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Mr. URBAN, Shrewsbury, Oct. 14. reason which does not appear, thrown HA CAVING often been solicited by the 9th and 10th into one, as also the

my antiquarian friends to make 114th and 115th ; and have divided a drawing of the Roman Wall at the 116th and 147th each into two." Wroxeter, co. Salop, I have at last His Lordship does not make the least complied with their requests ; and I allusion to an extra Psalm, which is do not know a more eligible repo- in my copy of the Septuagint version, sitory for it than Mr. Urban's. This Cantabr. 1665. The title to that very curious remain of antiquity is Psalm describes it, as

" written by situated in the Hundred of Bradford David's own hand, on conquering GoSoutb, about five miles South East tiath in single combat;but it adds of Shrewsbury. The wall represented that this Psalm is žmdev te apoQues, is 244 yards long, and about 14 yards meaning, I suppose, beyond the cahigh. The drawing shews the South nonical nuriber of 150. side of the wall; the North side bas As this Psalm is not to be found in a smoother surface, with rows or our translation of the Bible, nor in strata of Roman brick ; under the se the Psalter of our Liturgy, I presume cond, 'fourth, and sixth strata of it is generally deemed apocryphal. brick are holes, as for scaffolds. To those of your Readers who have Roman coins are often ploughed up, not an opportunity of reading it in chiefly of the lower empire, and are the version of the LXX, I' send the usually called Dinders, probably a following attempt at a literal translacorruption of Denarii. Several urns tion, having only ventured to supply have been discovered three or four

a supposed ellipsis (of of me and to me) feet below the surface; also tesselated

in the third verse: pavements, and sepulchral stones, inscribed, two of which are preserved

PSALM CLI. in the library at the Free-schools in “ Written by David's own hand, when Shrewsbury, and another since dis. he bad fought with Goliath in single covered is placed against the vicarage

combat." house for the inspection of the cu

1. I was * the least among my brerious. As I anticipate a hope that thren, and the youngest in my father's the venerable Antiquary to whom I

house: I was the shepherd of my father's bave inscribed the view, will visit flock. this spot, and favour the publick with

2. My hands formed instruments of the result of his observations on this musick; and my fingers played on the once famous city, which has never


3. And who shall speak (of me) unto yet been properly noticed; I shall withhold any further observations for eneth (unto me).

my Lord ? The Lord himself, he hearkthe present. Where can be found a

4. He sent forth his messenger, and person more qualified for such investi

took me away from my father's flock: gation, than he who walked 601 miles and he anointed me with the oil of his lo ascertain the boundary of the Wall unction. which once divided England and $cot 5. My brothers were tall and beautiful: Land ? Yours, &c. D. PARKES. but my Lord delighted not in them.

6. I went out to meet the Alien: and Mr. URBAN,

Bedford, Deč. 16. he cursed me by his idols. N the Commentators to whom stu 7. But I having drawn out his sword,

cut off his head: and I took away the ferred for the history of the Canon of reproach from the sons of Israel. Scripture, no mention, that I recol

To Readers of the Bible I need not lect, is made of any version of the point out the coincidence of each Psalms containing a greater number verse in this Psalm with the History than one hundred and fifty. The of David. The word oprávov, in the Bishop of Lincoln (Tomline), in his beginning of the second verse, is the Elements of Theology, vol. 1. p. 100,

same that is used in Ps. cl. 4, and in speaking of the Book of Psalms, says, Amos vi. 5. ; and the Prophet, pro« The Hebrew copies, and the Sep- bably alluding to this Psalm, says: tuagint Version of this book, contain the same number of Psalms: only the Septuagint Translators have, for some * v. 1. Mirepos, little, small.

Gent. Mag. January, 1913.


66 Ye

“ Ye who invent to yourselves instru In the Litany“ ne memineris iniments of musick ( porovo) like David.” quitatum nostrarum antiquárum,” our

On referring to Calmet's Dictiona. sins of old, our former sins, is inost ry, since writing the above, I find unaccountably rendered, the sins of that he says this 15 1st Psalm is not to our Fore-fathers; the Compilers of be found either in the Hebrew, the our Liturgy seem to have read the Chaldee, or the Vulgate ; but that it passage nostrorum antiquóruni. is in the Syriac, in most of the Greek In the Nicene Creed, the original versions, in the Arabic, in the Anglo- has “ et unam sanctam, Catholicam, Saxon, and in the Greek Liturgies. et Apostolicam Ecclesiam,” je crois Calmet adds, that he has given a une Eglise sainte, Catholique, et AposLatin and a French translation of it tolique. Our Translators omit the at the end of his Commentary on the word holy, and supply the cllipsis by Psalms : as I do not possess that “ I believe in;" but I think it would Commentary, I wish some of your bave been better lest unsupplied, as Readers would send a copy of those believing in one Catholic Church ad. translations for insertion in your Ma mits a sense not intended ; that of gazine ; as I have some doubts as to confiding in the infallibility of the the exact meaning of the third versc. Church. The inanner in which the 3. Kας τις αναγελα τω Κυρίω με ;

French translation supplies this ellip

sis is not liable to this objection : “ Je Autos Kupbos, AUTOS HT0X84.

crois une Eglise,” &c. meaning only, 3. And who shall announce to my

“I believe in the existence of," &c. Lord? The Lord himself, he heaskeneth.

In the 95th, or Invitatory Psalm, Yours, &c. QIAIIIIIOE.

the Toth verse in the Vulgate is : • Quadraginta annos proximus fui ge

nerationi huic :” I was near, alluding Mr. URBAN, Bedford, Dec. 21.

to the Jehovab-Angel accompanying IN N looking over a French Prayer. the Israelites iu the wilderness. This

Book, printed at St. Brieuc in is a malerial difference from the He. 1798, for the use of Roman Ca- brew and Septuagint : “ Forty years tholicks, I was struck by the trans was I grieved with.lation of the Lord's Prayer contained In the Te Deum of St. Ambrose, it in it, and I would beg the favour of would, perhaps, have been better some of your Readers who are well also to have translated literally,“ Tu, versed in Hellenistick Greek to in- devicto Mortis aculeo,the sting of form me, whether the word Basic Death, rather than the sharpness of Asíc is not better rendered, as they death. It is a quotation from St. have done, by the word Règne (reign, Paul, speaking of our Saviour's vicor government), than it would have tory over Sin, the sting of Death. been by Royaume, (kingdom):-whe In examining the Liturgies of the ther aplov tráchy is better translated - Greek Church, from whence a great • there, le pain dont nous avons besoin part of ours is taken, a strong proof

chaque jour, than it would have been occurs of the spuriousness of the by pain quotidien, daily bread :--and disputed passage in 1 John, v. 7, 8. whether μη εισενέγκης ημάς εις πειρασ- Towards the end of the Mυσική θεωρία, peor, will admit the sense there given, composed by Germanus, Patriarch of ne nous laissez point succomber à la Constantinople, about the Eighth tentation suffer us not to yield 18 Century, and forming part of the temptation.

Greek Ritual; when be speaks of I also beg leave to point out an

the custom of using hot water in the expression in our Prayer-Book, taken mixed elements of their Eucharist, as from the Romish Liturgy: « Des representing the blood and water flowmine, non secundùm peccata nostra ing warm from our Saviour's side at facias nobis, neque seçiindùm iniqui

his Crucifixion, he quotes the three Bates nostras retribuas nobis ; where witnesses of St. John in these words : all ambiguity would have been Tpris ticis oi Mastupērles, το Πνευμα, το ανoided by translating literally, deal ύδωρ, και το αίμα, και οι τρείς ας το έν not with us according to our sins, Hvív. thus clearly proving, that the &c. instead of deal not with us after Patriarch of Constantinople, a firm our sins.

believer in the Trinity, did not aduit


YOUR sidetabler help towards a

the passage about the beavenly wit- kingdoms to pour upon them mine innesses into his Canon of Scripture; nor dignation, (even) my whole fierce wrath : is it even now to be found in the au as though in the fire of my jealousy all thorised copies of the Eastern Church.

the earth was about to be devoured." My copy of the Greek Liturgy is This said Primer' begins with vaprinted at Rome, anno 1526.

rious testimonies to enforce the Yours, &c. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΣ.

. study of Hebrew. Which (I pray)

of the parties cited can bave deMr. URBAN,

Dec. 31. rived his knowledge in that tongue YOUR work affords in many places from the labour-in-vain hammering

at a dead consonant? That mode, as better 'Translation of the Bible; and it here recommended, may be fairly would seem that our own alteration likened to the false Religions of the of language in a lapse of ceuturies, world ; in all which whatever is with an acquired knowledge of Ori- found good or praiseworthy had been ental customs, demands one loud picked up from true believers ; but enough.

how, or where, the idolaters never The 8th v. 3d c. of Zephaniah is could understand. Great scholars but weakly rendered into English, too of quick parts (this Compiler and no wonder; the venerable schon may be one) make the very worst lars employed must have been inspired elementary teachers , being accusin those days, to forestall elucida- tomed latterly to long strides, their tion by Missionaries and Travellers. own original creeping steps from In a Hebrew Primer' sold by a clas. A B ab, to B Y by, seem totally for. sical Dealer, a cliange of words has gotten. Pupils are put by these beep ventured on

by the Compiler; Gentlemen to lessons themselves with what greater perspicuity, your could never have mastered in such a Readers in ust be left to judge.

way ; for where do we read of any The Bible can be compared with' human being (I will except Adam, this Primer, which gives us,

Moses, and perhaps his brother), “ Therefore wait ye for me, sayth taught languages by intuition, or Jehovah, until the day of my rising to

mcans divine Yours, &c. P. the prey : for my determination (is) to gather the nations for my assembling


Jan. 1. the kingdoms to pour upon them my VOUR Magazine has preserved so indignation, (even) all the fierceness of many valuable particulars of my anger:' &c. &c.

eminent scholars, that I flatter myThat portion of this verse follow. self you will not refuse admission to jng anger in both, as now translated, Four Letters, of which I send you has no relation to this especial com the originals, addressed to the famous mination at all. The words might Dr. Busby. Yours, &c. M. Green. become a separate verse, or might be 1. “SIR, Homelucie, June 27, 1663. tagged to any other verse of the chap You are now engaged. The acter with equal propriety.

ceptance of the Cider in the wooden In the East Indies, a district of many vessell, puts a necessitie upon you miles round is beat up for game and not to refuse these ten dozen of the beasts of prey. These, at length, get same Apple in glass-bottles, which enclosed within toils, and to such se this bearer is to present you with. cure places the Prince with his cour. For, since I have just cause to feare tiers goes to kill, &c. Now, customs that yours hath endured the same in India reign invariable; what the mishap which others have felt that I grandsires did, is a rule for the living sent up at the same time, I would generation, and most probably ever vindicate; and these bottles desire to will be for those to come.

bee admitted to pleade for their kin. I take occasion to call the com red. And how can that generous and mand in this verse The Original most eminent person, who yeelds him.. Royal Hunt. Our Hebrew words li- self to bee the Guide of Life by seaterally explain the mode; viz. soning the tender years of this Nation,

“ Therefore wait ye with me, sayth give such an example as to refuse to The Lord, until that day I rise to the receive the plea of an innocent thing, prey : for my determination (is) to col- which desires to shew the failing lect multitudes, to gather me up the comes not from viciousnes in nature,


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