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ACCOUNTS of the Treasurer, page 9. Special Committee to audit the, page

Act of Re-Incorporation of the Chamber of Commerce, page 156.
Adirondack Forests, Preservation of the, page 115.

BABCOCK, SAMUEL D.-Remarks on the death of JAMES M. Brown, page 21.
BAILEY, ISAAC II. --Address on the death of JACKSON S. SCHULTZ, Page 106.
Bankrupt Bill, TORREY, page 88.
Banquet, Annual, Committee on, page 25. Proceedings of, page 33.
Bond Scheme, Interconvertible, of the Secretary of the Treasury, pages 72, 73,


British Iron and Steel Institute.- Entertainment of the Members of the, page 26.
Browx, JAMES M.-Death of, page 20.
- Mrs. JAMES M.-Communication of, page 33.
BUTTERWORTH Bill, in reference to Sales of Cotton, Grain and Hog Products

for future delivery, page 10.
By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce, page 159.

Charleston Chamber of Commerce.- Communication of, page 88.

Harbor, Improvements in, page 9.
Charter of the Chamber of Commerce, page 147.
CLEVELAND, Hon. GROVER.-Speech at the Anpual Banquet of the Chamber,

page 55.
Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Hotels or Boarding Houses, pages 32, 64,

Coxger Lard Bill, pages 31, 62.
CONKLING, FREDERICK A.-Remarks on the denth of JAMES M. Brown,

page 23.

Currency, Depreciation of the, page 117.
Curtis, Hon. GEORGE WILLIAM.—Speech at the Annual Banquet of the

Chamber, page 45. Election as an Honorary Member of the Chanıber,
page 112. Communication of, page 119.

Derew, Hon. CmAUNCEY M.-Speech at the Annual Banquet of the Chamber,

page 36.

Dodge, WILLIAM E.-Remarks on the death of James M. Brown, page
ELIOT, CHARLES W., President of Harvard University.-Speech at the Annual

22. Address on the death of General William T. SIERMAN, page 97.
On the death of JACKSON S. SCHULTZ, page 108.

Banquet of the Chamber, page 41.

FIELD, Hon. STEPHEN J., Justice of the United States Supreme Court.--com-

munication of, page 60.
Forests, Adirondack, Préservation of, page 115.

Gowanus Bay Channel, Improvement of, page 17.

HALE, Hon. E. J.-Address on the Manchester Ship Canal, page 89.
Harbor, Proposed amendment to the Act to forbid the dumping of refuse into

the, page 8
HARRISON, BENJAMIN, President of the United States.-Communications of,

pages 27, 59.
Hentz, HENRY.-Remarks on the death of JAMES M. BROWN, page 24. On

the death of the Hon. WILLIAM WINDOM, Secretary of the Treasury,

page 87.
HEWITT, Hon. ABRAM S.-Address on the deatlı of General WILLIAM T.

SIERMAN, page 95.
HILLIIOUSE, General THOMAS. -Communication of, on the death of General

HOWARD, Major-General 0. 0.—Communication of, page 60.

Japan, Revision of existing Treaties with, page 30.
JOUBERT, General P. J., Ex-President of the Republic of the Transvaal, South

Africa.—Address by, page 33.

Lard Bill, Conger, page 31.
Law, Shipping Commissioners, page 31.

McKINLEY Tariff Bill, pages 18, 19.
Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua, pages 26, 29.
Members of the Chamber of Commerce, page 121.
Mississippi River, Overflows of the, page 14.
Morton, Hon. L. P., Vice-President of the United States.—Communication of,

page 27.

National Board of Trade. —Delegates to Annual Meeting of the, page 28.
Nautical School.—Report of the Sixteenth Annual Examination of the, pages

30, 64.
Nicaragua Canal Company, pages 26, 29.
Nomination of Officers and Standing Committees, page 9.

Officers and Standing Committees.—Special Committee to Nominate, page 114.

Report of, page 9. Election of Officers, page 11. Officers and Standing
Committees for the year ending May, 1892, page 143. Officers of the
Chamber from its Organization, 1768, page 145.

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