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Rewards, for payment of, offered by the Governor.

750 Secretary of State, for department of

-747, 748 Senate, for pay of officers and clerks of

747 Senate, for contingent expenses of

747 State stamps, for redemption of.

727-728 Stationery, lights and fuel, blank books, etc., deficiency for twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh fiscal years

10 Stationery, lights and fuel, blank books, etc., for purchase of.

750 Superintendent of Public Instruction, for department of.

749 Surveyor-General, for department of

748 Surveyor-General, for traveling expenses of

750 Treasurer, State, for department of

7-18 Treasury, State, for building vaults and doors in.

882 True, Elijah, for relief of..

806 Whitlock, George W., to pay claim of.

761 ARBITRATION. To compromise certain litigation concerning water-front in San Fran

cisco, Governor, Mayor of city, and Harbor Commissioners to constitute
Board of

905 ARCATA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Act granting land for right of way and use of...

486 ARTESIAN WELLS. Act concerning, in Los Angeles and Santa Clara Counties -331, 332 ASSESSORS, COUNTIES. Butte, Act in relation to salary of_

753 Contra Costa, regulating salary of...

91 Contra Costa, compensation for certain services of

529 Inyo, compensation of

81 Kern, salary of

172 Lake, regulating salary of, and deputy

600-603 Los Angeles, fees for collecting certain taxes.

570 Sacramento, salary of.

280, 281 Santa Clara, fees of

36 Santa Cruz, fees of

577 San Diego, salary and fees of.

592 San Luis Obispo, salary of

609 Solano, salary of..

56 Stanislaus, to coilect road and poll taxes.

570 Tulare, salary and bond of_

172 Tuolumne, salary of

45 Yuba, in relation to salary of

-522, 523 ASSESSORS, CITIES, TOWNS, AND DISTRICTS. Hayward, duties of

230 Levee District No. 2, election of

392 Lower Lake School District, election of

-313, 314 Lompoc School District, term of

413 Meridian School District, election and bond of

532 Santa Barbara Road District, election of..

496 Santa Cruz, salary, fees, and bond of..

203 Santa Cruz School District, term of

404 Santa Rosa, duties and salary of

261, 262 West Side Irrigation District, election of

732 West Side Irrigation District, salaries of deputies..

739 ASYLUM, DEAF AND DUMB AND BLIND. Act to provide for payment of certain indebtedness of...

53 Insane, Napa State, Act to provide for future management of

133-139 Insane, Napa State, appropriation to pay claims against

804 ATTORNEY, CITY. Chico, Trustees to appoint

23 St. Helena, fees of

449 ATTORNEY-GENERAL. Appropriation for department of

748 Contracts on behalf of State, duties in relation to

429-431 Duties of, in relation to compromise of tax-suits between Placer and Nevada Counties and the Central Pacific Railroad Company

--621, 622 Napa State Insane Asylum, to bring action to condemn water sources for use of.. 883 State University, same

816 To defend State in suits brought by Drury Melone, John L. Love, and James J. Green.

680 AUDITORS, BOARD OF, EL DORADO COUNTY. Amending Act of 1874, in relation to powers and duties of

681-684 AUDITORS, COUNTY. Butte, salary of

907 Contra Costa, regulating salary of_

92 Fresno, separation of office of from Recorder

151-153 (Amended)

363 Kern, separation of office of from Recorder.

151-153 (Amended)

363 Los Angeles, to keep records of bonds issued



Santa Clara, salary of
Nevada, to settle with Collector
San Diego, fees of.
San Francisco, Clerk of to be deputy, etc.
San Francisco, to draw warrant
San Francisco, to draw warrant in favor of Michael Purcell
Sutter, to prepare assessment lists for levee districts
Tulare, separation of office of from Recorder.

Tuolumne, salary of.


424 591-592

852 865 SS6

888 151-153

363 45

BAKER, G. S. Act granting franchise to erect boom on Mad River.

895 BANCROFT & CO. Appropriation to pay claim of

177 BANKS AND BANKING. Act concerning corporations for

729, 730 BARRY, E. Act authorizing to remove certain remains of deceased persons. BENICIA, CITY OF. Act granting further powers to Trustees of

120 BOOKER, S. A. Act for relief of

3 BUNDS, CITY AND TOWN. Hollister, Trustees to issue for fire and water purposes. 125 Los Angeles, Mayor and Council to issue for irrigation purposes.

79, 80 Los Angeles, to issue for sewerage purposes

398-400 Marysville, Levee Commissioners to issue.

60 Napa City, Trustees to issue for water purposes

632 Sacramento, Trustees to issue to satisfy judgment against

576 Salinas City, Council to issue to build school-house

545 San Buenaventura, issuance of for general purposes. Santa Cruz, of Assessor and Clerk

203 Stockton, to provide for redemption of.

471-473 BONDS, CITY AND TOWN OFFICIAL. Colusa, of officers of

701 Hayward, of officers of..

229 Livermore, of officers of.

926 Los Angeles, of officers of.

701 Los Angeles, of Board of Public Works.

857 Los ngeles, of bridge contractors

890 Petaluma, of officers of

289, 290 San Diego, of officers of.

813 Santa Rosa, of officers of

253, 254 St. Helena, of officers of BONDS, COUNTY. Butte, Chico School District to issue.

59 Butte, outstanding railroad bonds, for redemption of

501 El Dorado, redemption of.

684686 Humboldt, Supervisors to issue Humboldt, Supervisors to issue to build wagon road.

509 Kern, issuance of to pay indebtedness

645-648 Lake, Supervisors to issue to pay judgment.

209, 210 (Amended)

405 Lake, providing for payment of..

396 Los Angeles, Supervisors to issue to build jail.

520, 521 Mendocino, Supervisors to sell for road purposes

-376, 377 Modoe, Supervisors to issue for building Court-house and jail.

18 Monterey, Supervisors to issue

179 Plumas, Quincy School District to issue for school purposes

845 San Benito, Supervisors to issue

178 San Francisco, Dupont Street Commissioners to issue.

434 San Francisco, Supervisors to issue for water purposes.

503 San Francisco, City Hall Cominissioners to sell..

863, 864 San Joaquin, Supervisors to issue

235, 236 Santa Barbara, issuance of to build jail and hospital

278-280 Santa Barbara, Trustees of Lompoc School District to issue.

410-413 Santa Clara, Supervisors to issue

489 Santa Cruz, Trustees of Pajaro School District to issue.

IS San Luis Obispo, Supervisors to issue for road purposes

907 Solano, redemption of certain Stanislaus, Supervisors to issue for purchase of bridge

407 Sutter, Levee District Number Two, Supervisors to issue for

155 Tehama, Auditor and Treasurer to issue....

69 Tulare, issuance of for building Court-house and jail

26 (Amended)

-147, 148 BONDS, COUNTY OFFICIAL Alpine, of Treasurer. Calaveras, of Treasurer.

17 El Dorado, of Assessor and Collector of Placerville School District.

66 Fresno, of Tax Collector


.15, 16

Kern, of Tax Collector.--

16 Humboldt, of Road Overseers.

477 Inyo, of Road Overseers.

421 Kern, of Assessor

172 Lake, of Road District officers.

396 Lake, of Road Commissioners.

386 Lassen, of Road Commissioner

542 Lassen, of Treasurer

154 Mariposa, of Treasurer.

17 Modoc, of Treasurer

154 Sacramento, of Road Overseers.

660 San Diego, of Sheriff as Tax Collector

590 San Diego, of officers of

562 San Francisco, of Deputy Health Officer

305 San Francisco, of City Hall Commissioners, Secretary, and Surveyor.

461, 462 San Francisco, of Inspector of Steam Boilers

498 San Francisco, of contractor to open Sixth Street.

869 San Joaquin, of Road Overseers

343 San Luis Obispo, of officers of Mission School District

527 Solano, of Roadmasters

317 Sutter, of Assessor and Collector of Meridian School District

532 Tulare, of Tax Collector.

16 Tulare, of Assessor

172 Tuolumue, of Treasurer

17 BONDS, STATE OFFICIAL. Commissioners of Transportation

783 West Side Irrigation District, Commissioners to manage

733 BOOMS. King's River, Aet granting franchise to certain persons to erect

499, 500 Mad River, Act granting franchise to G. S. Baker to erect_

895 BREUNER, JOHN. Appropriations to pay claims of

332, 796 BRIDGES, PUBLIC. Alameda County, across estuary of San Antonio Creek

653-658 Contra Costa County, construction of, etc.

245 Los Angeles County, across Los Angeles River

889, 890 Mendocino County, protection of

376-378 Napa City, repealing Act of 1874, to construet and maintain across Napa River..

885 Petaluma Creek, erection of draw-bridge across

726 Sacramento County, construction and maintenance of

666, 667 San Bernardino County, construction of across Santa Anna River

570, 571 San Francisco, across Islais Creek

-762-772 San Francisco, across Channel Street

780, 866, 881 San Joaquin County, concerning construction of

344 Santa Cruz County, maintenance of, etc.

616 Solano County, concerning construction of

317, 318 Sonoma County, concerning construction of, etc.

276 BURLINGAME TREATY. Act authorizing Supervisors of San Francisco to appropriate moneys for expenses of commission to procure modification of

906 BUTTE COUNTY. Act to provide for better protection of treasury of

.365, 366 (Amended)

637 Act in relation to roads and highways

752 Amending Act of 1874, relative to issuance of bonds of Chico School District. 59 Amending Act of 1874, to protect agriculture

314 Assessor, amending Act of 1874, concerning salary of.

753 Division fences, Act concerning

175 Officers, salaries of...

906, 907 Outstanding railroad bonds, redemption of

501 Supervisors to redistrict certain school districts.

636 Road Fund, payment of debt of

492 BYRNES, JAMES. "Act granting release from bail-bond of James E. Ryan


CALAVERAS COUNTY. Act regulating township offices

78, 79 Agriculture, protection of electors to vote on trespass law)

901 District Attorney, concerning office of

141 Migratory herds of stock, taxation of

797 Mining locations, concerning recording of_

853 Supervisors, Act concerning

141 Treasurer, fixing bond of

17 CAPITAL SAVINGS BANK. Act to provide for payment of certain railroad coupons_881, 882 CHANNEL STREET, SAN FRANCISCO. Concerning bridge across.

780, 866-868 CHICO, TOWN OF. Amending Act of 1872, incorporating

22-24 School District, to issue bonds for building purposes.

59 CLARK, JAMES H. Act for relief of

327 CLERKS, CITIES AND TOWNS. Alameda, appointment and salary of


Hayward, duties of

230 Livermore, duties of

927 Los Angeles, duties of

699 Redwood City, election of

593 San Buenaventura, duties of

535 Santa Cruz, salary, fees, and bond of

203, 204 Santa Rosa, duties of

260 CLERKS, COUNTY. Alameda, fees of

128 Alameda, salary of..

166 Alameda, to employ additional deputies

365 Contra Costa, regulating salary of

91, 92 Contra Costa, fixing lees of

-85, S6 Fresno, fees of.

84-86 Humboldt, fixing compensation of

81 Lake, salary of

600 Plumas, compensation to be allowed.

9 San Benito, transcribed records of to be legal

512, 513 San Diego, fees of..

586-591 San Diego, office of separated from Recorder.

561, 562 San Francisco, fees of, relative to extension of Fifteenth Avenue

767 San Francisco, fees of, relative to opening of Sixth Street..

880 San Francisco, to keep ottice open on election days.

142 San Luis Obispo, salary of

609 Santa Barbara, to transfer certain Court papers to Ventura County

170 Santa Barbara, and deputies, salary of.

-212, 213 Santa Clara, salary of

35 Santa Clara, repealing section two of Act of 1872, in relation to salary

402 Santa Cruz, salary and fees of

576-578 Solano, to provide new Great Register.

181 Tehama, duties, salary, and fees of

232 Yuba, Act in relation to salary of.

522. 523 CLOVERDALE, TOWN OF. Amending Act of 1872, incorporating

171, 172 CODES. Act concerning publication of amendments to

311 Humboldt County, certain sections of Political made applicable to

511 Santa Barbara County, section made applicable to--

413 Siskiyou County, certain sections of Political not to apply to

529 Solano County, certain sections made applicable to..

316 Solano County, certain sections made applicable to, concerning roads.

324 Tulare County, Political made applicable to

531 COLLEGE CITY. Sale of intoxicating liquors within one mile of prohibited.

691 COLUSA COUNTY. Act to encourage destruction of wild animals in

„533, 534 College City, sale of intoxicating liquors within one mile of prohibited.

691 Partition fences, Act in relation to

207, 208 Reclamation District No. 124, concerning assessments in

801 Roads, public and private, Act concerning -

401 Roads and highways, amending Act of 1874, relative to.

481 COLUSA, TOWN OF. Act to incorporate.

669-679 Officers of, elections for

669, 670 Recorder's Court, jurisdiction of

675 Treasurer, duties of

676 Trustees to levy taxes.

-672-674 COMMISSIONERS. Contra Costa County, to assess reclamation expenses in Swamp Land District No. 118.

140 Oakland, City of, to supervise construction of bridge across San Antonio Creek_654-658 San Francisco, Mayor to appoint Water Commissioners.

82 San Francisco, powers and duties of Board of Water Commissioners

501-506 San Francisco, to extend Leidendorfi Street

563-566 San Francisco, of Fifteenth Avenue extension.

764 San Francisco, City Hall to sell bonds, etc.-

.863, 864 State Lands, to examine into sale and disposal of.

798, 799 Transportation, powers and duties of, etc.

783-791 CONLIN, J. J. Supervisors of San Francisco to pay claim of

794. 795 CONSTABLES. Calaveras County, fixing number of..

78, 79 Contra Costa County, fees of

88 Los Angeles. providing additional one for City of

3 Marin County, fees of for taking up animals

482 Nevada County, fees and mileage of

404 CONSTITUTION, STATE. Act recommending electors to vote for or against convention to revise and change

791 Proposed amendments to

929-934 CONTRACTS ON BEHALF OF STATE. Act to regulate in relation to erections and buildings

427-433 316

Aitorney-General to certify to -

429 Attorney-General to enforce

431 Prison labor, for

836-838 CONTRA COSTA COUNTY. Assessors, Act to fix fees of

529 Division fences. Act concerning

175 Officers of, Act fixing tees of

84-90 Officers of, regulating salaries and fixing compensation of

91-93 Roads, highways. and bridges, Act concerning

237-248 Swamp Land Reclamation District No. 118, assessinents in

140 CONTROLLER, STATE. Act authorizing transfer of certain moneys from General Fund to Swamp Land Fund

723, 724 Appropriation for department of

748 Duties of concerning redemption of State stamps

727, 728 Judgments against State, to draw warrants for

680 Mandeville, Mrs. J. W., to draw warrant in favor of

76 Marshall, J. W., to draw warrant in favor of

681 State Board of Examiners, to audit expenses of State Printing Office, to draw warrant for insurance of

327 To compare estimates of and contracts for State buildings

430, 431 To draw warrants for lands condemned for certain State purposes

816, 884 CONVENTION, CONSTITUTIONAL. Act to provide for.

791 CORONER. San Diego County, to report to Auditor

562 San Diego County, salary of_

592 San Francisco, concerning office of

397 Santa Cruz County, relating to office of

120 Santa Cruz County, fees of...

577 CORPORATIONS. Act authorizing to hold and improve houses and lots

653 Act concerning fire patrol corps

689, 690 Banking, Act concerning business of

729, 730 Societies for prevention of cruelty to children, Act concerning

830, 831 Trustees of to furnish shareholders with statements.

730, 731 COURT, CITY CRIMINAL. San Francisco, Act to create

829, 830 COURT COMMISSIONER. Contra Costa County, fees of

88 COURTS, COUNTY. Amador, fixing terms of

403 El Dorado, fixing terms of

522 Marin, fixing terms of.

594 Merced, fixing terms of

215 Modoc, terms of

171 Monterey, terms of

35 San Benito, fixing terms of

334 Solano, fixing terms of

649, 650 Stanislaus, fixing terms of

802 Ventura, fixing terms of

572 COURTS, DISTRICT. Eighteenth, terins of

311 Twenty-first, terms of Twenty-second, terms of

528 COURTS, POLICE JUDGE'S. San Francisco, Prosecuting Attorney of to appoint Clerk.

856 COURTS, PROBATE. Marin County, fixing terms of.

594 Modoc County, fixing terms of

171 Solano County, fixing terms of

649, 650 COURT, SUPREME. Appropriation for salaries of Justices and officers of

749, 750 COVARRUBIAS, N. A. Act for relief of CREDITORS. Act for protection of




DEAF AND DUMB AND BLIND ASYLUM. Act to provide for supply of water for.- 816 Appropriation for erection of buildings for..

593 Appropriation for payment of indebtedness of

53 Directors of, powers conferred upon..

686 DEBTOR. Act for protection of creditors

581-583 DECEASED PERSONS. San Francisco, removal of from California Street

865 San Francisco, regulating transportation of...

304 Sierra County, authorizing E. Barry to remove remains of_

47 DEL NORTE COUNTY. Act to transfer Swamp Land Fund to General Fund

143 Act in relation to fences and pounds in Sonoma made applicable to

391 Repealing existing road laws of

335 Superintendent of Schools, concerning salary of

507, 508 Wild animals, Act to encourage destruction of..

533, 534 DORRIS' BRIDGE, TOWN OF. Act changing name of to “Alturas"

513 DIRECTORS OF STATE PRISON. Aet providing for letting contracts for buildings at San Quentin

643 Governor to appoint in 1879, and duties of


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