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drove the Enemy--thus at the same time very great, that he found it was unne. selieving the place, and may large ma. cessary to make any particular report on gazines which it contained, from the dan. the occasiou, as it seldom occurred that ger with which it was threatened.-Gen. be took less than a thousand prisoners Millaradovitch reports that, on the 12th, each day. On the 13th, Gen. Platoff he shall be with part of bis van-guard at reports, that Lieuto-gen, Martinott having Tototschin.-The grand army halted at attacked the Enemy, with Major-gen. Kopys.

Koutepikoff's brigade, as he was marche Nou. 14.-Gen. Platoff reports that on ing on the high road, killed 500 of them, the 12th, some of the Enemy's troops, and inade 400 prisoners, amongst whom which had separated from the corps un vas Gen. Dseworofsky.-Head-quarters der Marshal Ney, and had taken the at Staroselije, road to Loubawitntz, surrendered, to the [Report from the General of Cavalry, pumber of eight hundred men. The Ene Count Wittgenstein, dated Staroe Borymy's, loss in prisoners was, indeed, so soff, Nov. 29, shall appear in our next.]



be hopeless. To prove to Europe his deThe successes of the Russians have votion to Buonaparte, the King of Prussia been attended with the very important had sent Prince De Hatzfeld on a mission consenuevce of the defectiou of the whole to Paris. Much verbiage is employed of the Prussian army, (supposed to for the purpose of setting forth his sorrow aniount to nearly 30,000 men,) with its and indignation at ibis act of disobedience commanders, Generals D'York and Mis on the part of his Generals and his troops. senbach. From the Paris Journals we It is said, in private letters, that the collect the following particulars : the 10th Prussian troops, having actually joined corps, which included the Prussian con the Russians, had advanced towards tingent, was employed in the blockade of Dantzic. On this account, the Prussian Riga, under Marshal Macdonald ; when fortresses have been declared by the the disasters wbich overwhelmed and an French in a state of Siege! pibilatert the French Grand Army, and Private accounts from Berlin not only the advance of the vietorious Russians confirm the representation that the king under Count Wittgenstein, obliged it to was a prisoner in the hands of Gen. Den retreat. Macdonald, with about 6000 saix, the French Coinmandant; but add, French, which had, to overawe the others, that in consequence of the suspicions enbeen attached to the corps, and one divi. tertained of the Prussian soldiery, an atsion of the Prussians under Gen. Missen- tempt had been made to disarım them.-bach, reached Tilsit, leaving the main This was resisted; many lives had been bouy of the Prussians. - Gen. D’York, lost; and the result was that some hun. pressed by the Russians, and not bearing, dreds had been marched to Magdeburgh, it may be supposed, much affection to to be incorporated in:o other regiments, the French service, entered into a Con- Domiciliary visits had been instituted by vention with Count Wittgenstein, by which the police of Berlin; and all the Rụssian he was permitted to occupy Eastern Prus. prisoners had been ordered to be removed sia, and form a neutral corps. But what from the Prussian states. There is certainly is of more importance, and proves that an insurrection in Silesia; but we have he was well acquainted with the senti no precise information of the numbers or ments of his couutrymen is, that he en situation of those engaged in it. The adgages for the obedience of another divi. vance of the Russians will probably kinsion of Prussians under Missenbach, and dle the flame of independence throughout which was then with Macdonald at Tilsit. the Prussian and Saxon States. And this division, on the first simmons,

A letter from Stockholm, dated the 9th yields obedience, and departs for Eastern inst, communicates the following importPrussia without Macdonald (Duke of Ta ant facts :rento) being able to prevent it by force ! “ Accounts from Konigsberg, by the -It was provided by the Convention, in way of Germany, state the arrival there case of the treaty not being ratified, that of 70 Generals, 10 Colonels, and about the Prussians should not serve against 1000 other Officers, wjihont troops, or Russia for two months. -The King of hardly any, who have reached that capiPrussia (b<ing still in the power of France) tal, some on horseback, come on foot, and had refused bis assenthad ordered Gen. all in the most wretched situation. The. D'York to be arrested as a traitor, and same accounts, which are quite authen. tried for contumacy if he did not appear tic, mention the arrival of Murat with had delegated the command of the con two batalions of the French guards, which, tingent to Gen. Kleist, with orders to however, contained only two companies, withdraw the men, which is admitted to of 150 men each. It is said, thai the few


French soldiers who were at Konigsberg, have destroyed, by breaking the doors refused to moont guard before the lodg and windows." ings of the Officers, so much are they Petersburgh Gazette, Nov. 29, (Dec. 11.) enraged with the abandonment of the i The progress of the Russian army in latter."

the pursuit of the Enemy becomes every ? The above is confirmed by sereral hour more rapid and remarkable ; every other letters, which state, that'ine Rus step it advances is a victory, and destrucsians entered Memel on the 27th of De tive to the Enemy of our native country, cember, and were expected at Konigsberg to the enemies of Europe. Russia now on the 3d of January. It was acknow exbibits an exalted aspect to the whole ledged by the French Oficers, that after world, and we can boldly assert, that all the affairs at Korpo, the remains of their nations, not even excepting these un army were entirely dispersed. At .Berlin happy slaves of despotisrn, who through the people liad shewn great symptoms of pusillanimity and weakness have been resistance to the Freneh : the colintry armed against her, await her victories in people refused to proceed with the Otfin hopes through them of obtaining peace cers' baggage, and there had been scuffles and happiness. On the one side we see a. in the streets with the soldiers, lu Sile. valiant army, whose regiments are not sia, Hesse, and Westphalia, great discon- bruken, and whose warriors are animated tents appeared, and bopes are entertained with an elevated feeling of vengeance for of the inhabitants of the Continent se ?beir homes, for the plundering of their riously exerting themselves to effect their tons and villages, vengeance for, inhu; deliverance froin the thraldom in which inanity. Glory juspires tliem : they know they have so long been held. The intel no weakness, feel no sufferings, and even ligence of the total ruin of the French if, in their rapid pursuit of the Enemy, army had been received with great exult- they may at times be exposed to , soine alion at Vienna, The Government either unavoidable wants, they bear them with did not attempt or could not check those courage, because they see victory before public demonstrations of joy, though the them. On the other side appear the ruins French Ambassador remonstraled against of an immense army, in which nunierous them. All the accounts received from foreign nations were united together 10 the Russian armies, depict in strong co- destroy a powerful nation in the bosom lours the losses, privations, and miseries of its vative country. They were encou. of all kinds, encountered by the Eneiny raged by a view of the result, but this re. a great number were frozen to deatli sult was deceptive. One single heavy others threw away their arms, and would blow threw this inmense host into confight no longer-many. fainted with fa. fusion. They oy, pursued by fear and tigue and want-many went over to the terror. They are followed by hunger, Russians. The roads are described as having no food; they are in thespair, and choaked with the dead and dying, car forced to eat dead horses, forced to do Tiages, cannon, bagzage, arms, &c. A what their polished contemporaries can variety of private letters come in, stating scarcely believe--feed upon the bodies of that the Russians were very shortly ex

their own dead brethien. pected at Berlin ; and that the unfortu. “ The roads by which they fondly pate King of Prussia was to go to Bres dreamt to retire in triumph, and laden law, with 5000 men; or, in other words, with booty, are covered with their dead was to be carried oli a prisoner by a bodies. Their sick and wounded are French force, in order to make use of the thrown aside by them on their inarch, and authority of his naine against the acts of left a prey 10 famine and the cold. All any provisional government established these unfortunates, condemned to perish in the Prussian territories, under the far from their own countries, cuise, in auspices of Russia.

different languages, ambition as the cause RUSSIA.

of their destruction; and those who still We thought that the Twenty-ninth remain under the colours of the broken French Bulle:in had carried the horrible legions, follow them without couragem to its utmost limit; but one of the Rus witlionit hope. Worn out with sufferings, sian Reports shows thai the French fancy they have lost all conficience in fortune feil short of the mark. “ The roads," and in their Generals. Their cannon are says Auniral Tschichagoff, in his Re taken by buodreds. They themselves port, dated the eleventh ult. about 14 surrender in whole detachments. At the miles from Wi'na, “ are covered with first shot they either throw away their their killed and wounded, and men dying arms, or fight out of mere desperation. with the cold. Punishment follows so Such is the condition of the two armies quickly these miscreants, that they fall which are now to decide the fate of many victims to the names in the dwellings to nations." which they have set fire; and are frozen The greatest exertions are making in 19 death in the very houses which they Russia to increase the military force of


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that Empire. A new levy has been or suits his own convenience, utterly regard.
dered of 300,000 men, to be raised with-' less of their miseries or their sufferings.
in a month. The provinces whicb'have A letter from Messina says, that hal it
suffered in the last campaign are ex not been for the successes of the Russians,

Murat was to have been removed to the
The Emperor Alexander's. Proclama throne of Poland, and Naples annexed to
tion dated Dee. 1%, calling out a new the kingdom of Italy.
levy of eight men in every 500 (which, it Marshal Kutusoff has been created by
is calculated, will produce 300,000), is in Alexander, Prince of Smolensko.
substance as follows:-It states the ne. The total return of prisoners, &c. in
cessity of keeping up a military force ade the Russian War-office, up to the 3d Dec.
quate to the circumstances of the times. was 146,000, among whom were 1600
« Russia having been invaded by an Officers, including 45 Generals, and from
Enemy, leading armies from almost every 700 to 1000 pieces of cannon.

The surs European nation, has been obliged to render of the Prussian Army under make enormous sacrifices; and though, D’York, which took place on the 30th, by the aid of Divine Providence, those December, is not, of course, included in armies have been entirely dissipated, and the above statement, The bilied and their poor remains are seeking safety in a wounded could not have amounted to less precipitate fight, yet it becomes neces than 200,000 more-making a total of sary to maintain the glory of the Eunpire, between 300 and 400,000 men-sacrificed by such a military establishment as shall to the ambition of one individual. insure permanent security. The arm of Lord Cathcartz dispatches, dated St. the Giant is broken, but his destructive Petersburgh, the 220 December, inclose strength must be prevented from reviving; very long details from Gen. Kutousoff of and his power over the nations, who serve the 14th, written from the theatre of the him out of terror, must be taken away. operations. They state, that in the pasRussia, extensive, rich, and pacific, seeks sage of the Beresina, the Russians took no conquest3,- wishes not to dispose of about 20,000 prisoners. In the porsuit thrones. She desires tranquillity for her from the Beresina to Wilna 7000 more self, and for all. She will not, however, fell into their hands, including baggage, suffer the wicked so to abuse her modera. &c.; among which is a great part of tion, as to endanger the well-being of Buonaparte's personal effects, and im, herself, or of other nations. Painful as

tate-papers. it is to call upon a loyal and affectionate On the 10th ult. the Russians entered people for new exertions, yet it would Wilna, taking in and before that place & be still more painful to see them exposed Generals, 398 Officers, 24,350 privates, to calamities for the want of an adequate 385 cannon, 2 colours, one eagle, and defence : and that the most grievous ca the whole of the magazines. lamities would result froin the success of These dispatches make the number of her late inraders, is evident from the prisoners taken since the last account, enormities they have already committed. upwards of 40,000 men, reducing the The Emperor trusts in God and his brave 70,000 to about 30,000. Of this latter armies, which shall be raised to that im number not more than 20,000 were bes' posing number, which is absolutely ne. lieved to be effective on the 14th ult, cessary for the preserration of what bas Little doubt, therefore, can be entertainbeen purchased by so many labours and ed of the entire annihilation of the French Sacrifices, and so much blood."

Grand Army, especially as Wittgenstein The force that will be raised, may get reports, that the Bavarian division had at defiance any future efforts of France; been surrounded by Adjutant-general a force consisting of men whose hearts Kutusoff's corps, and cut off from Wilna. and riuds are enthusiastically attached It is in fact supposed, that only a few to the cause in which they are called upon officers have escaped. Besides the prito fight. The men are at hand, and an. soners, the French have, since the last ac, xiously wait the signal to join their bre. counts, lost 200 pieces of cannon, all thren in arms. What may not the pre their magazines, stores, &c. Several sence of such an army effect in Europe ! General Officers had been taken, amongst The Tyrant of France may levy upon whom is Gen. Lefebvre, who violated his paper; but his decree can only produce parole, and ran away from Cheltenham. reluctant conscripts, filled with despair, From a perusal of official details, we and looking only to destruction; ani find that the destruction of the French mated by no common principle, but army has been most complete. Maclosing all courage and firmness, in the donald's corps has been so weakened by consciousness that they are merely the the defection of the Prussians, that he servile tools of their leader's lawless am has followed his master's example, and bition; and that he will basely desert ran away from it, them in the hour of danger, whenever it We have received two Russian docu.



ments of high interest--a manly Decla. however, appease his followers; half-naked ration of Marshal Prince Smolensko, in aud fawishing with cold, they again cried the name of the. Einperor Alexander; out, " à bas le manteau.” The great Napoand a noble and magnanimous Declara leon, in compliance with the mandate of tion of his Imperial Majesty hiniself, on his soldiery, immediately threw off his cloak the present auspicious and most pro and fur, and, in common with his men, misiog state of affairs. The former is exposed his person to all the inclemencies more particularly addressed to Prussia,

of the season *. However, profiting by on the Russian armies passing the fron. experience, the “ sacred squadron" was tiers of that kingdom; and expresses the immediately formed to protect the great Emperor's determination to demonstrate Emperor from the rising indignation of bis his friendship for the unhappy enslaved own army, till au opportunity should be Frederiek, by restoring the Monarchy of afforded him of making his final escape. Prussia to its former eclat and extent.

FRANCE, The latter is addressed in the diferent It is a remarkable fact, that althongh States that have so long bent under the Buonaparte reached Paris at half past 11 tyrannic and galling yoke of France, and at night, on the 18th of December, no nois peculiarly eutitled to the most serious tice whatever was taken of bis arrival ei. consideration of all the Sovereigns and ther in the Moniteur or in any of the miStates of the Continent ; nor can it in nor papers of the 19th. His arrival was reason be supposid that any one of them kept a secret till the following day, when will not be raised from his torpor by the discharges of artillery announced it to the animating call of the magnanimous Alex- people. On the 20th Buonaparte received ander, or thai they cannot feel with him, his Senate and Council of State, who at. that now is the appointed time of salvation. tended to present their congratułations Independently of iheir own interests, dig- upon his happy return ; for such is the chapity, and independence, let them but racter they give to his nigbt and discomficonsult the universal feelings of their

The Address then notices the late subjects, and they cannot hesitate for a conspiracy against the Government, and moment to take the becoining and peces. recoinmends for its security and permasary resolution of shaking off the disgrace- nence, thai they should bind themselves ful servitude imposed upon them by by oath immediately to the infant King France, under the delusive name of an of Rome, as Heir Apparent of the Emalliance. The whole of this noble and pire.--- Buonaparte, in his answer, dwells admirable Proclamation cannot be too upon the uncertainty of his own life, thus deeply studied by the Princes and the supporting the recommendation in favour People of the Continent, to whom it is a of the King of Rome : he talks obscurely most praiseworthy' and inspiriting invita of a timid and cowardly soldiery ruining the tion to throw off their debasing bondage, independence of states, and a pusillaniand assist the generous Emperor, who molis, magistracy destroying the empire holds out to them a fostering and protect of the laws; and boasts of what he has ing hand, in restoring the grand principle dove for the regeneration of France. Of of the independence of Europe. As the his Northern expedition he says, magnanimous Alexander himself well ob. “ The war wbich I maintain against serves, Ages may elapse before an op Russia is a war of policy; I have waged portunity equally favourable again pre it without animosity ; I could have wished sents itself; and it would be an abuse of to spare her the misfortunes which she has the goodness of Providence not to take caused herself. I might have armed the advantage of this crisis to reconstruct the greater part of her populatioo against her, great work of the equilibrium of Europe, by proclaiming liberiy to her slaves; a and thereby to insure public tranquillity great number of villages demanding this and individual happiness.”

But when I saw the barbarism of A private letter from St. Petersburgh that numerous portion of the Russian peu. mentions a curious anecdote, in relation ple, I refused to accede te a measure to the altered feelings of the soldiers to-, wbich would have devoted many families wards Buonaparte during his retreat.- to death, and the most horrible pupish. For a long lime Napoleon rode in a close ments. My arnay has sustained losses; carriage, surrounded by his half-famished but they arose from the premature seveand dispirited troops. At length the men, rity of ihe sea-on.” indignant at seeing him sitting at ease, Buona parte, retu ing from bis Russian and feeling no part of the calamities he campaign, is willing, out of his tender conbad so wantoniy brought on them, cried cern for tbe interests of humanity, to grant aloud-"à bus la voiture.This call was us those very identical terms of peace, pot to be slighied : Buonaparte instantly which, when he went forward on this ended quitted the vehicle, and inounted his action, we indignantly spurned, as subborse, covered with his cloak, and muffed pitb fur, This coudescension did not, * See vol. LXXXII. Part ii. p. 574.


of me.

versive of our national interests, and tute, in which it is affirmed, that out of insulting to our national honour. It 2,671,662 subjects, properly vaccinated, is worth our Readers' while to look in France, only seven authenticated cases back to the letter of Maret (in p. 74 of appear of patients having afterwards taken our last Volume), when Napoleon was the small-pox; which is as 1 to 381,666. proceeding in high blood, and with confi. It is added, that the well-authenticated dent hopes, to the easy conquest, as he instances of persons catching the small, imagined, of the Russian Empire. Now, pox, after inoculation for that disease bad after all these mighty hopes have been perfectly succeeded in its effects, are problasted by the goodness of Providence, portionably far more numerous. In Gehe insults us with the same offer.

neva, Rouen, and several other large cia That Buonaparte would make a great ties where the 'Jennerian system has not exertion to retrieve his character, was to been circumscribed by popular prejudice, be expected as a matter of course; and the small-pox is no lovger known; and the defection of the Prussian army is the registers exhibit strong evidence of strongly urged as an incentive. A force consequent increasing population. The of 350,000 men is ordered to be placed at report concludes with expressing great the disposal of the Minister of War, in hopes that this pestilential disorder will ula order to shew that “there is no repose for timately disappear from society. Europe until England shall have been A matrimonial agency office has been forced to conclude a peace.”-For it is to opened at Paris by M. Villiaume. The England that the war with Russia, the personal charms, fortune, and pretensions Convention entered into by Gen, D’Yorck, of the candidates for the hymnepeal state and every other evil that France can suf are registered. M. Villiaume, in reply to fér, are attributed.

the epigrams and pleasantries of the Paris Byonaparte, among some other boast sian wits, announces 206 marriages, the iogs in the Moniteur of the 10ih instant, fruits of his labour, within two months. says, 300,000 men, all French, will, in

GERMANY. the course of February, be collected at Jerome Buonaparte has ordered the Hamburgh, upon the Elbe, upon the properly and estates of Gen. Bennigsen, Rbine, and upon the Oder, independent in Westphalia, to be confiscated. of 200,000 Men WO ARE WITH THE GRAND An attempt has been made to destroy Army. The ensuing campaign, he adds, the King of Wirtemberg, by blowing up a will be opened with a French army, nearly small house in which he had taken his statwice as strong as in the last campaign. tion for the purpose of shooting game.

“ The Municipal Corps åt. Paris," as Happening to quit the house just before they are termed in the French papers, the explosion took place, his life was saved. have made a voluntary offer to Buonaparte

SPAIN, of 500 cavalry; no doubt, at the instiga Joseph Buonaparte, it seems, pretended tion of their Master, who wishes the ex. to be very angry with the people of Man ample to be generally followed throughout drid, and removed all his Court and anPrance.

thorities to Valladolid; but his reason for A late Moniteur contained an Address this step is, no doubt, to be in a position to the Poles, calling upon them for new from which he may, in case of necessity, exertions, and anticipating another cam. pass the Ebro with greater facility. paign.

The Marquis of Wellington landed at Some farther details have appeared Cadiz on the 24th ult. and was received with regard to the conspiracy of the French with distinguished honour by the Regency, Generals Malet and Lahorie. It is stated the Cortes, and the people. On the 29ih to have been part of their plan to get pos. he attended a Congress of the Cortes, ac, session of Buonaparte's wife, as well as companied by a deputation of the Spanish her son, the King of Rome. With this General Staff. He was dressed in the full view, they had sent her a letter, purport

uniform of a Spanish Captain-general, ing to come from her father, the Emperor wearing the collar of the military order of of Austria ; in which he informed her of San Fernando. Having'taken his seat in the death of Buonaparte her husband, the Congress between the Deputies, made and desired her, in order to avoid the a formal obeisance, and remained standa, troubles that would follow that event, to ing a few moments, hè read the following set off immediately for Strasburgh, where Address ; his Ambassador would wait for her; but Senor, I should not have resolved to the carriage in which she was to set off solicit permission to offer personally my with her son would have taken the road to respects to this august Congress, if I had Dieppe, instead of the road to Strasburgh; not been encouraged by the honour you and froin Dieppe she and the boy would did me on the 27th in st. by sending a de. have been sent to England.

putation to congratulate me on my arrival, A report was lately made to the Class of in this city, a distinction which I can only Physical Sciences of the Imperial Insti- attribute to the favour; and, if I may sa


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