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SCENE-A snug riverside nook hard by a weir. Mr. PISCATOR PUNCH discovered enjoying the Contemplative Man's Recrea.

tion in a solitude à deux (with TOBIAS). To him enter, from opposite sides, two furtive, mysterious, and apparently disguised personages, each bearing rod and line, but looking little to the piscatorial manner born.

First Angler (catching sight of second, aside, with acerbity). Tut! tut! He here! Hoped he was at Hawarden !

Second Angler (catching sight of first, aside, peerishly). Confound him! what does he want? Had an idea ho was at Hatfield !

Mr. Punch (catching sight of both, aside, merrily). Aha! here they are. Can't leave me alone. Fancy I do not recognise them, perhaps, in that ill-fitting Izaak-Waltonish disguise. (Sings.)

For Whigs are full of flattery,
And Tories full of pride ;

Heigh trolollie lollie loe!
Both fish for Votes, I fish for perch,

All by the river's side.
I'm sure of unopposed return.
My countrymen know Me!

Heigh" trollie lollie loe!
First Angler (aside). Hanged if he does not twig !
Second Angler (aside). Verily he seemeth to smell a rat!

Mr. Punch (aloud). Hail, Brothers of the Angle! Good-morrow to you both, and a pleasant pitch-at courteous angler's correct distance. Whither away, Gentlemen ? And are you perchance beknown one to the other?

First Angler (embarrassed). Well, Mr. Pu—PISCATOR, we are not of a party on this occasion ; yet meseems I have seen our friend in the voluminous collars somewhere ere now.

Second Angler (awkwardly). And I, on my part, seem to recognise that burly form, that bushy beard

Mr. Punch (laughing). Oh, turn it up, my noble swells ! I know you, as you know each other—and Me! You have both of you tracked me down to my rural retirement, with an eye, respectively, to “ tips." This fortuitous concourse displeaseth you much, but you must make the best of it. Perpend, sham Piscators. What d'ye lack? What, in short, is your little game, Gentlemen ? First and Second Anglers (together). Well, you see, Sir, the Gen

[They both pause. Mr. Punch (grarely). I perceive. In view of the imminent General Election, each of you thought he would like a quiet hour alone with Mr. Punce, with an eye to "pumping” him —each in the interest of his Party. A miscalculation, Gentlemen! Mr. Purcu hath no Party—save Mankind; no Leader—but himself! However, don't look so uncomfortable, the pair of you, but sit down sociably, help yourselves to the shandy-gaff, and have a chat. Let“ peace, and patience, and a calm content cohabit in your cheerful hearts" (as they did in Sir Henry Wotton's), while—as he did-we“ sit quietly in a

summer's evening, on a bank a-fishing." As CORYDON sang, “ Fishers must not wrangle.” Aha! his song might be
parodied—for your behoof, Brother Anglers !
O the brave (Vote) fisher's life

We have sly baits in our horn,
Is the best of any !

Party paste and worms too ;
Full of pleasure found in strife,

We can work both night and morn,
So beloved of many.

Suffer toil and storms too.
Other joys

None do fear
Are but toys;

Arms to bear
Only this

In the fray ;
Stirring is,

Fight away!
For our Will

Some sit still,
Polls will fill.

And bait with skill.
Power 's the only pleasure !

Wire-pullers must not wrangle ! First Angler. Ay, marry, Sir, now you talk like an artist! (Aside) Only wish WILLIAM were not here! Then I might have a chance !

Second Angler (gravely). An art something too artful wholly to hit my taste. (Aside.) Oh, were SOLLY only away! Can't speak freely and frankly in his presence.

Mr. Punch (twigging). Marry, scholars, 'tis little use “muttherin' there as if ye'd been ill-thrated.” My best counsel is at the service of both of you, as old Piscator's was, whether to VENATOR, AUCEPS, PETER, or CORYDON. First and Second Anglers (together, eagerly). Well, what think you of my chances at the Gen- ?

(Both stop short, and scowl at each other. Mr. Punch (winking) singeth :

I'm a gay but “leary" Sage, with my one, two, three,

I'm willing to give counsel or wise warning;
But if it's me you 'd pump, with a view to Party “stump,”

You must get up very early in the morning!
There is reason, put into perse, and worthy the consideration of a wise man, as honest old Izaak says.

Second Angler (plaintively). But, Master, have you nothing pertinently practical to mix with this frolic discourse, which, in view of the tremendous issues toward, doth now grow tedious and tiresome ?

Mr. Punch. Cheer up, honest Scholars, and perpend! I may not mar this bright June day, this sylvan scene, this quiet swim, with platform platitudes, party bickerings, or wire-puller prophecy. I would rather hear Maudlin piping her Milk-Maid's Song," or Corydon trolling his catch. But if it is sage counsel you want, take it. You are about to enter on a great political fishing match. Fight it out like honest anglers and good-tempered—like those that, as Izaak hath it, “ are lovers of virtue, and dare trust in Providence, and be quiet, and go a-angling.” Fish fair, don't foul your opponent's tackle, or needlessly disturb his swim. Don't use fancy or poaching baits, nor overmuch of any. Remember the old angling maxim : “Swear not, lest ye catch no fish."

"Oaths do fray

Fish away,' and vituperation loses Votes. Finally, if you be beaten, take your licking like a man—and an Angler. If further counsel ye want, you will find it to the full of your joint and several needs and capacities in this my

One Hundred and Second Volume !!!

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JANUARY xxxi Days. FEBRUARY xxix Days.

MARCH xxxi Days.

APRIL xxx Days,

MAY xxxi Days.

JUNE Xxx Days.

IPX. Year'. D. 17 S 28. ar. Epip. MEd, Coke b. 16 Tu Burke exe.

Tu St. David , 17 Th St. Patrick IP All Fools 168 Tbiers h. IS 28. af. Eas. 17 Tu Talleynd. d. W Nicomede 16 Th Corp.Christ.

23 Abydost.


2 Tu B. Lincoln 17 W Brabam d.

2 W Asb. Wed. IP Suez enl, op.! S S.r. 51.Gm. 17S East. Siin. ON S.r. th. 32m. 1 W Borsell d. 2 Th Harvey b 17 P St. Allan

3 S s, af. Chr. 19 Tu Watt b. 3 W Bassevid. 1 Tb Lutber d.

Th B. Merton 193 Lucknow t. :S58 in Lent MBk. Holiday 3 Tu B. Zamora 19 Th Dunstan 3F s.r. Sh. 19m. 1 S Waterloo
AM Sambourne VW Pabian

4Th S.r. 75.36 m. 19P Copernic. h. 4F Somers b. 30 S 3 S. in Lenti 4 M Ambrosebp. 19 Tu J. Jettries d. 4 W Sering, tkn. 20 P Columbus d. 45 . th. em. 19 S I Sn, al. Tr.
ST Ed. Conf. d. 1 Th Agnes
5P Galvani d. US J. Humed. 55 (Du Maurier 21 M Benedict 5 Tu S... 6h.:7 m. » W Spa, M. des. 5 Th. S. . 75.26m. 21 S Cawapore SS Whit Sun.

Q. Vic. Ae.

I GWlEpiphany 2 P Vincent 65 S.s. 4h 56 m, 1 S Serag. Sn. 6 Sis. in Lent. Tu Goetbe d. 6W 0. Lady-Day 21 Th Bp. Heber b. ! 6F John Evan. 22 S Rogation 8. GN Bk. Holiday 21 Tu Proelam.

7 Th Bp. Ely d. 3 Pitt d. 1 OC' S 53. af. Epip. M Perguson d. 7 S.r. Gh. 5m. W Nat. Gal. f. 7 Th I'r Leon b

Odessa bom. 78 Nap. I. Cl. 23 MM. lemon d. 7 Tu B. Erisan 22 W B. Pered

! Cam. L.T. b.:4 S 38. af. Epip. M H .qr. Day Tu S. Brookend.

Tu S... 3h. Om. 24 Tb Q. Eliz, d. PB. Sarona 23 8 St. George S 38, af. Eas. 24 Tu Q. Vict. b. W 1.Jerrold d. 3 Tb B. l'lassy
98 s.r. h. 6m. N Burns b..!! Tu Darnley m. 14 W Matthias T 9W Cobbett b. 2 P Lady Day 98 Pire Ina. ex. 34 S Low Sun, | 9N HI. gr. Day 25 W Pr. Hel. h. 9 Tl Paxton d. 24P Midsm. D.

10 S Epp. 20 Tu Brazil dise. 10 W Q. V. mart. 25 Th Wren d. 10 Tb Sebiller b. 28 ) Camb. b. 10 S Palm 8. 25 M Prs. Alice ' 10 Tu Turgit b. 26 Th Holy Thurs. 10P Heilsberg 25 S B. Altivia

11 M 3.s. 4 h. lim. W J. Gibson d. 11 Th D. 9h. 41. 26 F T. Noore el. 1 Ine. T. imp. 27 S 4 S in LentILM Canning d. 26 Tu D. 141.25m.. 11 W Chatham d. 27 Y Ven. Iede 11S Barnabas 6 S 2 Sn, af. Tr.

1: Tu Hil. Sit b. 12. Th Prescott d. 1!P Cellini d. 27 Benevento 1.8 Gregory M Cateau 12 Tu Young d. 27 W Gibbon b. 12 Th Albt. Mem.c 2.8 W. Pitt b. 12 S Trin. Sun. 7 M (airo tkn.

13 W Cannte P (apit. Paris 1.5S Resol. 16-9 2 S Quinq

13 S 2. in Lent Tu B. Toston 13 W Han leld. Th B. Tours 1113 P 0. May lay 29 S Ascen. | 13 M Hastgs. bhd. Tu Q. Viet, er.

14 Th Oxf. L. T. b 345 (has. I, uld, 14 S Septuag. 8. 20 MJ. Tennislj 14 M Byng shot W Sicil. Vesp. 14 Tb Prn, Beatr b. 29 P 6. Cath, S. 148 Gratton d. 30 N Pope d. 14 Tu B. Naseby 9W St. Peter

13 P Orsini plot 131 S 45 af. Epip. 15 N B. Leiria

15 Tu Massingr.d si Th Haydn b. 15 F Good Frid. 30 S Fitzroy d. 15 S 4 8. af. Eas. Si Tu B. Palestro 15 W Mag. Charta Th Roscoe d.

GS D. Corunna

16 W Ds. Kent d

| IGN B. Albrera!


JULY xxxi Days. AUGUST xxxi Days. SEPTEMBER Xxx Days. OCTOBER xxxi Days. NOVEMBER xxx Days. DECEMBER xxxi Days.

IP B. Layne , 17 S S en al. Tr. 1 M Bk, Holiday 17 W Ad. Clake d. 1 Th Part. sh. e. 16 P Jas. Jl. d. 18 Cam. M.T. 17 M Etheldreda l Tu All Sainta 16 W J. Bright b. 1 Th Prs. Wls. b. 178 Oxf. M.T. e.

2S S.r. 3h. 49m. 1. Puneb '11) 2 Tu B. Zama 1-TI B. Spurs 2 P Capit. Sedan 17 8 Lambert 2. S16 s. af. Tr. 11 Tu St. Luke 2 W All Souls '17 Th Hugh Rp. L. OP B. Austerl. I S'Is, in Adv.

SS3 sa af. Tr. Tu Petrarch d. 3 W Birm. Pk. o. 19 P routero 38 1 m. l. S'14 S. af. Tr. I'M Alberi d. 19 W Kneller d. | Th 8, 1.6h.53m. IF Wilkie b. 38 Cradbury h. 19 N Cam. N. 1. e.

4N S..h.15m. :) W Margaret !! 4 Th Oystr Sea.e. 20 Saragossa 4 S 12 8. af. Tr. 19 M D. Poitiers 4 Tu Guizot b. 20Th B. Navaring | 4P 8.5. th. 27m. 1981. Areola 4S !8 in Ady. Tu B. Viciosa

5 Tu Prs. Hel. m. 21 Th R. Burns d' :P ST. 4h. 31m. 21 S 10 n. af. Tr.!

SN Comte d. 20 Tu B. of Alma 5W3r. Gh. 9m. 21 P Trafalgar 59 Gun. Plot 20 S 3 S. af. Tr. ! Mozart d. 21 W St. Thomas

GW Old Mid. D. 22 Salamanca 69 Dk. Edn. b.2 MB. Bosworth

6 Tu S... 6h. 35m. 21 W St. Matth. 6 Th Paith 2 B.Edge Bill 6 S 21 S. af. Tr. ?M J. Hoged. Tur 7b. 2m. 2971 Win. Q. b.

IT J. Bus L. 25 Lyonet , 7 S Sn. af. Tr. 23 Tu Wallace bd. 7 W Bupurchus 22 Th Virgil d. 7 P S..... 94m. S ius. af. Tr. 7,MB, Mooltan 22 Tiet. Cecilia 7W 8... 3b.Bom. 20 P Jas. 11. al.

P A. Smith d. 24 S Sn. af. Tr. Otway b. 24 W S. Bartholo ! Tb Nat. B. V.N 23 P Autn. Q. b. 8 B. Actiun 24 M P. Leigh d, Tu Milton d. 2W St Clemer. Th Daster d. 243 Chr. Et. Eve

99 Fire los. es. 25 N St. James 9 TuSs76.33m. 23 TI, J. Watt d : 9P B. Flodden 24 S S. Patler d. 1 S 17 S. af. Tr. 2* Tu St. Crispin |9W P. op Wish 24 Th J. E nos d. 9 F Vandske d. 2 S Clirist. May

10 S 4 Sn. af. Tr. 26 Tuk. Otlo d. 10 W Lawrence 20 P P. Cons. b. 1108 B. Quesnoy 25 S 15 8. af. Tr. 10M Os. M. T. b. 26 W Danton b. 10 Th M. Luther b. O P (hantrey d. 108 Milton b. 26 M Bk. Holiday

11 V B. Ouden. .7W Talavera ! 11 Tb Trin. Sit. e.75 Thomson d. I'S 3 S. al. Ir. 28 M St. Cyrrian 11/TuOld Nie. D. 27 Th Cap.Cook b. 11 P St. Martin GS G Grisi d. TIS: S. in Adv. 27 Tu St. John

12 Tu B. Agbrim 2Th Roben ere. J2 P Grouse s. b!! S1 S. af. Tr. 12 MO, P. Riots 97 Tu B. Cnidos 12 W America d. 2 F J. Locked. 115 Hp.qr. Thay 27 SIS in Ads, 12M Cibber d. 2W Innocents

13 W D. Orleansd. 2 B. Beylan 139 0. Lammas ' N Jno. En. bh. 1 THC. J. Fox d. 2 W Nicopolis 13 Th Edw. Conf. 295 J. Leech d. 13 S 22 S. af. Tr. M Dunsen d. 13 Tu St. Lucy Th Stafford ri.

14 Th Bastile des. 303 W. Penn d. 14 S 9 Sn, af. Tr. O Tu Paley b.

14 W Holy Cross Th Mich. Day 14 P B Senlae S 20 S. af. Tr. 14 N Leibnitz d. 29 Tu Burnal. 14 W P. Cons. d. 30 F Pegu anxd.

15 P St. Swithin 31 S Sn. af. Tr. 15 M W . Scott b. 31 W Bunyan d. 15 Th B. Rajgbur 30 P St. Jerome 158 Fire Ioses. SIN All Hallows 1. Tu Macbutus 30 W St Andrew 13 Th 1. Walton d. 31 8 Silvester

163 Beranger d.

16 Tu B. Camden I


16'S 18 8. af. Tr. II

| 16 P V. Weber b. 1 1

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