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907 141 S8 91 34 601)

DISTRICT ATTORNEYS. Butte County, salary of Deputy

Calaveras, concerning office of
Contra Costa, fees of
Contra Costa, regulating salary of
Humboldt, salary of
Lake, salary of
San Bernardino, salary of
San Diego, salary and fees of
San Luis Obispo, salary of
Santa Clara, salary and fees of.
Santa Cruz, salary and fees of
Solano, Supervisors to appoint
Tuolumne, salary of..
Yolo, fees and salary of


609 35, 36 -577, 578

15 45 170


EDUCATION, BOARDS OF. El Dorado ('ounty, acts of Board of Placerville School District legalized

65-69 Grass Valley School District, powers and duties of

233, 234 Petaluma, defining powers and duties of_

121, 122 San Francisco, to provide for support of schools Santa Rosa, powers and duties of established

514-319 Vallejo Township, to levy special tax. Vallejo Township, authorized to borrow money

6S EL DORADO COUNTY. Act to protect agriculture in

336-355 Annexation of Carson (reek School District to Carson Creek School District, Sacramento County

2-19 Annexation of Wild Goose School District with Rattlesnake District, Placer County

S01 Auditors, Board of, amending Act of 1874, creating

681, 691 Auditors, Board of, to appoint officers.

683 Board of Education, Placerville School District, acts legalized.

65-63 Bond Commissioners, certain officers to be ex officio.

083 Bonded indebtedness of, tax for redemption of

684-686 County Court, fixing terms of

522 Division fences in, Act concerning

173 Firemen to be exempt from poll-taxes

287 Hogs and goats, Act to prevent running at large

614 Licenses, to be fixed by Auditors

683 Placerville School District, levy of tax for

66 Placerville, Trustee appointed for

328 Treasurer of, to transfer certain funds

311, 312 ELECTIONS, CITIES AND TOWNS. Colusa, for city oflicers.

669, 670 Hayward, for officers of

217 Martinez, for officers of...

827 Marysville, for Levee Commissioners

131 Napa ('ity, for officers of

-550, 551 Oakland, for Councilmen and School Directors.

63 Oakland, time of holding general municipal.

64 Petaluma, for officers of

288, 289 Red Bluff, for officers of

638 Redwood City, for Clerk and Superintendent of Streets

593 Salinas City, time of holdingSan Buenaventura, for officers of.

535 San Diego, for officers of.

808 San Francisco, on water-works question

506 San José, for officers of..

627 Santa Clara, on question of selling public square.

569 Santa ('ruz, for officers of, etc..

191 St. Helena, for officers of.

444. 115 Stockton, time of holding

521 ELECTIONS, COUNTY. Calaveras, on question of continuing trespass law.

901 El Dorado, for Board of Auditors...

651 Lake, for Assessor and Collector of Lower Lake School District

313, 314 Lake, for Road Commissioners of

386 Placer, for Supervisors of

573, 574 Plumas, for Assessor and Collector of Quincy School District

816 San Diego, for officers of.--

538, 339 San Luis Obispo, for Supervisors of.

493, 194 San Luis Obispo, for Assessor and Collector of Mission School District

527 Santa Cruz, in Pajaro School District, on question of erecting school-house. 182-18S Solano, for Roadmasters of

$17 Sutter, for School Trustees in


Sutter, for Assessor and Collector of Meridian School District

532 Sutter, for officers of Levee District No. 2..

-392, 393 ELECTIONS, GENERAL. Electors, when to vote on question of Constitutional Convention

791 ELECTIONS, JUDICIAL DISTRICTS. Twenty-first, for Judge of..

-58, 59 Twenty-second, for Judge of

-528, 529 EQUANHOFF, DAVID. Supervisors of Mariposa County to allow claim of.

508 EUREKA CITY. Act supplemental to Act of 1874, to incorporate

333 Annual tax of

334 EXEMPT FIRE COMPANY, SAN FRANCISCO. President and Secretary of, authorized to administer oaths.


FENCES. Act to provide for construction of partition fences in certain counties. 175, 176
Colusa, Act concerning partition fences in

207, 208 Contra Costa, on public highways.

-247, 248 Modoe, amending Act of 1874, concerning partition fences

71 Sacramento, removal of, for road purposes.

665 San Mateo, concerning boundaries and trespass.

173, 174 Tehama, Act concerning partition fences in..

207, 208 FIREMEN. Act to exempt from poll-tax in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, Alameda, and Siskiyou ('outies.

287 FIRE PATROL CORPS. Act to confer certain powers upon.

-689, 690 FISH. Repealing Act of 1874, to protect in Plumas and Sierra Counties.

725 FITZPATRICK, A. G. Supervisors of San Francisco to allow claim of

850 FOLSOM, TOWN OF. Act to prevent goats running at large in


581-583 FRESNO COUNTY. Act concerning transfer of funds.

249 Act to establish boundary line between Tulare County,

397 Agriculture, Act to protect and prevent trespass.

-373, 376 Auditor to be Superintendent of Schools

152 Fresno, Town of, Act to prevent animals and fowls running at large in.

57 Offices of Auditor and Recorder separated

151-153 (Amended)

363 Supervisors to appoint Squirrel Inspectors.

143 Swamp Land District No. 125, extending time for completing reclamation of 82 Tax Collector, bond of

16 Water-ditches for irrigating, etc., Act concerning


GALLINAS SLOUGH. Act declaring same navigable.
GILROY, CITY OF. Amending Act of 1870, relative to office of Treasurer.

724 GOLDEN GATE PARK. Act to provide for preservation and improvement of.

861 GORDON, LAURA DE FORCE. Act to pay claim of, against Swamp Land District No. 5, in San Joaquin County.

460 GOVERNOR OF STATE. Act imposing certain duties on, relative to rewards for robbers. 855 Appropriation for department of

747 Arbitration, Board of, for San Francisco, to be member of_

905 City Criminal Court, San Francisco, to appoint Judge of

829 Los Angeles (ity, to appoint Board of Public Works for

857 Napa State Insane Asylum, to appoint Trustees of

133 State Land Commission, to appoint

798 State Prison Directors, to appoint.

832 State Prison buildings, plans to be approved by

428 Transportation Commissioners, to appoint

783 Twenty-first Judicial District, to appoint Judge of

59 Twenty-second Judicial District, to appoint Judge of.

529 West Sile Irrigation District, to appoint Commissioners for

732 GRASS VALLEY, CITY OF. Appropriation for Ladies' Relief Society

828 GREEN, GEORGE. Release from bail-bond of J. W. Adams..

.688, 689 GREEN, JAMES J. Act authorizing to sue State


HASTINGS, E. 0. F. Act to pay claim of.
HAYWARD), TOWN OF. Act to incorporate_
HEALDSBURG, CITY OF. Amending Act of 1874, concerning city charter.

College building, to aid in construction of.
Incorporation of, amending Act of 1874, in relation to.

Police Judge, fees and salary of
HOAGLAND, JOHN. Act enabling to sue Sacramento City


854 215-232

-90, 91 .890, 891 .891, 992

893 -214, 215


HOLLISTER, TOWN OF. Issuance of bonds for fire and water purposes.

125-129 HUMBOLDT COUNTY. Amending Act of 1874, relative to annexation to Klamath and Siskiyou

603-606 Arcata Transportation Company, granting lands for use of

456 Clerk, fixing compensation of

61 District Attorney, fixing salary of.... Indigent poor and dependent sick, relief and maintenance of.

41-4 (Amended) Mad River, authorizing G. S. Baker to construct boom on.

395 Political Code made applicable to.

511 Roads and highways, Act in relation to

477-481 Supervisors to erect almshouse and hospital.

Supervisors, fixing number of.
Supervisors to issue bonds for construction of wagon road from Grizzly Flat to
Camp Grant..

509 Supervisors to appoint Commissioners to apportion indebtedness and levy tax 603-605 Wagon roads, concerning construction of.

47-52 Wagon road from Grizzly Flat to Camp Grant, construction of

509, 510 Wild animals, Act to encourage destruction of

533, 5.34 HUNT, B. E. Act allowing claim of...

686, 657 HUNTÍNG. Act to prohibit on inclosed lands.

INDENTURES. Act in relation to indenture of minors.

-842, 813 INSANE PERSONS. Concerning commitment of...

137 INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Act for relief of and protection of creditors.

581-583 INSPECTOR OF STEAM BOILERS. Act providing for appointment of, etc. 496-199 INSURANCE COMMISSIONER. Appropriation for department of

750 INTERPRETER. Act providing for additional, for Criminal Courts in San Francisco__153, 154 INYO COUNTY. Assessor, fixing salary of.

31 Public roads, improvement of --

421, 492 Road Overseer, Supervisors to appoint

421 IRRIGATION. San Bernardino County, Act to protect in, etc..

486, 187 West Side Irrigation District, Act concerning


599 -71, 12



45 750

JACKSON, JOIIN. Act for relief of.
JUDGES, COUNTY. Lake, salary of..

San Francisco, when may preside in Municipal Criminal Court.
San Luis Obispo, salary of
Santa Clara, salary of
Santa Cruz, salary of -

Tuolumne, salary of..
JUDGES, DISTRICT. Appropriation for salaries of

Twenty-first, salary of, etc.

Twenty-second, salary of, etc.
JUDICIAL DISTRICTS. Eighteenth, terms of Court of..-

Twenty-first, Act to create, appointment, and election of Judge, etc.

Twenty-second, Act to create, appointment, and election of Judge, etc.
JURORS. Registered pharmacists in San Francisco exempt from duties of

San Luis Obispo, per diem and mileage of..
JUSTICES OF PEACE. Alameda County, jurisdiction of, in Town of Hayward

Alameda County, jurisdiction of, in Town of Livermore
Butte County, jurisdiction of, in Town of Red Bluff.
Calaveras County, limiting number of, in each towuship-
Colusa County, jurisdiction of, etc., in Town of Colusa
Los Angeles County, providing additional one for Los Angeles City
San Francisco, Act in relation to issuance of summons by -


311 58, 59 528, 529

586 912 231 929

611 78, 79 -678, 679

3 855

KELLY, WILLIAM. Treasurer of San Francisco to pay warrants issued to
KERN COUNTY. Assessor, bond and salary of
Auditor and Recorder, separation of offices of

Auditor to be Superintendent of Schools.
Bonds, issuance of, to pay indebtedness.-
Sheriff, traveling fees of ---
Squirrel Inspector, Supervisors to appoint.
Supervisors to levy bond tax.
Tax Collector, bond of..


172 151-153


Water ditches, Act concerning, for irrigating-
KING'S RIVER. Act granting franchise for erection of booms on

152 645-648

45 143

16 547-549 499, 500

KLAMATH COUNTY. Amending Act of 1874, relative to annexation to Humboldt and Siskiyou

603-606 Supervisors to allow claim of Assessor of Humboldt County.


LAKE COUNTY. Act authorizing issuance of bonds to pay judgment against 209, 210 (Amended).

405 Assessor of Road District, election of

396 Fees and salaries of officers, Act concerning

599-603 Lower Lake School District to raise funds by tax

313, 314 Roads and highways, Act concerning

385-388 Sheep, Act to prevent running at large

312, 313 Wild animals, Act to encourage destruction of

533, 534 LANDS, STATE. Act to provide for examination into sale and disposal of

798, 799 Redemption of, sold to State for delinquent taxes.

-687, 688 San Francisco, granted for extension of Seventh Street

781 LASSEN COUNTY. Milford, concerning hogs running at large in

798, 799 Public roads, Act concerning -

539-542 (Amended).

858 Treasurer, fixing bond of.


F. Act granting franchise to supply Town of Modesto with water. LEIDESDORFF STREET. Act providing for opening and extension of

563-566 LEXINGTON, TOWN OF. Name changed to "El Monte"

854 LIBRARY, STATE. Appropriation for department of

749 LICENSES. Act in relation to collection of, in Mariposa and Merced Counties

508 Peddlers of drugs, nostrums, etc., Act fixing

794 Repealing local option law.

10 LICENSE COLLECTORS. San Francisco, Act concerning office of

860 LIVERMORE, TOWN OF. Act to incorporate.

913-929 Bonds of officers of

926 Constables, powers and duties of

917 Elections, for officers of.

-913, 914 Justices of Peace, powers and duties of

917 Licenses, concerning

916 Officers, duties of certain.

927, 928 Streets, opening and improvement of

918-925 Taxes of

915 Trustees, powers and duties of

914 LODGING-HOUSES. Act concerning regulation of, in incorporated cities (requiring five hundred cubic feet of air for each person)

759 LOS ANGELES CITY. Act authorizing issuance of bonds for irrigating purposes. 79, 80 Board of Public Works, Act to create.

.856, 857 Bond of officers

701 City Court, jurisdiction of

704 City Clerk, duties of

699 City officers, enumeration, powers, and duties of_

696-705 Common Council, rights. powers, and duties of

697 Condemnation of private property-

705-710 Corporation, in relation to holding of property

694 Los Angeles River, corporate right to use of

693 Mayor and Council, power to create certain oflices.

695 Mayor and Council, to pay certain indebtedness.

52 Police Commissioners, how composed..

722 Revising Act of 1874, amending Act to incorporate

092-723 Sewers, issuance of bonis for building

398-400 Sisters of Merey Hospital, appropriation for

828 Streets, grading and improvement of

710-717 LOS ANGELES COUNTY. Artesian wells and waste water, Act concerning

331, 332 Assessor of, compensation for collection of certain taxes.

570 Bridge across Los Angeles River, construction of

-589, 890 Constable, to provide additional for Los Angeles TownshipDistriet Attorney, Supervisors to appoint.-

15 Justice of Peace, to provide additional for Los Angeles Township

3 Lexington, name of changed to “ El Monte"

851 Los Angeles River, tax for construction of bridge across

890) Roads and highways, Act concerning

30, 31 Sea-gulls, Act to protect

278 Sheriff of, regulation of fees

130 Spring Street School District, Trustees to levy tax.

400, 401 Supervisors to be Commissioners of Highways. Supervisors to issue bonds to erect jail..

519-522 Treasury, Act to provide for better protection of

365-366 (Amended).




LOS ANGELES RIVER. Act for construction of bridge across_

Los Angeles City, right to use of waters of.. LOVE, JOHN L. Act authorizing to sue State LUMBER MANUFACTURERS. Act to protect

889, 890

693 680 32


MANDEVILLE, J. W. Act for relief of widow and family of_

76 MARIN COUNTY. County and Probate Courts, terms of

594 Gallinas Slough, declared navigable..

485 Roads and highways, to prevent trespass upon by stock.

482-484 Road poll-taxes, collection of..

180 School moneys, distribution of

-568, 569 Trespass, Acts made applicable to.. MARIPOSA COUNTY. Licenses, concerning collection of

508 Roads, construction and maintenance of..

650-652 Supervisors to allow claim of David Eganhoff

508 Treasurer, fixing bond of.. MARSHALL, J. W. Act for relief of

681 MARTINEZ, TOWN OF. Act to incorporate.

822-828 Elections for officers of

827 Trustees, powers and duties of...

823 MARYSVILLE, CITY OF. Act to provide for funding levy indebtedness of.

60-62 Act to reincorporate

149-151 Benevolent Association, appropriation for

828 Levees, construction and repairs of

131, 132 Levee Commissioners to issue bonds..

60 MASTERS AND APPRENTICES. Act in relation to..

842-845 MCCLATCHY, JAMES. Act authorizing to sue Sacramento County

796 MECHANICS' ART COLLEGE. Appropriation for

751 MEDICINE. Act to regulate practice of

792-794 MELONE DRURY. Act authorizing to sue the State

680 MENDOCINO COUNTY. Bridges, concerning erection of

376-382 Funded indebtedness of, providing for payment of..

851 Public schools, payment of outstanding claims against

76-78 Roads, concerning improvement of

376-382 Wild animals, Act to encourage destruction of

-533, 534 MENLO PARK, TOWN OF. Repealing Act of 1874, to incorporate

400 MERCED COUNTY. County Court, fixing terms of_

215 Licenses, collection of

508 Supervisors to appoint Squirrel Inspectors

143 Witnesses, repealing Act of 1874, regulating fees of_

493 MIGRATORY HERDS. Taxation of, Act providing for equitable distribution of_

797 MILEAGE. [See Salaries.] MILLVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT. Act in relation to taking census in.

817 MINERAL LANDS. Amending Act of 1874, regulating sales of..

20, 21 MINORS. Act in relation to apprenticeship of

842-845 MODESTO, TOWN OF. Act to provide water supply for

41 MODOC COUNTY. Act concerning lawful and partition fences in.

71 Bonds issued to Siskiyou ('ounty, to provide for payment of

649 County and Probate Courts, terms of

171 Dorris' Bridge, name changed to “ Alturas

513 Laws of State, Secretary of State to furnish officers with

16 School Superintendent of, to apportion school moneys.

33 Supervisors of, to erect jail.-

18 MONO COUNTY. Trespass Acts made applicable to First Supervisor District.

5 MONTEREY COUNTY. Act in relation to transfer of funds.

395 Bonds of, Commissioners to issue to pay indebtedness.

177 County Court, fixing terms of

35 Commissioners to determine indebtedness, appointment of

177 Salinas City, Act to reincorporate

94-119 Supervisors, fixing terms of members of

124, 125 Supervisors to appoint Squirrel Inspectors

143 MONTGOMERY AVENT E. Act in relation to change and modification of grade of._-753-758 MUNICIPAL CRIMINAL COURT. San Francisco, when County Judge may preside in 71, 72 MUTUAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Act in relation to sales and conveyances by-525, 526

NAPA CITY. Amending Act of 1874, to reincorporate

Ladies' Relief and Protection Society, appropriation for..
Repealing Act of 1872, authorizing construction of bridge across Napa River



Trustees to supply town with fresh water
NAPA COUNTY. Bonham, N. M., legalizing acts of as Acting Notary Public..

Hunt, B. E., claim of allowed.

855 595-599

572 .686, 687

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