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ÆSOP UP TO DATE. THE COCK AND THE JEWELS. (The Philistine and High Art.) THE MAID AND THE MILK-PAIL. (Thc Agricultura. Vote and Parts Promises.)


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1. I suddenly wake up and remember to-night's Mrs. 2. Needn't put on evening dress. There's no stiffness about the BOXAMYS. Go just as I am. BOXAMY'S Sma'l and Early, and that VERA GILPIX will be Fine night, not very late. May as well walk there and smoke a cigar. Awful nuisance if they're there. Think I'll go.

all got up to the nines!


3. Comes on to rain. Stoopid 4. Gets darker and darker. Can't see my way a bit. Happy Thought, Hansom! Policeman says it's a cold night, not to have put on my goloshes. and seems to think I ought to have put on a cape, or a comforter, or something. Thoughtful of him. Do feel rather chilly; So muddy, too!

got my Jägers on, fortunately.


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Junuary 1.-Just had a brilliant idea-quite original. I don't ; with spite and envy. Spent a very pleasant evening, not getting believe oven any human person ever thought of such a thing, but back to my drawer till daylight. Too tired to write more. then,-besides being extremely beautiful and expensive, with re Mem.-Not to sit out behind the coal-scuttle another time! fined wax features and golden hair-I am a very clever doll indeed. February 14.-- Amount of attention I receive really quite emFrivolous, no doubt; heartless, so they teil me—but the very barrassing. The Ninepins are too absurdly devoted. One of them reverse of a fool. I flatter myself that if anybody understards the (the nicest of all) told me to-day he had nerer been so completely nature of toys, especially male toys – but I am forgetting my | bowled over in his whole existence! I manage to play them off idea, which is this. I am going this year to write down--the against each other, however. The India-rubber Ball, too, is at my little girl I belong to has no idea I can write, but I can-and better | feet-and, naturally, I spurn him, but he is so short-winded that than she does, too!—to write down every event of importance that nothing will induce him to rise. Though naturally of an elastic happens, with the dates. There! I fancy that is original enough. tenperament, he has been a good deal cast down of late. I smilo It will be a valuable dollian document when it is done, and most on him occasionally - just to keep the Bull rolling; but it is interesting to look back upon. Now I must wait for something to becoming a frightful bore. happen.

March.-Have been presented with a charming pony-carriage, January 6.-Went to Smail with two piebald pouies that go by clock-work. I wish, though, Dance given by the Only Other I was not expected to share it with a live Wax Doll (a dreadful old frump:) kitten! The kitten has no idea of repose, and on the Nursery Hearthrug. Room spoils the effect of the turn-out. Try not to rather nicely illuminated by seem aware of it--even when it claws my coloured fire from grate, and a trock. Rather interested in a young Skipjack, pyramid nightlight, but floor poor. | when I see occasionally; he is quite goodDidn't think much of the music looking, in a common sort of way. I talk to -a fur monkey at the Digi. him now and then- it is something to do; and torium, and a woolly lamb who i ne is a new type, so different from the Ninebrought his own bellows, make pins! rather a feeble orchestra. Still, April 1.-Have just heard the Skipjack is on the whole, enjoyed myself. engaged to a plaster Dairy-maid. A little Much admired. Several young annoyed, because he really seemed — Have Ninepins, who are considered been to see his fiancée, a common-place stuck-up, and keep a good deal creature, with red cheeks, and a thick waist. to their own set, begged to be in Congratulate the Skipjack, with just a hint troduced. Sat out one dance with that he might have looked higher. Afraid a Dice-box, wbo rattled away that he misunderstood me, for he absolutely most amusingly. I understand jumped. he is quite an authority on games, April 7.- The Skipjack tells me he has and anything that falls from his | broken off his engagement; he seems to think mouth is received with respect. I shall guess the reason-but I don't, of He is a great sporting character, course. Then he actually has the impertoo, and arranges all the meetings | tinence to (I can scarcely pen the words for on the Nursery Race-course, be- | indignation) to propose—to Me! I inform him,

sides being much interested in in the most unmistakable terms, that he has Backgammon. I do like a Toy to have manly tastes !

presumed on my good-nature, and that there are social barriers The Captain of a Wooden Marching Regiment quartered in the between us, which no Skipjack can ever surmount. He leaves me neighbourhood, was there in full uniform, but not dancing. Told abruptly, after declaring that I have broken the spring of his me they didn't in his regiment. As his legs are made in one piece existence. and glued on to a yellow stand, inclined to think this was not mere April 8.-Much shocked and annoyed. The Skipjack found military swagger. He seemed considerably struck with me. quite stiff and colourless this morning, in the water-jug! Must Made an impression, too, on a rather elderly India - rubber Ball. have jumped in last night. So very rash and silly of him! Am Snubbed him, as one of the Ninepins told me he was considered "a sure I gave him no encouragement-or next to none. Hear that bit of a bounder.”

the Dairy-maid has gone off her head. Of course it will be put Some of the Composition Dolls, I could sec, were perfectly stiff down to grief ; but we all know how easily plaster heads get cracked. Feel really distressed about it all, for the blame is sure the clockwork. My ponies are bolting, and I haven't the slightest to fall on me. Those Composition Dolls will make a fine scandal out control over them! We are rushing along the smooth plain of of it!


the chest of drawers, and rapidly nearing the edge. I try to May.-The Ninepins are getting very difficult to manage; have scream for help, but all I can utter is, “Papa !” and “Mamma!” to put them down, as delicately as possible; but I am afraid, poor All at once I see him standing, calin and collected, on the very brink fellows, they are dreadfully upset. The Wooden Captain has of the precipice. Is he strong enough to stop the ponies in their mad challenged the Dice-box to a duel-I fear, on my account. How- clockwork career, and save me, even yet? How I will love him if evor, as the officer's sword will not unglue, I hope nothing will he does! An instant of sickening suspense ... we are over.'come of it. All this most worrying, though, and gives me falling down, down, down ... A crash, a whirr of clockwork, a little real satisfaction. I find myself sighing for more difficult | rush of bran to my head and I know no more. What follows is a conquests.

dream—a horrible, confused nightmare—of lying among a heap of June.- Went to after

limp bodies-some armnoon tea with the biggest

less, some legless, others Dutch Doll. Rather a

(ah! the horror of it) come-down, but now

headless! I grope that there is this cool

blindly for my own ness between the Com

limbs—they are intact; position set and myself,

then I feel the place I must go somewhere. I

where I naturally exfeel so bored at times !

pect to find my head-it Can see the ridiculous

is gone! ... The shock is Dutch thing is trying to

too much-I faint once out-dress me! She had

more. And that is all. a frock on that must

Thank goodness, it have cost at least fifty

was only a dream--for beads, and I don't be

here I am, in the same lieve it will ever be paid

old nursery again ! Not for! Only made her

all a dream, either-or look the bigger guy,

my pony-carriage would though! Tea-party a

scarcely present such a stupid affair. Make

damaged appearance. believe tea in pewter

The accident was real. cups. Met the latest

Then what, what has arrival, a really nice

become of JOSEPH? I looking Gentleman Doll,

must find him-I must introduced as “Mr. Jo.

make him understand SEPH." Very innocent

that I repent-that, for face, without any mous

the future, I intend to tache, and the sweetest

be a changed doll! blue eyes (except mine) I think I ever saw! Seemed rather shy, but September.-Stili searching for JOSEPH. No trace of him. I pleasant. Asked him to call.

seem to be a changed doll in moro ways than one. My former June 18.---Mr. JOSEPH has not called yet. Very strange! Suspect set knows me not. The Ninepins do not stagger when I smile at those horrid Composition Dolls have been setting him against me. them now; the Dice-box gapes open-mouth

them now; the Dice-box gapes open-mouthed at my greeting. I Met him by the back-board and scolded him. He seemed confused. I call upon the Composition Dolls—they are very polite ; but it is By a little management, I got it all out of him. I was right. He quite clear that they don't remember me in the least! Alas! how has been told about the Skipjack. He has strict principles, and soon one is forgotten in the world of Toys! Have no heart to recall gave me to understand that he would prefer to declino my ac- myself to them. I go, for the first time since my accident, to a quaintance-which was like his impulence! This is exciting, convenient brass knob, in which I would once gaze at my reflected though. I intend to overcome these scruples; I mean him to be features by the hour. How indescribable are my sensations at the madly in love with me--then I

discovery that I have a totally new shall scornfully reject him, which

head-a china one! I, who used to will serve him just right!

look down on china dolls! It is a July.My tactics have succeeded

very decent head, in its way ; quite -at last ! To-day JOSEPH called,

neat and inoffensive, with smooth, ostensibly to beg me to go and see

shiny hair, which won't come down the unhappy Ball, who, it seems, is

like the golden locks I once had. I terribly collapsed, reduced to a mere

am glad yes, glad now—that Jobowl, and so exhausted that he

SEPH has gone, and the home he cannot hold out much longer.

used to occupy is deserted, and shut However, in the course of the in

up. If he were here, he would not terview, I soon made him oblivious

know me either. Now I can live of the Ball. He fell at my feet.

single all my remaining days, in “Beautiful GLORIANA,” he cried,

memory of him, and devote myself “with all your many and glaring

to doing good! faults, I love you!” Then I (a:

October. -Have entered on my ried out the rest of my programmo

new career. Am organising a Mis-it was a painful scene, and I will

sion for Lost Toys, and a Clothing only record that when he left me,

Club for Rag Dolls. To-day, while he was completely un-dolled! I feel


“slumming” in the lumber-closet, almost sorry for him-he had rather

fonnd my old acquaintance, the a nice face!

Dutch Doll in a shocking state of July 4.-I don't seem able to settle to anything. After all, I destitution --- nothing on her but a piece of tattered tissue-paper ! To think I will go and see the poor Ball. It would comfort him, and think that my evil example and her own senseless extravagance baye I might see him there. I will order the pony carriage.

brought her to this." Gavo her one of my old tea-gowns and a

Sunday domino, but did not reveal myself. Feeling very sad and August.– What has happened to me? Where have I been all

| lonely : think I shall have to keep a cockroach-I must have this time? Let me collect myself, and see how much I remember.

something to love me! My last clear recollection is of being in my carriage on my way to October 15, Someone has ta

October 15.--Someone has taken poor dear JOSEPH's old house. receive the departing Ball's last sigh... Something has started i I see a new doll, with a small but worldly black moustache and a

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