about a ner to command, not only the highest esmile and a half from his residence), and teem, but the most tender love, of all who did duty there on the last Sunday but one had the happiness to be connected with before his decease: he generally walked him, either by the ties of kindred, of there and back, and the last time be offi. friendship, or of service. His generosity ciated he walked there as usual, and, hav. was unbounded, and his heart in the most ing married two couple, returned hoine to comprehensive sense charitable; which lis dinner, after which he walked again to the order and regularity of his affairs Buckland, and performed the burial ser- enabled him always to indulge: His man. vice at three funerals, during which time ners were engaging to' all; his disposition the weather having changed, and become courteous and hospitable: He was a must cold and rainy, by the time he arrived at tender husband; an affectionate father, so home be was attacked with a shivering fit long as it pleased God to permit him that to so great a degree that he was unable to

relation ; a warm and faithful friend; a stand, and said to his confidential servant kind and fostering 'master; 'a“ just and wbo always attended on him, that he protecting landlord ; and a liberal ensbould not long survive the service of that

courager of arts and industry. In his day. This proved true, for about that day public duties, he was loyally affected week, which was the 1st of March, he de- towards his Sovereign, an exemplary ciparted this life ; and baving desired in his tizen, and zealously attached to his own life-time, that when his decease should take native country, Ireland. * But his most place his body might not be committed to exalted character is, that he was a true the ground until signs of a change had Christian in mind, and practice; resigned taken place, he was in consequence of this to the Divine Will, under the 'severe request not interred until the 11th instant. and peculiar domestic losses by which Educated a Minister of the Church of it pleased God to make trial of his virtues; England, he was a strict observer of its and that he died in humble, yet strong, rerules and discipline; but, as an universalliance on the mercies of God, through the philanthropist, he blamed not others for atonement of Jesus Christ. worshiping the Deity, according to the dic March 5. At Malling, near Lewes, in tates of their consciences, if conformable her 79th year, the Rt. Hon. Anne Countess to the rules of the Gospel. During a long Dowager of Chichester, relict of the late life he had formed numerous and respect. Thomas Earl of Chichester. Perhaps there able acquaintances, many of whom he has not an instance of a more permight number in his, list of friends. His fectly amiable character so many years remains were attended to the place of in- most respectfully maintained in the seve. terment in his parish of Buckland by some ral relations of life: the dignity of her rank of his nearest relatives, and by many of was preserved with the most endearing the inhabitants of the village, who, with complacency, mildness, and benevolence the sincerest sorrow, mourned the loss of

to all. She appeared remarkably cheerful their respected minister. His friend, the the day preceding her death, and at night Rev.Charles Philpott, of Ripple, performed went to bed seemingly quite well; she the last sad office of committing to the rang her bell at six in the morning for her grave the remains of this worthy man, S. S. maid, complained she was uncomfortable, March 2. At bis House in Stanhope-st. and expired before seven without a groan May Fair, in the 88th year of his age, the or struggle. For such a peaceful close of Right Hon. Thomas Dawson, Viscount and a long life her truly Christian piety had Baron Cremorne, Baron Dartrey, of Daw- fully prepared her. She had issue, three son-Grove, in the County of Monaghan, sons and four daughters; viz. Thomas the Irelaud; and for many years one of the present Earl, who married Lady Mary OsRepresentatives for that County in the Irish House of Commons. His Lordship

* For the cbaracter of this distinguishmarried, in 1754, the Lady Anne Fermor, ed young Nobleman, see Gent. Mag. vol. yopigest daughter of Thomas, first Earl XLVII. p. 581.

borne, bome, daughter of the Duke of Leeds; the time gave way to the Solvent, and the late Henry Pelham, Colonel in the guards, Stone was gradually decomposed, and came who married Miss Cobbe, and died leaving away in the appearance of a thick mocus, two daughters; George, Bishop of Exeter, with particles of a stony substance interwho married Mary, daughter of Sir R. ** mixed. At about 15 years of age the Ryecroft; Henrietta, married George Earl complaint ceased to exist, and he grew tall, of Rothes, who died leaving three daugh- and more healthy than he had been beters; Frances, married George Lord Vis- fore; but an original want of stamina necount Middleton, and died leaving one cessary to the vigour and firmness of a daughter; Lucy, married John Lord Shef- good constitution, was wanting. At the age beld, and died leaving no issue ; Lady of about twenty his health by slow degrees Amelia Pelham, now living and unmarried. appeared to decline, and although every

March 6. At his seat at Meaford, in the method was adopted that medical wisdom parish of Stone, co. Stafford, William Jere could suggest, he gradually for the last vis, esq. elder brother of Earl St. Vincent, five years declined in bealth, till he bebeing son and heir of Swynton Jervis, also came mueh emaciated, and when the wriof Meaford, barrister at law, who was 6fth ter of this saw him some months since, son of John Jervis, esq. formerly of Dar. there was every' appearance of a speedy laston, in the same parish. Mr. William J. dissolution, yet by great care and attention died without issue.

he was kept up (almost by art) until this March 11. At Chelsea, aged 52, Mrs, day, at which time he was attacked by vioFrances. Reid. She was one of those whose lent spasons in the stomach, which in a few name, although not destined to 6ll an ele. hours teyminated his existence, and left a vated station, ought not to be allowed to childless 'father to lament the loss of a sons pass away as though she had never been. on phom he had bestowed the utmost pa-. She was distinguished by the most amiable rental care and affection, as the writer of qualities of mind, and filled the trying and this article has often been witness to. May laborious situation of a teacher in a female Christian fortitude and firmness of mind seminary with the greatest credit and use- enable him to bear this stroke of privation fulness. She so conciliated the esteem and with a manly and becoming fortitude and affection of all who kuew her, that the cir- - resignation !

S. S. eumstance of her becoming independent a March 23. In her 76th year, her Ropatshort period before her death, imparted Highness Augusta, relict of Charles Wil. the most cordial gratification to all who liam Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick, and knew her. Her death is in like manner la- last sur ing sister of our Sovereign. Here mented with no ordinary regret; and the Royal Highness had been subject to an writer of this article, who knew her for a asthmatic complaint for some years, which long series of years, feels a melancholy sa. was increased by the epidemic disorder tisfaction in consecrating this tribute to her now prevalent, with which she was attacked memory.

about two days before; but no alarm was: March 14. Aged aboat 60, Ed. Janson excited till the morning previous to her Nate of Tottenham), a most worthy and death. Dr. Baillie left her about six benevolent man, of the respectable So- o'clock in the evening, thinking her much ciety of Friends.

better; but a little before nine she was March 16. In Norfolk-street, Strand, in seized with violent spasmodic attacks, and his way to the West of England for the be. died at half past nine o'clock. Her Royal nifit of health, in bis 26th year, Mr. John Highness was confined to her bed only two Shipdem, only son of James Shipdem, esq. days. She was born July 31, 1737, matof Deal, Danker. In the early part of his ried Jan. 17, 1764, the late Duke of Brunslife he had been afflicted with that com- wick Wolfenbuttle, by whom she had issue mon and excruciating complaint, the Stone. three sons and three daughters. When about nine years of age, he was put March 24. At Worcester, of a paralyunder the care of Mr. Perry, Surgeon, of tic attack, Mrs. Sheridan, relict of the late London, the proprietor of Adams's Solvent, Charles Francis Sheridan, esq. formerly who attended bim occasionally two or three. Secretary at War in Ireland, and brother years : the complaint after a considerable of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. "

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE Canal. SHARES and other PROPERTY, in March 1813 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London. Swansea, 1801. ex dividend 101. per share.-Moumouth, 111l. ex half-year's divi. dend 31.~-Grand Junction, 224.. 2361, 228.--Old Union, 981. 1001.-Grand Union, 271. discount.-Worcester and Birmingham, 301.-Kennet and Avon, 231.Wilts and Berks, 181.--Huddersfield, 171. 10s.-Ripon, 701.-Chelmer, 861. 13s.Ashby, 171. 167. Bolton and Bury, 931.-West India Dock, 1481. ex dividend 51, half year. London Dock Stock, 1011.-Globe Assurance, 1051.--Albion Assurance, 461.-Scotch Mines Stock dividing 51. per. cent. 1051.--Strand Bridge, 46l. discount. --Vauxhall ditto, 53 discount.-- London Institution, 451.--Surrey Ditto, 146. 145.

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Males - 833 1670

Ferdeles 839}

BILL OF MORTALITY, from February 23, 1813, to March 26, 1819.

2 and 5 117 ! 50 and 60 139 Males

5 and 10 47 60 and 70 171 Females 741

10 and 20 46 70 and 80 138 Whereof have died under 2 years old 445

20 and 30 100 80 and 90 63 Peck Loaf 6s. 2d. 6s. 3d. 6s. 2d. 6s. 2d.

30 and 40 123 90 and 100 9 Salt 1. per bushel; 4ļd. per pound.

40 and 50 146 | 1001; 109 2



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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending March 20.

Wheat Rye Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barls Oats Realis d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

S. d. s. d. s. d.fs. d., s. Middlesex 132 5177 067 351 4174 3|Essex 127 6100 068 050 068 Surrey


0172 068 451 4179 01 Kent 122 0100 067 448 4178 0 Hertford 119 8174 0 69 854 1088 6|| Sussex 121 800 0 63 2/46 6100 Bedford 118 076 063' 10 49 0 82 8| Suffolk 121 500 0166 449 172 8 Huating d. 119 800 067 048 078 7| Camb. 117 7100 0/66 11 37 9 77 10 Northamp. 123 8/95 007 447 486 4 | Norfolk 119 972 0166 2/48 775 6 Rutland 124 000 075 050 081 0|Lincoln 115 11 00 063 3/41 010411 Leicester 121 11 87 6171 045 10 98 0 York 113 389 4160 941 91014 Nottingh. 122 893 071 054 2196 4| Durham 110 800 062 746 41000 Derby

117 800 0171 1051 2111 9|| Northum. 103 11/84 0/60 1 46 4100 0 Stafford 128 500 0172 11153 099 6|Cumberl. 117 593 4162 643 3100 0 Salop 130 10 101 0175 1047 700 0||Westmor. 124 4104 0/67 2146 600 0 Hereford 184 680 069 10140 674 10|| Lancaster 128 3100 065 3/46 180 0 Worcester 133 700 0 74 10148 391 4||Chester 121 700 0184 052 300 0 Warwick 136 300 0177 350 2/105 4|| Flint 134 600 084 000 000 0 Wilts 117 063 064 10 47 10 964 Denbigh 132 100 082 944 5/000 Berks 131 10100 062 747 4180 8|| Anglesea 000 000 000 040 000 Oxford 128 600 0/65 650 977 7|Carnarv. 120 000 062 8 38 81000 Bucks 132 800 065 4 46 686 2| Merionet. 120 400 068 1048 000 0 Brecon 115 1087 0166. 8/32 092 8|Cardigan 113 900 0 58 1/26 300 0 Montgom. 121 700 0167 2145 71000 Pembroke 103 600 0 57 926 900 0 Radnor 122 400 067 335 300 o Carmarth 116 700 0154 031 800 ()

Glamorg. 122 700 0168 735 400 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucest. 130 8000175 846 000

192 8184 3168 2,44 6185 5| Somerset 126 1100 0170 233 669 Average of Scotland, per quarter:

Monmo. 128 2100 0174 2100 000 108 9172 0155 5141 8170 3|| Devon 126 200 0/68 700 otoo Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma-Cornwall 118 200 064 4136 1000 () ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 121 5100 068 1136 0172 0 which Exportation and Bounty are to be Hants 1125 500 065 848 583 5 regulated in Great Britain.......

...120 8183 5/66 714% 681 19
Fine per Sack 105s. to 110s. Seconds 95s, to 105s. Bran per Q. 17s. to 185.

Pollard 285. to 31s. New Rape Seed 55l. to 60l. per last.
RETURN OF WHEAT, in Mark Lane, including only from March 8 to March 13:
Total 7973 Quarters. Average 123s. 104d.-s. 2d. lower than last Return.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, March 20, 47s. 1d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, March 20, 58s. 94d.

Kent Bags
...121. Os. to 151, Os. Kent Pockets

.121. Os. to 171. Os. Sasses Ditto 101. - Os. to 121. Os.

...10i. Os. to 141. Os. Essex Ditto ..... .101. Os. to 151. Os. | Farnham Ditto .......161. -Us. to 261. Os.

St. James's, Hay 31. 9s. Straw 21. 9s, 6d.-Whitechapel, Hay 51. Os. Straw 21. 58.

Clover 71. 10s.-Smithfield, Old Hay 001. Us. Straw 21. 45. Clover 6l. 10$.
SMITHFIELD, March 26. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs.

.5s. 8d, to 7s. 4d. Head of Cattle at Market this Day:
Muitos .......................6s. 4d. to.7s. 4d. Beasts about 1,819. Calves 100.
Veal........................ .6s. Odto 8s. Od. Sheep and Lambs 8,770. Pigs 260.
......................78. Od. to 75. 8d.

COALS, March 26: Newcastle 41s. to 51s. Sunderland 42s, to 45s.
SOAP, Yellow, 104s. Mottled 114s. Curd 118sa CANDLES, 14s. 6d. per Doz. Moulds165.*

TALLQ Wiper Stone, Blb. St. James's 5s, 6d. Clare 0s. Od. Whitechapel 55. 5d.

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| Sussex Dito

Beef .........



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Irish Imp. Imp.
per Ct. 3 për C. 14 per Ct. 15 perCty B. Long

India South Sea, S. Sean India Ex. Bills. Ex. Bills. Om

Consols. Consols. Navy.
Ann. 5perCt.3perCt. Ann. Stock. Stock.

(3 d.)

:(34d.) 2194 59 585

754 884 15$

7. dis.

6 pr.
584 751
881 shut
571 45

7 dis.

6 pr.
3 Holiday


58% 584 884 shut

58 562 45

7 dis.

6. pr.
2194 594 594 shut 894 shut

58 41

5 dis.

7 pr.
shut shut 58%



582 3 dis. 6 pr.
shut shut
shut 88; shut

shut shut 59 shut

shut 57

581 4 dis. pr. 10 Holiday

shut shut 11 593 shut


594 5 dis. pr.
shut shut

shut 89


4 dis. pr.
13 shut shut 59
shut 883 shut

5 dis.
14 Sunday
shut sbut
shut 89


5 dis. pr.
shut 59 shut
884 shut

584 4 dis.

shut 891

74 pr.
18 shut shut

shut 882

2 dis. shut

pr. 19 shut shut

591 shut


3 dis. pr.
20 shut shut 594 shut
891 shut

4 dis. pr.
21 Suvday
22 shut shut 591 shut 89

shut shut
shut 89 shut



6 dis. shut 24

881 shut

587 5 dis. -5 pr.
25 Holiday
591 shut
885 shut

5 dis.
27. shut shut

88} shut

5 dis. 5 pr.
28 Sunday
29 shut shat

shut 88 shut

7} pr. 30 shut shut

59 shut 88 shut

6 dis. 31 Printed by NichoLS, Son, and BENTLEY, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.]

RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co, Stock-Brokers.






1 pr.

4 pr.

7 pr. 75 pr.

6 pr.


6 pr.

6 pr.

584 4 dis. 6 pr.

3 dis. pr.

4 dis.

5 dis.

6 pr.

3 pr.

5 pr.

5 pr.

5 pr. 5 pr.

3 pr.

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