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Twenty-second Judicial District, of Judge of.

529 West Side Irrigation District, of officers for

739-746 Yolo ('ounty, of Treasurer and District Attorney of.

170 Yolo County, of Sheriff of..

566 Yolo County, of Constable for Washington Township

800 Yuba County, of certain officers of.

522, 523 SALINAS CITY. Act to reincorporate .

-94-119 Mayor and Council to issue bonds to build school-house

545-547 SAN ANTONIO CREEK. Act to prevent use of seines, nets, weirs, etc., in

362 Bridge across estuary of

653-658 SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY. Act authorizing construction of wagon road from City Creek to Long Point.

301 Agriculture, Act to protect and prevent trespass.

307-309 District Attorney, salary of..

389 District Court, fixing terms of.

311 Highways, provisions of Political Code made applicable to.

57 Irrigation, Act to protect in..

486, 487 Recorder, concerning records in office of

853 Santa Anna River, Supervisors to construct bridge across.

570, 571 Supervisors, compensation of

488, 489 Supervisors to levy tax for building Court-house

389 Time-keeper, duties and salary of

486, 487 SAN BENITO COUNTY. Act to legalize certain transcribed records.

512, 513 Amending Acts of 1874, concerning indebtedness of, and issuance of bonds. 177-179 County Court, terms of.

334 Hollister, Trustees of to issue bonds

125 Squirrel Inspectors. Supervisors to appoint.

143 SAN BUENAVENTURA, TOWN OF. Act to reincorporate and change name of street in

534-539 Trustees of, to issue bonds.

538 SAN DIEGO, CITY OF. Act authorizing President and Trustees to convey certain real estate

154 Act to reincorporate

806-815 Benevolent Society, appropriation for

828 Charter elections for.

808 McCormick, Richard C., Act to ratify conveyance made to, by Trustees. 882, 883 Officers of, salaries and bonds.

808-814 Taxes, concerning levy and apportionment of

390 Taxes of, relative to..

809, 810 Trustees, powers and duties of_

809-815 SAN DIEGO COUNTY. Agriculture, Act to protect and prevent trespass in.

458-460 District Court for, terms of

311 Fees and salaries of officers in.

586-592 Government of, Act to provide for

558-563 SAN FRANCISCO, CITY AND COUNTY. Acids and explosives, Act concerning manufacture of

360 Act to modify grades of certain streets

500 Act to utilize prison labor, and govern House of Correction

632-636 Almshouse, duties and salary of Superintendent of

633 Auditor, Clerk of, to be Deputy, etc.

852 Auditor of, to be allowed warrants issued by Board of Education.

902 Board of Education of, to provide for support of common schools.

902 Bonds, Dupont Street Commissioners to issue

434 Burns, James, Act for relief of.

444 California Street, grading of certain portions of.

865 Channel Street, Act to build bridge across

865 City Criminal Court, Act to create

829, 830 City Hall, Mayor, City Attorney, and Auditor to constitute Commissioners of. 461 City Hall, Act to provide for completion of.

461-468 City Hall, Act supplemental to Act of 1874, concerning

-863, 864 Clark, James H., Supervisors to pay claim of

327 Clerk of, fees for services of, in connection with opening Sixth Street.

880 Clerk of, to keep oflice open on election days.

142 Commissioners to procure modification of Burlingame treaty, Supervisors to defray expenses of

906 Commissioners of Fifteenth Avenue Extension, appointment of, and salaries .673, 674 Coinmissioners of Fifteenth Avenue Extension, to award contracts

770 Common Schools, Board of Education to provide for support of

902 Conlin, J. J., Supervisors to pay claim of

-794, 795 Coroner, concerning office of

397, 398 County Judge to appoint additional interpreter.

-153, 154 Deceased persons, regulating transportation of.


Deceased persons, Act for removal of remains from California Street,

Delinquent taxes, for twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh fiscal years, collection

820-822 Delinquent taxes, Act to provide for collection of

903-905 Dupont Street, Act to authorize widening of.

433-443 Dupont Street bonds, levy of tax to pay.

439 Dupont Street Commissioners, powers and duties of

434-443 Exempt Fire Company, President and Secretary to administer oaths.

610 Ex-Tax Collectors to pay over certain moneys.

409 Fifteenth Avenue Extension, Act to open, establish grade, and macadamize 762-772 Fire-alarm and police telegraph, support of

338 Fire Department, Supervisors to appropriate funds for.

567 Fitzpatrick, A. G., Supervisors to pay claim of..

850 Golden Gate Park, preservation and improvement of

-861, 862 Inebriates, and certain insane persons, providing for care of.

325, 326 Inspector of Stationary Steam-boilers, appointment and powers of_

496-499 Islais Creek, construction of bridge across.

753-758 Kelly, William, Treasurer to pay certain warrants issued to

850 Ladies' Protection and Relief Society, appropriation for..

828 Law Library of, Acts concerning, not to apply

822 Leidesdorff Street, Act to provide for opening and extending

563-566 License Collector of, Act concerning office of, deputies and salaries.

860, 861 Little Sisters' Infant Shelter, appropriation for

828 Lying-in and Foundling Hospital, appropriation for.

828 Magdalen Asylum, appropriation for Mission Street, Supervisors to grade certain portions of ..

443 Montgomery Avenue, Act in relation to change and modification of grade of.--753-758 Mutual Real Estate Company, Act in relation to sales and conveyances by ----525, 526 North Beach and Mission Railroad Company, extending time for completing road. 525 Old Women's Home, appropriation for.

828 Omnibus Railroad Company, granting extension of time to.

-691, 692 Pacific Dispensary for women and children, appropriation for.

828 Parnell, John, Act for relief of.

444 Pharmacy, repealing practice of

586 Police Court, Prosecuting Attorney of, to appoint Clerk.

856 Protestant Episcopal Church Home, appropriation for.

828 Public institutions, providing for support of

-73, 74 Purcell, Michael, Supervisors to allow claim of.

886 Quarantine, Act concerning, and sanitary laws.

305-307 Ryan, Patrick, Act for relief of..

444 Scandinavian Ladies' Home, appropriation for.

828 School tax, Supervisors to levy and collect.

902 School warrants, Treasurer of, to pay

903 Seventh Street, Act to open, macadamize, etc..

772-781 Seventh Street Commissioners, Mayor, Auditor, and Surveyor to compose, ete.-773-781 Sewerage, Act authorizing expenditure of ten thousand dollars for

310 Sheriff of, fees for services in comection with opening of Sixth Street.

880 Sixth Street, Aet to open, establish, etc...

866-881 Sixth Street (ommissioners, Mayor, Auditor, and Surveyor to be Special counsel in delinquent tax suits, fees of.

904 St. Luke's Hospital, appropriation for.

828 Streets, conferring additional powers on Board of Supervisors in relation to-- 75-77 Street cleaning, Act in relation to

795, 796 Street Departnient Fund, Supervisors to provide for deficiencies in

887 Superintendent of Streets, to appoint Inspector of street work

507 Supervisors to transfer five thousand dollars from General Fund to Building Fund 852 Supervisors to appropriate funds for celebration of Fourth of July.

858 Swift, John F., Supervisors to pay claim of..

687 Training-ship, Act to establish and maintain

54 Unexpended moneys. Supervisors to use

854 Water, Act to establish rates

82-84 (Amended)

760 Water Commissioners, Mayor to appoint

-82, 505 Water front, Act to compromise litigation concerning portion of

905 Water-works, city to provide and maintain

501, 506 SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. Bonds of, Supervisors to issue

235, 236 County Court, defining duties of Shorthand Reporter of

12 Division fences in. Act concerning

175 Hogs and goats, Act to prevent running at large in

644 Reclamation Districts, Act concerning certain

281 Roads and Highways, Act concerning

341-354 Squirrel Inspectors, Supervisors to appoint




Swamp Land District No. 5, Act to pay claim of Laura DeForce Gordon against 460
Swamp Land District No. 17. Act in relation to..

781, 792 Woodbridge, Town of, Aet to prevent hogs and goats running at large in

180 SAN JOSÉ, CITY OF. Appending Act of 1874, to reincorporate

627-632 Common Council of, powers and duties.

627 Ladies' Benevolent Society, appropriation for

828 St. Vincent de Paul Society, appropriation for

828 SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY. Bonds of, Supervisors to issue for road purposes

907 Division fences in, Act concerning

175 Mission School District, Trustees of to borrow money,

326-529 Officers of, salaries and compensation of

.608, 609 Officers of, Act concerning fees and salaries of

912 Road Funds, amending Act of 1874, to provide

358-360 Squirrel nuisance, det to abate made applicable to

637 Supervisors, Act to reorganize and provide for election of

493, 194 SAN LUIS OBISPO), TOWN OF. Act to incorporate

361. 362 Bonds of, Act providing for issuance of

382-381 SAN MATEO COUNTY. Act providing for transfer of Swamp Land Fund to General Fund.

213 Division fences, Act concerning

175 Partition fences and trespass by animals, Act concerning

173, 174 Public Pounds, establishment of

335-338 Road Overseers, Act concerning

31, 32 Squirrel Inspectors, Supervisors to appoint.

143 Taxes, relative to road poll..

31, 32 Treasurer of to appoint deputy

495 SANTA BARBARA, CITY OF. Amending det of 1874. incorporating

285, 256 Deed executed by Trustees of, Act confirming

572 Ordinances Nos 47 and 48, ratification of

282-285 SANTA BARBARA COUNTY. Act to create special road district, and provide Road Fund.

194-196 Act authorizing transfer of certain Court papers to Ventura ('ounty

170 Bonds of, Supervisors to issue to build jail and hospital.

278-280 County Clerk and deputies, salaries of

212, 213 Covarrubias. V. A., Act for relief of as Sheriil'.

511 Division fences, Act concerning

113 Lompoe School District, Trustees to issue bonds to build school-house.

410, 413 Repealing portions of Act of 1874, concerning Road Funds

530 Road Funds, amending Act of 1874, to provide

358 360 SANTA ANNA RIVER. Supervisors of San Bernardino County to construct bridge

570, 571 SANTA CLARA COUNTY. Artesian wells and waste water, Act concerning

331, 332 Bonded indebtedness of, refunding of certain

489-192 Bond tax, Supervisors to levy

491 Clerk of, repealing section two of Act of 1872. concerning salary of

402 Fees and salaries of officers, Act concerning

35-40 (Amended)

303 Firemen to be exempt from poll-tax..

287 Mount Hamilton, reservation of portions of from sale

679 Roads and highways, amending Act of 1874, concerning

167-169 (Amended)

606-608 Roads, Act to protect in (establishing width of wagon-tires).

250, 251 Road Viewers. Supervisors to appoint. SANTA CLARA, TOWN OF. Act anthorizing Trustees of to sell public square.

569 SANTA CRUZ, CITY OF. Act to reincorporate

199-207 Brown. Charles, Council to pay claim of

250 SANTA CRUZ COUNTY. Coroner and Public Administrator of, concerning offices of 121 Pajaro School District, providing for building school-house in

182-188 Roads in, act to maintain public and private

611-621 Salaries of officers of, Act concerning, eta'.

576-580 Santa Cruz School District, terms of Assessor and Collector of

404 Squirrel Inspectors, Supervisors to appoint

1 43 Supervisors to arrange with Southern California Railroad Company for change of route of

725 SANTA ROSA. TOWN OF. Amending Act of 1872, reincorporating

251-270 SAUNDERS WILLIAM. Aet for relief of.

302 SECRETARY OF STATE. Appropriation for department of

7 17 Appropriation for deticiencies on postage, expressage, stationery, lights, etc.

10 Contracts and estimates for State Buildings to be approved by

128 Duties of, relative to publication of amendments to Contes

311 Muloc County, to provide officers of with lawa

16 Stationery accounts and issuance of supplies to State officers, Aet concerning 315



SEVENTH STREET, SAN FRANCISCO. Act to open, macadamize, improve, etc...-772-781
SCHOOLS, PUBLIC. Act to prevent changes in text-books in
Contra Costa County, apportionment of school moneys in.

332, 333 El Dorado (ounty, Act to provide for maintenance of..

65, 66 Fresno County, apportionment of school moneys in

332, 333 Lassen County, apportionment of school moneys in

332, 333 Mendocino County, payment of certain claims against

76-78 Modoc County, apportionment of school moneys in.

33 San Francisco, Board of Education to provide for support of

902 Shasta County, apportionment of school moneys in.

332, 333 Shasta County, concerning employment of teachers in

122 Siskiyou County, apportionment of school moneys in.

33 Sonoma County, apportionment of school moneys in

33 Trinity County, concerning employment of teachers in

122 Vallejo Township, Board of Education of, to borrow money

66 SHASTA COUNTY. Millville School District, Act in relation to.

817 Roads and highways, Act concerning

248 Roads and highways, repealing all special laws in relation to.

803 Taggart, Grant I., ex-Recorder of, Act authorizing to sign and certify certain records. 487 Teachers in publie schools of, Act in relation to employment of..

122 SHERIFFS OF COUNTIES. Act to provide for badges of office of

803 Contra ('osta, fees of

86-88 Contra Costa, regulating salary of

92 Kern, regulating traveling fees of

45 Lake, salary of

600 Los Angeles, fees of

130 Nevada, fees and mileage of

404 San Diego, fees, per diem, and mileage of

589, 590 San Francisco, duties of, concerning Fifteenth Avenue Extension.

767 San Francisco, fees for services in connection with opening of Sixth Street

880 San Luis Obispo, salary of

609 Santa Barbara, Act for relief of N. A. ('ovarrubias.

511 Santa Clara, salary and fees of.

35, 36 Santa Cruz, salary and mileage of.

577 Solano, salary of

56 Tuolumne, salary of

45 Yolo, fees and salary of

566 Yuba, concerning salary of.

522, 523 SIERRA COUNTY. Act concerning Road Districts and Road Overseers of

405 Fish, repealing Act of 1874, to protect in

725 Road poll-tax in, Act in relation to.

594 SISKIYOU COUNTY. Amending Act of 1874, concerning apportionment of school

33 Annexation of to Klamath and Humboldt, amending Act of 1874, providing for...

603-606 East Fork School District, Act for relief of

529 Firemen in, to be exempt from poll-tax.

287 Supervisors to appoint Commissioners to apportion indebtedness and levy tax .603-605 SIXTH STREET, SAN FR. NCISCO. Act to open and ish, etc.

866-881 SMITH, JAMES. Release from bail-bond of J. 'W. Adams..

688, 689 SOCIETIES. Incorporation of, for prevention of cruelty to children.

830, 831 SOLANO COUNTY. Act annexing Rio Vista School District to Woods' Island School District, Sacramento County

32 Bonds of, Act for redemption of certain.

14, 15 Branch Jail, Act to establish and maintain

530 District Attorney of, Supervisors to appoint.

15 Division fence, Act concerning

175 Firemen, exempt from poll-tax.

287 Great Register, Clerk to provide new

181, 182 Highways, Aet in relation to..

316-325 (Amended)

817 Probate Court, terms of.

649, 650 Recorder of, to be ex officio Auditor.

14 Salaries of officers of, amending Act of 1874, concerning

56 Trespass Acts made applicable to

5 Vallejo Township, Board of Education of to borrow money

66 Vallejo Township, defining duties of Board of Education of

9 SONOMA COUNTY. Amending Act of 1874, to fund indebtedness of

5, 6 Healdsburg, amending charter of

90, 91 Petaluma, defining powers and duties of Board of Education of

121, 122 Roads and highways in, repealing Act of 1872, concerning

53 Roads and highways, Act concerning

270, 278 Salaries of oflicers of, Act regulating





Sehool Superintendent of, to apportion moneys.

33 Supervisors of, mileage and per diem--

-726, 727 Treasurer's office of, counting of moneys in..

11 Warrants, holders of to receive bonds in exchange for. SONORA, CITY OF. Amending Act of 1870, to reincorporate --

524 SPAULDING, N. W. Common Council of Oakland to pay claim of.

207 SQUIRRELS. Act to abate nuisance in certain counties

143-147 Amending Act of 1874, to abate in certain counties.

338-340 (Amended)

637 Stanislaus County, repealing Act of 1870, to provide for destruction of

513, 514 STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Appropriation for erection of grand stand and improvements

574 STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS. Appropriation for department of.

749 To advertise for bids to furnish stationery, lights, and fuel.

314 STATE BUILDINGS. Cost of not to exceed..

430 Controller to compare estimates of with contracts.

430 Failure of contractors to prosecute work, penalty for -

432 Plans, estimates, etc., to be approved by Governor, Secretary of State, and Treas

428 STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. Appropriation for department of

719 STATE HARBOR COMMISSIONERS. State Treasurer to transfer certain moneys belonging to.

761 STATE LAND OFFICE. Appropriation for department of

748 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. Appropriation for deficiency in fund of

482 STATE PRINTING OFFICE. Act providing for temporary support of.

4 Appropriation for support of

750 Insurance of, appropriation for

327 Superintendent to report to Board of Examiners. STATE PRISON. Act concerning construction of workshops and prison buildings- -643, 644 Appropriation for support of..

750 Regulation and government of, Act for

832-842 Warden and officers of, Act concerning

833 STANISLAUS COUNTY. Act to regulate use of road tax in

31 Agriculture, Act to protect and prevent trespass in..

373–376 County Court, terms of.

802 Fees of special counsel, Supervisors to allow

390 Road poll-taxes, collection of..

570 Road tax, levy of...

Squirrels and gophers, repealing Act of 1870 concerning destruction of . -513, 514
Squirrel Inspector, Supervisors to appoint.
Toll-bridge, issuance of bonds to build

406-408 Toll Collector, salary of

406 Transfer of certain funds, Act concerning

270 Wilson, Nancy, to redeem lands sold to State for taxes_

-623, 624 Witnesses in criminal cases, repealing Act of 1874 regulating fees of

493 STATE STAMPS. Act to provide for the redemption of.

-727, 728 STOCKTON, CITY OF. Aet providing for protection of against floods

12, 13 Amending Act of 1872 to reincorporate..

523, 524 Bonds, redemption of certain

471-473 Condemnation of private property by Council.

13 Ladies' Benevolent Association, appropriation for

828 STATIONERY, LIGHTS, AND FUEL. Act to provide for purchase of supplies for State officers and members of Legislature.

314-316 ST. HELENA, TOWN OF. Act to incorporate

444-457 Officers of, Trustees to appoint.

457 Taxes of, Trustees to levy

-448, 449 SUMMONS. Issuance of by Justices' Courts in San Francisco.SURVEYORS, COUNTY. San Francisco, to be member of Seventh Street Comnission. 773 San Francisco, to be member of Sixth Street Commission.

866 Santa Clara, fees of..

36 Santa Cruz, salary of

577 SURVEYOR-GENERAL. Appropriation for department of.

748 Appropriation for traveling expenses of.

750 SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. Appropriation for department of 749 SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Del Norte, salary of

-507, 508 Lake, salary of..

600 Marin, to apportion school moneys.

568, 569 Napa, to draw warrant in favor of B. E. Hunt.

686 San Diego, salary of

592 San Luis Obispo, salary of. Santa Cruz, salary of...

577 Siskiyou, to apportion school moneys.





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