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Bust. Yet it was nobly done of both parts,
When he and Lisauro met.

Jul. Oh, death has parted them !
Bust. Welcome, my mortal foe! says one. Wel-

My deadly enemy! says t'other. Offgo their doublets,
They in their shirts, and their swords stark naked.
Here lies Antonio–here lies Lisauro.
He comes upon him with an embroccado,
Then he puts by with a puncta reversa. Lisauro
Recoils me two paces, and some six inches back
Takes his career, and then-Oh!-

Jul. Oh!

Bust. Runs Antonio Quite through.

Jul. Oh, villain!

Bust. Quite through, between the arm And the body, so that he had no hurt at that bout.

Jul. Goodness be prais'd!

Bust. But then, at next encounter,
He fetches me up Lisauro; Lisauro
Makes out a lunge at him, which he thinking
To be a passado, Antonio's foot
Slipping down-oh! down

Jul. Oh, now thou art lost!
Bust, Oh, but the quality of the thing; both

gentlemen, Both Spanish Christians yet one man to shed

Jul. Say his enemy's blood.
Bust. His hair may come

By divers casualties, though he never go
Into the field with his foe; but a man
To lose nine ounces and two drams of blood
At one wound, thirteen and a scruple at another,
And to live till he die in cold blood; yet the surgeon
That cur'd him said, that if pia mater had not
Been perish'd, he had been a lives man
Till this day..
Jul. There he concludes

he is gone. Bust. But all this is nothing,-now I come to the

point.. Jul. Ay, the point that's deadly; the ancient

blow Over the buckler ne'er went half so deep.

Bust. Yet pity bids me keep in my charity; For me to pull an old man's ears from his headWith telling of a tale. Oh, foul tale! no, be silent,

Furthermore, there is the charge of burial.'
Every one will cry blacks, blacks, that had
But the least finger dipt in his blood, though ten
Degrees removed when 'twas done. Moreover,
The surgeons that made an end of him will be paid
Sugar-plums and sweet-breads; yet, say I,
The man may recover again, and die in his bed.
Jul. What motley stuff is this? Sirrah, speak

What hath befallen my dear Antonio?....
Restrain your pity in concealing it;
Tell me the danger full. Take off your care

Of my receiving it; kill me that way,
I'll forgive my death! What thou keep'st back from

Thou shalt speak in pain : do not look to find
A limb in his right place, a bone unbroke,
Nor so much flesh unbroil'd of all that mountain,
As a worm might sup on-dispatch or be dispatch'd.

Bust. Alas, Sir, I know nothing but that Antonio Is a man of God's making to this hour; 'Tis not two since I left him so.

Jul. Where didst thou leave him?
Bust. In the same cloaths he had on when he went

from you.

Jul. Does he live?
Bust. I saw him drink.
Jul. Is he not wounded ?

Bust. He may have a cut i' the leg by this time, For don Martino and he were at whole slashes.

Jul. Met he not with Lisauro ?
Bust. I do not know her.
Jul, Her! Lisauro is a man, as he is.
Bust. I saw ne'er a man like him.

Jul. Didst thou not discourse
A. fight betwixt Antonio and Lisauro ?

Bust. Ay, to myself:
I hope a man may give himself the lie
If it please him.

Jul. Didst thou lie then?
Bust. As sure as you live now,
Jul. I live the happier by it. When will he return?


Bust. That he sent me to tell you within these Ten days at farthest.

Jul. Ten days! he's not wont To be absent two. Bust. Nor I think he will not. He said he would

be at home To-morrow; but I love to speak within My compass.

Jul. You shall speak within mine, Sir, now. Within there! take this fellow into custody. Keep him safe, I charge you.

[Enter Servants. Bust. Safe, do you hear; take notice What plight you find me in. If there want but a

Or a steak of me, look to 't.

Jul. If my nephew
Return not in his health to-morrow, thou goest
To the rack.
Bust. Let me go to the manger

first, I'd rather eat oats than hay.




Persons of the scene.--Rollo, Duke of Normandy; Hamond, Cap

tain of the Guard; Baldwin, Tutor of the Prince; Edith, Baldwin's Daughter. Rollo. Go, take this dotard here (pointing to Bald

win), and take his head

Off with a sword.

Ham, Your schoolmaster? ; Rollo, Even he.

Bald. For teaching thee no better : 'tis the best Of all thy damned justices. Away! Captain, I'll follow,

Edith. O stay there, Duke, And, in the midst of all thy blood and fury, Hear a poor maid's petition-hear a daughter, The only daughter of a wretched father! Oh! stay your haste, as I shall need your mercy.

Rollo. 'Away with this fond woman!

Edith. You must hear me,
If there be any spark of pity in you;
If sweet humanity and mercy rule you.
I do confess you are a prince--your anger
As great as you, your execution greater.

Rollo. Away with him!

Edith. Oh, Captain, by thy manhood, By her soft soul that bare thee I do confess, Sir, Your doom of justice on your foes most righteous. Good, noble Prince, look on me.

Rollo. Take her from me.

Edith. A curse upon his life that hinders me! May father's blessing never fall upon him! May heav'n ne'er hear his prayers! I beseech youO Sir, these tears beseech you—these chaste hands

woo you, That never yet were heav'd but to things holy, Things like yourself, You are a god above us,

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