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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932 - Education

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Page 21 - That there be granted to the several States, for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, an amount of public land, to be apportioned to each State a quantity equal to 30,000 acres for each Senator and Representative in Congress to which the States are respectively entitled by the apportionment under the census of 1860: Provided, That no mineral lands shall be selected or purchased under the provisions of this act.
Page 22 - Rutgers University, New Brunswick. New Mexico : New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, State College ; New Mexico School of Mines, Socorro.
Page 8 - In determining what should constitute a "subject," it was decided to follow the lines of cleavage most commonly used in the departmentalization of a college of liberal arts, and accordingly throughout this report each one of the following has been regarded as a subject : English, mathematics, Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, history, political science, economics, sociology, chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, biology, physical geography and geology, astronomy, physiology, agriculture, public...
Page 68 - These are as follows: 1. That all children really are "problem" children in that they do now or may present overt behavior difficulties which should receive attention looking toward early adjustment, and that such overt problem behavior varies in degree from that which is close to zero to that which places a child in the ranks of juvenile delinquency. 2. That serious problem behavior among children is the resultant of a combination of numerous factors, no one of which has been isolated as exclusively...
Page 12 - Berkeley public schools which relates to the program of child adjustment described in thia bulletin. 4. The pediatrician and the psychiatrist make physical, medical, and neuropsychiatric examinations of the child. 5. With all the evidence before them, the clinical staff sits in consultation, interviews teachers, principal, and parents, and makes recommendations for treatment. Such recommendations may involve medical care, readjustment in home or school, assistance BEHAVIOR CLINIC PSYCHIATRIST PHYSICIAN...
Page 9 - ... they think, and he knows in what way they will be able to co-operate. They in turn are familiar with his problem and often are told what he intends to do. I cannot overemphasize the fact that our Co-ordinating Council is a deliberative and counseling group. Our purpose is to become mutually conscious of the problems and policies peculiar to each department and of those that may be common to two or more of the departments. We deliberate, we co-operate, we educate one another, we become acquainted....
Page 21 - I recommend that the 1930-31 manuscript be published as a bulletin of the United States Office of Education. Respectfully submitted. WM. JOHN COOPER, Commissioner.. The SECRETARY OP THE INTERIOR...
Page 70 - Special Education: The Handicapped and the Gifted, New York: The Century Co., 1931.
Page 11 - A serious behavior problem is defined as "one which varies sufficiently from normal behavior to cause the teacher to feel that the child can not be managed satisfactorily in the group." The first step taken is to ask the school to report those cases which it considers serious maladjustment or behavior problems, particicularly those that give evidence of great emotional instability, anti-social or shut-in tendencies. A detailed form outlines the qualities on which the...

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