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SEC. 19. It shall be unlawful for any person to entice, Misdecounsel, or persuade to run away any apprentice, or employ, meanor. harbor, or conceal such, knowing said apprentice to be a runaway; and the parties so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be subject to fine of not less than fifty and not more than one hundred dollars, to be recovered by the master in any Court having jurisdiction thereof.

SEC. 20. Whenever any master of an apprentice shall When wish to remove out of this state, or to quit his trade or busi- master reness, he shall appear with his apprentice before the County this state. Court of the proper county, and if the Court be satisfied that the master has done justice to the said apprentice, for the time he has had charge of the same, such Court shall have power to discharge such apprentice from the service of such master, and again bind him, if necessary, to some other person.

SEC. 21. All Acts and parts of Acts in conflict with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 22. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

CHAP. DLIV.-An Act to authorize Quincy School District to

issue bonds for building purposes.

[Approved April 3, 1876.) The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1. The Trustees of Quincy School District, in Trustees to the County of Plumas, are hereby authorized and empowered call election. to call an election, at which shall be submitted to the electors of the district the question whether bonds of said school district, to the amount of four thousand dollars, shall be issued for the purpose of erecting and furnishing a schoolhouse.

SEC. 2. Such election shall be called by posting notices Notice of. in three of the most public places in the district, for not less than ten days, and publishing such notices for at least two weeks prior to said election, in a newspaper published in said county:

SEC. 3. The Trustees shall appoint one Inspector and two How held. Judges to conduct such election, and said election shall be held in all respects as nearly as practicable in conformity with the general election law.

SEC. 4. At such election the ballots shall contain the Ballots. words "School bonds to issue-Yes," or "School bonds to issue-No," printed or written thereon.

SEC. 5. If at such election a majority of the votes cast shall Trusters be “School bonds to issue— Yes," then the Trustees of said may issue school district shall be authorized, and are hereby empowered and directed, to issue bonds of the Quincy School District for the sum of four thousand dollars, payable in gold coin,

Form of bond.

How signed.

Elections for


in ten years after the date of said bonds, and to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent. per annum, payable annually in gold coin at the office of the County Treasurer of Plumas County.

SEC. 6. Said bonds shall be of the denomination of one hundred dollars each, with coupons for interest attached, and shall be signed by the Chairman and Clerk of said Board of Trustees, and by the School Superintendent of said county, and by the County Auditor of said county, and shall be authenticated by the seal of said County Auditor; and each of said bonds shall purport that the said school district owes to the holder thereof the sum of one hundred dollars, in gold coin, payable and having interest aforesaid.

SEC. 7.' The said School Superintendent must sign said bonds when the same shall have been issued and signed by said Chairman and Clerk of the Board of Trustees, and the said Auditor must sign and authenticate with the proper seal each of said bonds, after the same have been signed by said School Superintendent.

SEC. 8. Within three months after the issuance of any Assessor and bonds, under the provisions of this Act, and every year there

after, until all the bonds and the interest thereon are fully paid, the qualified electors of Quincy School District shall elect one District Assessor and one District Tax Collector. The first election of said officers shall be held at such time and place as shall be designated by the Board of Trustees. All subsequent elections must be held at the same time as is by law required for the election of District Trustees, and notice of such election must be given, officers to conduct the same must be appointed, and the same must be conducted in all respects as the law requires for the election of District Trustees, except in this: that the officers conducting said elections must, within three days thereafter, make return thereof to the said Board of Trustees, and said Board must canvass said election returns, and must issue thereupon certificates of election to the persons having received the highest number of votes cast. The term of office of the persons so elected at the first election shall commence upon their reception of a certificate of election and qualifying, as herein provided, and shall continue until the first Monday in July in the second year after their election; and thereafter the term of said officers shall commence on the first Monday in July after their election, and continue for one year, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The persons elected to said offices, within ten days after receiving their certificates of election, must qualify by taking the oath of office, and executing and filing with the District Clerk an official bond in the sum of one thousand dollars; said bonds to be executed in the same manner as other official bonds, and said bond to be approved by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

SEC. 9. It shall be the duty of the District Assessor, immediately after his election as such Assessor, and thereafter on the second Monday in July in each year, to commence making an assessment of all property in said district, both real and personal, liable to taxation. Such assessment shall be made

Bonds of

Duties of

of taxes.

year to


in the same manner as the assessment for State and county purposes is required by law to be made, and said District Assessor, within his district, have and exercise all the powers by law conferred upon County Assessors. Said assessment in each year shall be finished, and the assessment roll delivered to the Board of Trustees of said district, on the last Monday in August of each year.

SEC. 10. The Trustees, after receiving the assessment roll Equalization from the Assessor, must give five days' notice thereof, by posting notices in three public places in said district, and at such times and places as have been named in such posted notices they must sit as a Board of Equalization; their sessions as such must continue for at least two days, and not more than five days. During their session they must equalize said assessment, and for that purpose they have the same power as the County Board of Equalization to make any change in said assessment roll. As soon as the work of equalization has been completed, the Trustees must levy a tax Interest and upon the property in said district sufficient in each pay all the interest aceruing on all the bonds issued under the provisions of this Act during the year, and all the expenses of assessing and collecting said tax, also, sufficient to create a Redemption Fund of not less than four hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars annually, They shall also compute the rate to be levied, as required by the Political Code in relation to other district taxes; and said taxes, when so levied, shall be a lien upon all the property in said district upon which they are assessed; which lien shall attach in each year on the second Monday in July, and shall continue until said taxes are fully paid, or until the property upon which the same has been assessed vests absolutely in a purchaser, under a valid sale, for the satisfaction of such taxes.

SEC. 11. Immediately after the levy of the taxes aforesaid Assessment the District Clerk and the. Assessor must compute and carry out on the assessment roll the amount of taxes due from each person or each parcel of property assessed, in the same manner as the law requires the Auditor to do in the county assessments; and on the first Monday in October of each year the Clerk of the district must deliver to the District Collector the said district assessment roll, duly certified by the said Clerk, and he must take a receipt therefor from said Collector, and must charge him with the full amount of the taxes due thereon; and said District Clerk must immediately forward a copy of said receipt, certified to by him, to the County Auditor of said county.

SEC. 12. The District Collector, after receiving said assess. Duties of ment roll, must collect the taxes due thereon from the persons and property assessed, in the same manner as the County Tax Collector is by law required to collect State and county taxes; and the taxes remaining unpaid on said district assesment roll shall, in each year, become delinquent at the same time State and county taxes become delinquent; and on said delinquent taxes the same percentage shall be allowed, and they shall be collected in the same manner as delinquent



Auditor to settle with Collector.


State and county taxes. For the purpose of collecting said taxes, the District Tax Collector shall have and exercise, within said district, the same powers that by law are conferred upon the County Tax Collector. The District Tax Collector must pay over all moneys collected by him to the County Treasurer, and must make settlement therefor with both the County Auditor and the District Clerk at the same time and in the same manner as the County Tax Collector is required by law to do in relation to State and county taxes.

SEC. 13. The County Auditor, upon receiving the copy of the receipt of the Tax Collector, provided for in section eleven of this Act, must charge the District Collector with the amount of taxes receipted for, in an account to be kept by him, and must make settlement with him, in relation to said district assessment roll, in the same manner that he is required to charge the County Tax Collector and settle with him on account of State and county taxes; and upon receiving from said Collector the Treasurer's receipts for moneys paid him on account of such taxes, the County Auditor must charge the County Treasurer with the amount specified in such receipt.

SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of said County Treasurer to place all moneys paid into the county treasury, by virtue of this Act, to the credit of said school district, and shall be subject to and be and [used] by said Trustees for the payment of the interest of said bonds, and for their redemption in the manner hereinafter provided.

Sec. 15. The said School Trustees are hereby authorized huw applied, and empowered to use the said bonds, or the money realized

from the sale thereof, for the erection of a suitable building for public school purposes, and for furnishing the same, and for making necessary improvements upon the lot upon which such building is located, and for no other purpose.

SEC. 16. The said bonds shall be sold by the said School Trustees to the person or persons offering the highest price therefor; provided, said bid or bids shall not be less than eighty-five per cent. of the par value thereof; and provided further, that said Trustees may use the said bonds directly in payment for any and all the expenses incurred, or to be incurred, in the erection and furnishing of said school building and improvements, if they deem it for the best interest of said school district so to do. For the purpose of selling said bonds it shall be the duty of said School Trustees to advertise the same for sale for at least four days in some daily newspaper published in San Francisco, and for two weeks in some newspaper published in Plumas County, inviting proposals for the purchase thereof; and the purchasers whose bid shall be accepted shall pay into the county treasury the amount bid by them, and shall be entitled to receive from said Trustees the bonds so purchased. Whenever there shall be four hundred dollars in said Interest a [and] Redemption Fund in excess of the amount required to pay the interest for that year, the School Trustees shall give notice, by one week's publication in some newspaper


Sale of bonds.

Notice to bidders.

published in said Plumas County, that sealed proposals directed to them, for the surrender of the bonds of said school district, will be received by them until a certain time, to be designated in said notice. On the day and at the place Surrender named in said notice they shall open all proposals received of bonds. for the surrender of said bonds, and accept the lowest bids offered until they shall have accepted an amount sufficient to exhaust the money in said fund not then required for the payment of said interest; provided, that no bid for more than par value shall be accepted, nor any bid unless the bonds to be surrendered accompany the bid. All bonds so redeemed shall be canceled by writing the word “Paid” across the face of the bond, with the date of the surrender of the same, which shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Should no bids be received for par value or less, the money in said fund shall be used for the redemption of said bonds according to their number and the date of their issue, and the said School Trustees shall give the same notice as is required by law in the case of redemption of county warrants, and after thirty days from the date of said notice the bonds proposed to be redeemed shall cease to draw interest; and if any such bonds shall not be presented for redemption within three months from date of such notice, said Trustees shall apply the money for the redemption of bonds next in order, according to the number of their issue. In the year eighteen hundred and eighty-six, provided said bonds shall not have all been previously redeemed, there shall be levied and collected in said school district, in the manner herein before provided, an amount of money sufficient to redeem and pay all the said bonds then remaining unpaid. Each of the officers named herein shall be responsible, on his official bond, for all acts performed by him under the provisions of this Act.

SEC. 17. The District Assessor and District Tax Collector, Salaries of for the services required of them under the provisions of this collector. Act, shall each receive a salary of fifty dollars per annum, which shall be payable annually, on the first Monday in January of each year, out of the moneys received from county taxes in the Quincy School District Fund; and on the first Monday of January of each year, the Trustees of said Quincy School District shall audit the salaries then due the said Assessor and Collector, and order the same paid; and upon the filing of such order with him, the County Superintendent shall issue his warrant for the amount therein specified, in the same manner as he is required to issue other warrants; and upon presentation of such school warrant the County Treasurer shall pay the salaries of said Assessor and Collector out of the county portion of the moneys in the Quincy School District Fund.

SEC. 18. No other officers, except the Assessor and Collector, charged with any duties under the provisions of this Act, shall be allowed to receive any compensation for any service. SEC. 19. From the time of the issuance of any bonds, as boundaries.

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