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Public roads, amending Acts of 1866 and 1874, and providing for construction of
certain new roads.

571 NAPA STATE INSANE ASYLUM. Act to provide for future management of 133-139 Act to provide for supplying with water

883, 884 NATIONAL GUARD. Appropriation for deficiencies in armory rents of

575 Appropriation for armory rents and other expenses of

750 NEVADA CITY. Benevolent Society of, appropriation for.

828 NEVADA COUNTY. Collector, fees of

423 Constables in, fees and mileage of

404 Division fences in, Act concerning

175 Grass Valley School District, powers, etc., of Board of Education of. 233, 234 Public roads in, amending Act of 1872, concerning

-423, 424 Sheriff, fees and mileage of

404 NORTH BEACH AND MISSION RAILROAD COMPANY. Act granting extension of time for completing road

525 NOTARIES PUBLIC. Contra Costa County, fees of in.

88 Napa County, legalizing acts of N. M. Bonham as


OAKLAND, CITY OF. Act to district city into wards-

62-64 Alameda, Oakland, and Piedmont Railroad Company, Council to grant certain privileges to

499 Bridge across San Antonio Creek, construction of

.653-658 First Congregational Church, Trustees of to convey certain real estate

65 Gas and water pipes, Act to regulate laying of

312 Incorporation of, Act concerning

567, 568 Ladies' Relief Society, appropriation for --

828 Main sewers, Act authorizing construction of

896-900 Municipal elections, time of holding

64 Spaulding, N. W., Council to pay claim of.

207 Streets, Act to provide for opening of

-468-471 Streets, amending Act of 1874, concerning improvement of.

340, 341 Superintendent of Schools, salary and duties of..

169 OAKLAND HARBOR. Act to facilitate construction of canal for improvement of -862, 863 OMNIBUS RAILROAD COMPANY. Act extending time for completion of track of__691, 692

PARNELL, JOHN. Act releasing from bail-bond of James E. Ryan

444 PATENTS. Not to issue for lands on which actual mining claim exists, except to owners of claim

21 PETALUMA, CITY OF. Amending Act of 1868, reincorporating

288-302 Board of Education, powers and duties of

121, 122 Drawbridge across Petaluma Creek, construction of.

726 English Street, widening of...

473-477 Ladies' Aid Society, appropriation for

828 PHARMACY. Amending Act of 1872, regulating practice of in San Francisco. 383-586 San Francisco, registered pharmacists exempt from jury duty in

586 PLACER COUNTY. Act to provide for transfer of certain funds in.

16 Annexation of Rattlesnake School District with Wild Goose School District, El Dorado County

801 Hogs and goats, Act to prevent running at large

644 Supervisors of, amending Act of 1874, reorganizing, etc...

-573, 574 Trespass by stock, to prevent in certain townships.

542-545 Wild animals, Act to encourage destruction of

533, 534 PLACERVILLE, CITY OF. Act appointing Charles F. Irwin trustee, with power to execute certain trusts.

328-331 Ladies' Benevolent Society, appropriation for

828 PLACERVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT. Board of Education of, acts legalized

65-68 PLUMAS COUNTY. Act to fund certain indebtedness of

7-9 Clerk, compensation of

9 Fish, repealing Act of 1874, to protect.

725 Quincy School District to issue bonds

845-850 Treasurer, compensation of

9 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS. San Diego, salary of.

592 Santa Clara, fees of

36 Santa Cruz, fees of

577 Santa ('ruz, relating to office of

120 PUBLIC LANDS. Santa Clara County, Act to reserve from sale north half section sixteen,

township seven south, range three east, Mount Diablo meridian.-- 679 PURCELL, MICHAEL." Supervisors of San Francisco to allow claim of


QUACKERY. Act to prohibit--
QUARANTINE. Act in relation to for San Francisco Harbor.

792-794 305-307


-512, 513

RAILROAD COMPANIES. Act to provide for Board of Transportation Commissioners, to regulate affairs of, etc.-

783-791 Annual reports of, concerning -

785-788 Free passes on, issuance of restricted.

790 REAL ESTATE. Act granting relief to tax-payers whose lands have been sold to State for delinquent taxes..

-687, 688 RECLAMATION AND LEVEE DISTRICTS. Sutter County, concerning funding of outstanding indebtedness against

888 RECORDERS, COUNTY. Butte, salary of.

907 Contra Costa, fees of... Contra Costa, regulating salary of..

92 Duties of Recorders in relation to records of bank statements.

730 Fresno, separation of from Auditor

151-153 Kern, separation of from Auditor.

151-153 San Bernardino, concerning records of, etc., and fees.

853 San Benito, legalizing transcribed records of San Diego, fees of

589 San Diego, to be ex officio Auditor

561 Santa Clara, salary of..

35 Shasta, authorizing Grant I. Taggart to sign and certify certain records.

487 Solano, to be ex officio Auditor

14 Tulare, separation of from Auditor

151-153 Yuba, in relation to salary of

522, 523 RECORDER'S COURT. Town of Colusa, jurisdiction of.

675 RED BLUFF, TOWN OF. Act to incorporate.

637-642 Trustees, duties and election of

638-640 REDEMPTION OF LANDS. Act fixing time for, when sold to State for delinquent taxes

-687, 688 REDWOOD CITY. Act to provide for election of Clerk and Superintendent of Streets.

593 REPORTERS, PHONOGRAPHIC. San Joaquin County, defining duties of Reporter of County Court.


1. Relative to tri-weekly mail from Caliente, Kern County, to Lone Pine, Inyo

937 2. Relative to printing the Governor's inaugural in Spanish.

937 3. Concerning breakwater and harbor at San Luis Obispo..

937 4. Allowing claim for expenses incurred for inaugural ceremonies.

936 5. Relative to modification of treaty with China.

938 6. Recommending pensions to veterans of Mexican War.

939 7. Concerning translation of laws into Spanish

939 8. Relative to management of Indian affairs-

939 9. Relative to mail service in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties..

940 10. Asking for tri-weekly mail between Crescent City, Del Norte County, and Jacksonville, Oregon

940 11. Recommending improvement of Crescent City Harbor

941 12. Recommending improvement of San Luis Obispo Harbor.

941 13. Concerning fraudulent locations on homestead claims.

942 14. Relative to land grants to Central and Western Pacific Railroads_ 15. Requesting dedication of portion of Presidio Reservation for purposes of pub

945 16. Concerning reduction in telegraphic rates17. Concerning resolution relative to public lands. 18. Recommending improvement of certain rivers and creeks

946 19. Relative to reduction of duty on native brandy

947 20. Relative to tri-weekly mail between Susanville and Willow Ranch

947 21. Requesting weekly mail between Lake City and Winneinucca, Nevada

947 22. Requesting return of Assembly Bill No. 291 for correction.

948 23. Asking for appropriation for improvement of Oakland Harbor

948 24. Recommending light-house and fog-bell for Carquinez Straits

948 25. Asking for tri-weekly mail between Yreka and Town of Linkville, Oregon.

949 26. Asking for repeal of amendment to Postal Act...

949 27. Relative to mail service in Humboldt and Mendocino (ounties.

949 28. Providing for correction of Assembly Bill No. 312. 29. Allowing claim for translating Governor's inaugural into Spanish

950 30. Relative to reopening of railroad land grants.

951 31. Relative to imprisonment of Edward O'Meagher Condon, an American citizen, in Great Britain.

951 32. Recommending improvement of Mendocino Harbor.

952 33. Asking for light-house and fog-bell at Santa Monica



lic park

946 946


34. Authorizing correction of Assembly Bill No. 496.

953 35. Authorizing correction of Senate Bill No. 435 ..

953 36. Providing for payment of claim for translating inaugural address into Spanish. 953 37. Authorizing correction of Senate Bill No. 435

954 38. Authorizing correction of Senate Bill No. 339..

954 39. Adding additional sections to Senate Bills Nos. 289 and 290.

954 40. Providing for payment of funeral expenses of late James W. Mandeville. 954 41. Recommending protection of bays and rivers from mining debris_.

955 42. Relative to grants of lieu lands to railroad companies

957 43. Authorizing correction of Assembly Bill No. 775.

957 44. Relative to specie payments.

958 45. Authorizing correction of Senate Bill No. 383.

958 46. Authorizing correction of Senate Bill No. 355.

958 47. Directing Secretary of State to donate certain books to Chief Justice of Victoria

958 48. Directing Enrolling Clerk of Assembly to enroll bill No. 605 out of its order- 959 49. Authorizing correction of Assembly Bill No. 294 ..

959 50. Directing Enrolling Clerk of Assembly to enroll bill No. 294 out of its order- 959 51. Requesting return of Assembly Bill No. 712, for correction.

959 52. Enrolling Clerk of the Senate directed to renumber sections of bill No. 335. 960 53. Enrolling Clerk of the Senate directed to renumber sections of bill No. 134.. 960 54. Requesting return of Assembly Bill No. 526, for correction.

960 55. Requesting return of Assembly Bill No. 567, for correction.

960 56. Authorizing correction of Assembly Bill No. 816.

960 ROADS AND HIGHWAYS. Butte, Act in relation to

752 Colusa, amending Act of 1874, in relation to..

481 Colusa, concerning public and private.

401 Contra Costa, Act concerning

237-248 Del Norte, repealing laws in relation to

335 Humboldt, construction of

-47-52 Humboldt, Act concerning

477-481 Inyo, improvement of..

-421, 422 Lake, election of Commissioners to manage

385-388 Lassen, Act concerning

539-542 Los Angeles, Act relative to.

.30, 31 Marin, to prevent trespass upon by stock.

482-484 Mariposa, to provide for maintenance and construction of.

650-652 Mendocino, improvement of, and erection of bridges in

376-382 Napa, construction of, between certain towns.

571 Nevada, amending Act of 1872, concerning

423, 424 Placer, opening, maintenance, and repair of_

413-421 Sacramento, Act in relation to..

658-668 Sacramento, concerning tolls by residents along certain road

884 San Bernardino, provisions of Code made applicable to..

57 San Joaquin, Act concerning

341-354 San Luis Obispo, Act to provide funds for -

358-360 San Luis Obispo, Supervisors to raise funds for work on.

907-912 San Mateo, compensation of Overseers of, etc.

31 Santa Barbara, Act to create special district, etc.

494-496 Santa Barbara, repealing Act of 1874, concerning funds for

530 Santa Barbara, to provide funds for.

358-360 Santa Clara, Act concerning

167-169 (Amended)

606-608 Santa Clara, Act for protection of (fixing width of wagon-tires).

250, 251 Santa Cruz, Act to maintain.

611-621 Shasta, Act concerning

248 Shasta, Act repealing all special laws in relation to..

803 Sierra, in relation to labor on

594 Solano, Act in relation to

316-325 Sonoma, Act of 1872, repealed.

53 Sonoma, Act in relation to

270-278 Stanislaus, apportionment of funds in

31 Sutter, for payment of indebtedness against Road Fund.

17 Tehama, concerning poll-tax in the Town of Red Bluff

642 Trinity, Act concerning

248 Tulare, location and maintenance of. Tulare, repealing Act of 1874, in relation to..

531 ROADS, TOLL. Amending Act of 1874, granting right of way to Yosemite Turnpike Company to construct road over Yosemite grant...

303 San Bernardino County, authorizing construction of wagon road in


11, 12

ROBBERS. Reward for arrest of, to provide for payment of
RYAN, JAMES E. Act for relief of sureties on bail-bond of
RYAN, PATRICK. Act granting release from bail-bond of James E. Ryan

855 414




SACRAMENTO CITY. Fowle, Paulina C., judgment of against city, Trustees to settle 622, 623 Hoagland, John, and others, authorized to sue for damages.

214, 215 (Amended)...

363 Howard Benevolent Society, appropriation for.

828 Ladies' Reliet Society, appropriation for.

28 Repealing Act of 1874, relating to streets and roads.

303 School moneys, payment of into city treasury Streets, Act to provide for improvement of

157-162 Superintendent of Schools, to be Truant Officer

20 Taxes, Trustees to levy

364 Trustees to pay certain street indebtedness

73 Trustees to order certain lots filled in

624-626 SACRAMENTO COUNTY. Annexing Woods' Island District to Rio Vista School District, Solano County

32 Annexation of Carson Creek School District to Carson Creek School District, El Dorado County

249 Division fences, Aet concerning

175 Goats, Act to prevent running at large in Town of Folsom.

383 Government of, amending Act of 1874, in relation to..

280 Meclatrhy, James, Act authorizing to sue.

796 Point Pleasant School District, Act to pay teacher of

179 Roads, Act in relation to

658-668 School Superintendent to pay moneys into treasury of Sacramento City Sheep, Act to restrict running at large

305 Supervisors, duties of in relation to roads

638-668 Toils, concerning payment of by residents of certain district.

884 Treasurer to make certain entries in Register of Claims

23+ Treasury, prescribing manner of counting moneys in.

831, 832 Trespass Acts made applicable to SALARIES AND FEES. Alameda County, Act to regulate in

127-130 Alameda County, of Clerk and Treasurer

166 Alameda, Town of, of officers of

368-370 Amador County, of officers of

-370, 371 Butte County, of Assessor and Collector of Chico School District

59 Butte County, amending Act of 1874, relative to Assessor.

753 Butte County, of certain officers of.

906, 907 Calaveras County, of District Attorney and Supervisors of

141 Colusa, Town of, of certain officers

676-678 Commissioners of Transportation, of

784 Commissioners to examine into State land matters

799 Contra Costa County, of officers of.

84-90 Contra Costa County, of Assessor of

529 Del Norte Coufty, of Superintendent of Schools of

507, 508 El Dorado County, Auditor to tix

682 For transporting patients to Napa Insane Asylum (fees for).

137 Fresno County, of Clerk and Recorder and Auditor of

152 Gilroy City, of Treasurer of

724 Healisburg City, of Police Judge of

893 Humboldt County, of District Attorney of

34 Humboldt County, of Road Overseers of

478 Inyo County, of Road Overseer of

421 Kern County, of Sheriff of

45 Kern County, of Deputy Coroner of

172 Lake County, of Road Commissioners of

397 Lake County, of Road District officers of

396 Lake County, of officers of

599-603 Lassen County, of Road Commissioners and Deputies

539 Los Angeles City, of Judge of City Court

704 Los Angeles City, of Mayor and Councilmen

720 Los Angeles City, of Mayor pro tem. of

701 Los Angeles City, of members of Board of Public Works.

857 Los Angeles County, of Assessor of .

570 Los Angeles County, of District Attorney of

15 Los Angeles County, of Sheriff of

130 Marin County, of Constables in

482-44 Mariposa County, of License Collector of.

508 Marysville City, of officers of

150 Medical Examiners, of members of Boards of


Merced County, of License Collector of

508 Monterey County, of Joint Commissioners of

179 Napa City, of officers of

-551, 552, 555 Napa State Insane Asylum, of officers of

134 Nevada County, of Collector of

423 Nevada ('ounty, of Sheriff and Constables of

404 Oakland, of Commissioners to construct bridge across San Antonio (reek

658 Oakland, City of, of Superintendent of Public Schools

169 Of Justices in certain counties, relative to bounties for destruction of wild animals

533, 534 Petaluma, of city officers of

293, 297 Petaluma, regulating salaries of certain city officers.

91-93 Placer County, of Justices in actions for trespass

544 Placer County, of Roadmasters of

415 Placerville, City of, of Trustee for.

330 Plumas, County of, of Assessor and Collector of Plumas School District

819 Recorders of counties, for recording bank statements

730 Red Bluff, Town of, of officers of

639 Sacramento County, of Assessor of

280 Sacramento County, of Road Overseers and Viewers of

661-664 Salinas, City of, of officers of, Council to fix.

108,111 San Benito County, of Joint Commissioners of

179 San Bernardino County, of Justices and Constables in

309 San Bernardino County, of District Attorney of_

389 San Bernardino County, of Timekeeper in

487 San Bernardino County, of Supervisors of

488, 189 San Bernardino County, of Recorder of

853 San Buenaventura, Town of, of officers of

539 San Diego County, of Supervisors and Road Viewers of

558-561 San Diego County, of officers of

586-592 San Francisco, of Ilealth Inspectors

304 San Francisco, of Interpreter for Criminal Courts

154 San Francisco, of Deputy Coroner

398 San Francisco, of Dupont Street Commissioners

434 San Francisco, of City Hall Commissioners and employés...

463 San Francisco, of certain employés, Water Commissioners to fix.

505 San Francisco, of Inspector of Streets.

507 San Francisco, of Board of Pharmacy

-584, 585 San Francisco, of Superintendent of Almshouse

San Francisco, of Fifteenth Avenue Extension ('ommissioners.
San Francisco, of Sheriff and Clerk for services in relation to Fifteenth Avenue

767 San Francisco, of Superintendents of Street-cleaning

795 San Francisco, of Judge, Attorney, and Clerk of City Criminal Court

829 San Francisco, of License Collector and Deputies

860, 861 San Francisco, of Superintendent of Golden Gate Park

862 San Francisco, of special counsel in delinquent tax suits

904 San Joaquin County, of Road Overseers of

343 San Luis Obispo County, of certain officers of

608-610 San Luis Obispo County, regulation of fees and salaries in

912 San Mateo County, of Deputy Treasurer of

485 Santa Barbara County, of Clerk and Deputies.

212, 213 Santa Barbara County, of road officers of..

496 Santa Clara County, of officers of

35-40 Santa Cruz City, of officers of

204-206 Santa Cruz County, of officers of

576-580 Santa Cruz County, of Roadmasters and Viewers of.

612-621 Santa Rosa, Town of, of Assessor and Recorder

258-262 Solano County, of Recorder and Auditor of

14 Solano County, amending Aet regulating, of officers

56 Solano County, of Roadmasters of

318 Solano County, of Clerk of

182 Solano County, of Jailer.

530 Sonoma County, of Road Overseers of

273 Sonoma County, amending Act of 1874, concerning

576 Sonoma County, of Supervisors of .

726, 727 Stanislaus County, of Toll ('ollector

406 State Prison, of Directors and officers of

833 St. Helena, Town of, of Attorney

449-451 Tehama County, of Clerk of

232 Tulare County, of Assessor of.

172 Twenty-first Judicial District, of Judge of



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