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assessment rolls, and such record certified by the City Clerk; a street and slough improvement and sewerage register, in which shall be entered, under the proper heads, a memorandum of each and every action had, referring to the page and

book of record in all matters of street and slough improveDuties as As- ment and sewerage. It shall be his duty as City Assessor, in

each and every year, between the first Monday in April and the first Monday in July, to make out a true list of all the taxable property within the limits of the city, which list, when so made out and certified by him, shall be placed in the hands of the Common Council for equalization. The mode of makingout such list, and ascertaining the value of the property, shall be the same as prescribed by law for assessing State and county taxes. He shall apportion the taxes upon the assessment, and make out and deliver to the City Collector a tax list in the usual form as soon as practicable after the Common Councii, as a Board of Equalization, have equalized the assessment, and do and perform all such other duties as may be prescribed by this Act, or as, by ordinance

or otherwise, may be required of him by the Common CounReceipts and cil. It shall be the duty of the City Clerk to report to the

Common Council quarterly a full and detailed statement of the receipts and disbursements of the city government, and the state of each particular fund; such quarterly report, duly verified by his oath, shall be published once in some newspaper published in Salinas City, as the Mayor and Common Council shall direct. At the end of the fiscal year he shall make a full and detailed statement of the receipts and expenditures of the city during said year, specifying the different sources of revenue, and the amount received from each, and the objects for which they were made, and the amount of money expended under each ; evidences of indebtedness issued, and what portion thereof remains outstanding, with the rate and amount of interest due thereon, and the amount of cash on hand. He shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations. He shall, with the concurrence of the Mayor and Common Council, appoint one or more deputies.

SEC. 42. For his services as such Assessor and City Clerk he shall receive such monthly salary as may be allowed by the Mayor and Common Council, at their regular monthly meetings, on the first Monday in each month. He shall also be entitled to collect and receive to his own use, for drawing and making out any deed for real estate sold by the city (other than burial lots), the sum of two dollars; and for any transcript of the records, or copies of papers in his office, such fees per folio and certificates as are by law allowed to the County Recorder of Monterey County for like services; provided, no charge shall be made for any copies, transcripts, or certificates required or demanded by said city; and provided further, that Salinas City shall in no event be liable for any of the fees or charges hereinbefore provided for, except the salary allowed by the Mayor and Common Council.

SEC. 43. It shall be the duty of the City Treasurer and Collector to collect all licenses, taxes that shall at any time

Compensation of Assessor and Clerk.

Treasurer and Col

be due the city, and to receipt for the same; to receive the Duties of tax list, and, upon the receipt thereof, to proceed to collect the same, at the time and manner as prescribed by ordinance lector. for the collection of the same, the said Treasurer and Collector being hereby vested with all and the same powers to make collections of taxes and licenses for said city as is or shall hereafter be conferred upon Collectors for the collection of State and county taxes and licenses; and it shall be his duty to collect, in the same manner and with the same authority, any tax list or assessment placed in his hands, within such time as may be by ordinance prescribed, and place all taxes, assessments, and licenses, and other moneys collected by him belonging to the city, in the city treasury; and on the first Monday in each and every month, or as often as the Mayor and Common Council may by ordinance direct, file with the City Clerk his affidavit, stating the amount of money collected by him belonging to the city, for the preceding month, or for such other period of time as may have been prescribed, the sources from which the same has been received ; and said affidavit shall be subscribed and sworn to. It shall be the duty of said City Collector and Treasurer to receive and safely keep all moneys that shall come into his hands belonging to Salinas City, for all of which he shall give duplicate receipts, one of which shall be filed with the City Clerk. He shall each day deposit all moneys by him, as such Treasurer, before that time collected or received, in such bank in Salinas City as the Mayor and Common Council may by resolution direct, and shall countersign all warrants issued by order of the Mayor and Common Council, and signed by the Mayor, and countersigned by the City Clerk. He shall perform such other duties as may be compensaby ordinance required of him by said Mayor and Common tirer anchesCouncil; and for his compensation as such Treasurer and lector. Collector he shall receive such salary monthly as may be allowed by the Mayor and Common Council. The City Collector and Treasurer shall make quarterly settlements with the City Clerk, and shall file with said Člerk a statement under oath of the same; and in said statement he shall set forth the entire amount of moneys by him received during the preceding quarter, and placed with the bank depositary, and also the gross amount of all warrants drawn during said quarter against said Public Fund.

SEC. 44. It shall be the duty of the City Clerk, upon the Public monfirst Monday in April in each and every year, to cause notice to be given by public advertisement for one week, in some libre, newspaper published in Salinas City, that sealed proposals alvertise for will be received from any bank of deposit in Salinas City, as proposals. to the terms and conditions upon which they will receive and disburse the public moneys of said city. Such proposals will be received up to twelve o'clock M. of the second Monday in said month of April. The proposals to be made shall specify the rate of interest per month that will be allowed upon such deposits of public moneys, and shall further provide that said banking house will at any time, upon warrants properly drawn and presented, pay out and disburse on


Oaths and bonds of officers,

demand, all moneys of said city then on deposit in said bank, if required to pay such warrants. Such sealed proposals shall be publicly opened by the Clerk in the presence of the Mayor and Common Council. The bank offering the

highest rate of interest shall be appointed the depositary Security of such public funds and moneys. Such depositary thus required, selected shall give a bond, with two or more sureties, in the

sum of fifty thousand dollars, or such further sum as the Mayor and Common Council may direct, conditioned for the faithful keeping and proper disbursement of all such moneys; said bond to be approved by the Mayor and Common Council. Upon the approval of such bond, the Mayor and Common Council shall, by resolution, direct the City Treasurer to deposit each day with the bank thus selected, all public moneys by him collected or received. For each deposit the Treasurer shall take the receipt of the bank, and from and after the deposit of such moneys in said bank the Treasurer and his bondsmen shall no longer be liable therefore [therefor).

SEC. 45. At any time the Mayor and Common Council may, by resolution, direct such bank of deposit to give additional or other security for the charge and disbursenient of said moneys, and until such other security is given and approved, may direct the Treasurer to retain such moneys in his own possession.

SEC. 46. All city officers, whether elected by the people or

appointed by the Mayor and Common Council, shall, before where filed. entering upon the duties of their office, take and subscribe

the oath of office prescribed by law. All such officers, other than the Mayor, members of the Common Council, and the Board of Education, shall each, before entering upon the duties of his office, give a bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Mayor and Common Council, payable to Salinas City, in such sum as may be fixed by ordinance, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office, as required by law and the ordinances and regulations passed and approved by the Mayor and Common Council of Salinas City. Should the bond of any officer become insufficient, he shall give such additional security as the Mayor and Common Council may require, and upon his failure to do so at the time required, or within five days thereafter, his office shall be declared vacant, and may be filled as herein provided for. The official bond of every officer named in this Act, except the bond of the City Assessor and Clerk, shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk. The official bond of the City Assessor and Clerk shall be filed with the Mayor of Salinas City.

SEC. 47. Justices of the Peace of Alisal Township are the peace of hereby declared competent to discharge all the duties of

Police Justice for Salinas City; and for all services and proceedings before a Justice of the Peace in a criminal proceeding or action arising under the provisions of this Act, or of any ordinance which may now or hereafter be in force in said city, he shall have and be entitled to receive from Salinas City the sum of two dollars, payable out of the General

Jurisdiction of Justices of


Fund, and all fines imposed by such Justices for any breach of the peace within the corporate limits of Salinas City, or for any violation of the city ordinances, shall be paid into the city treasury and placed to the credit of the General Fund. And it is hereby expressly provided that no demand shall be allowed or warrant drawn in favor of any Justice of the Peace who shall fail to pay into the city treasury the fines collected in criminal cases, where the criine shall have been committed within the corporate limits of Salinas City, when such crime by law is punishable by fine, and which fine, if paid, would have, under the provisions of this Act, been justly due and payable to the General Fund of the city.

SEC. 48. If at any time the Justices of the Peace of Alisal Mayor to Township refuse or fail to perform the duties of Police Jus- hold. Court tice, as by this Act required, it shall be competent and is cases. hereby made the duty of the Mayor to hold such Court, with all such jurisdiction and authority as is conferred by law upon Justices of the Peace in all criminal matters wherein the crime may have been committed within the corporate limits of said city, and for all violations of city ordinances, and shall be entitled to collect and retain the same fees in all cases by law and the provisions of this Act shall be paid to such Justices.

SEC. 49. On the first Monday in July succeeding their Board of election, the Trustees of Salinas City School District shall Education, meet at their rooms in the City Hall of Salinas City and posed; duties then organize as a Board of Education by electing a President from their own body. It shall be the duty of the President to preside over the meetings of the Board and to call special meetings; he shall be entitled to a vote, and in his absence any member of the Board may be chosen to preside in his place. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but any smaller number may adjourn from time to time. The Board may enact rules for the conduct of its own proceedings. Its sessions shall be public.

SEC. 50. The Board of Education shall cause the Clerk to Clerk to prepare and submit each quarter to said Board a tabular report statement, in writing, of the condition of the several schools schools. of the city, by name. Such statement shall contain the several items of expenditure incurred during the preceding quarter for each such school, and the entire money disbursements upon the same. Such report shall be in duplicate, and one copy thereof shall be by said Clerk forth with transmitted to the Clerk of the Common Council.

SEC. 51. The Board of Education shall have power :
First-To establish and maintain public schools.
Second-To employ and dismiss the City Superintendent,

Appointteachers, janitors, and School Census Marshals; and to fix, ment of Sualter, allow, and order paid their salaries or compensation, ent, Janitors, which salaries and compensation shall be fixed by the Board etc. of Education ; provided, that the term of employment of the Superintendent and teachers shall expire on or before the last day of June of each and every year; and to withhold, for

condition of

powers of
Board of


printing, fuel, etc.


attend school.

good and sufficient cause, the whole or any part of the salary

or wages of any person or persons employed as aforesaid. Rules and Third-To make, establish, and enforce all necessary and

proper rules and regulations, not contrary to law, for the government and management of the public schools within said city, and for carrying into effect laws relating to education; also, to establish and regulate the grade of schools, and to determine what text-books prescribed by the State Board of Education shall be employed in the course of study and

mode of instruction to be pursued in said schools. Stationery, Fourth--To provide for the school department of said city

fuel, light, water, blanks, blank books, printing stationery, and school books, and such other articles, materials, or supplies as may be necessary and appropriate for use in schools or in office of the Superintendent, and to incur such incidental expenses and repairs as may be necessary for the sup

port and maintaining of said schools. Superintend- Fifth-To order paid monthly from the School Fund of said ent's salary, Salinas City School District the salary of the City School


Sixth-To prohibit any children under six years of age years not to from attending public schools, and generally to do and per

form such other acts as may be necessary and proper to carry into effect the powers of said Board granted by this Act and by ordinance of the Common Council of Salinas City. For any services performed by the members of said Board no compensation shall be allowed by the city.

Seventh-To determine annually the amount of tax, not exceeding twenty-five cents on each one hundred dollars valuation upon the assessment roll, to be raised by taxation upon the property in said city subject to taxation, for the establishment and support of the free public schools in said city, and the furnishing of school-houses, which shall be certified to the Mayor and Common Council before the first Monday in July of each year.

SEC. 52. There shall be a City Superintendent of Public Superin

Schools, who shall be ex officio Clerk of the Board of Education, and shall have power to administer oaths or affirmations concerning any demand upon the treasury, payable out of the School Fund, or other matters relating to his official duties. It shall be his duty, as said Clerk, to keep a fair and impartial record of all proceedings had, and all orders made, by the Board, or under the direction of the President.

SEC. 53. At the last session of the Board in each school condition of term of the year, before proceeding to other business, each

Trustee shall be called on to report the condition of the schools in his ward, and the circumstances and wants of the inhabitants thereof in respect to education, and to suggest any defect he may have noted, and improvement he would

recommend, in school regulation. Trustees and SEC. 54. No School Trustees or Superintendent shall be

interested in any contract pertaining in any manner to the to be inter- school department of said city, and all contracts in violation

of this section are declared void; and any Trustee or Super

School tax.

Powers and duties of


Trustees to examine


Superintendent not

ested in contracts.

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