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Vol: 5. P:3.

H. Gravelot inv, del, et jou

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KING Henry VI..
Humphry Duke of Gloucester,
Cardinal Beauford, Bp. of Winchester,
Duke of York, pretending to the Crown.
Duke of Buckingham,
Duke of Somerset,
Duke of Suffolk,
Earl Salisbury,
Earl of Warwick,

Lord Clifford, of the King's Party.

Lord Say.

} Uncles to the King,


of the York Faction.

Of the King's Party.

Lord Scales, Governor of the Tower,
Sir Humphry Stafford.

Toung Stafford, his Brother.
Alexander Iden, a Kentish Gentleman.
Young Clifford, Son to the Lord Clifford.

Edward Plantagenet,
Richard Plantagenet,

} Sons to the Duke of York.

Vaux, A Sea Captain, and Walter Whitmore-Piratesą
A Herald.

Hume and Southwel, 2 Priests.

Bolingbrook, an Aftrologer.

A Spirit, attending on Jordan the Witch

Thomas Horner, an Armorer.

Peter, his Man.

Clerk of Chatham.

·Mayor of St. Albans.

Simpcox, an Impoftor.

Jack Cade, Bevis, Michael, John Holland, Dick the Butchers Smith the Weaver, and several others, Rebels.

Margaret, Queen to King Henry VI. fecretly in Love with the Duke of Suffolk.

Dame Eleanor, Wife to the Duke of Gloucefter.

Mother Jordan, a Witch employ'd by the Dutchess of Gloucefter. Wife to Simpcox.

Petitioners, Aldermen, a Beadle, Sheriff and Officers, Citizens, with Faulconers, Guards, Messengers, and other Attendants.

The SCENE is laid very difperfedly in feveral Parts of England.

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