Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 12

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Chetham Society., 1887 - Cheshire (England)

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Page 58 - Jer. 5. 3°Haec dicit dominus, state super vias et videte et interrogate de semitis antiquis, quae sit via bona et ambulate in ea et invenietis refrigerium animabus vestris, et dixerunt non ambulabimus.
Page 8 - The tribunals afforded no protection to the subject against the civil and ecclesiastical tyranny of that period. The judges of the common law, holding their situations during the pleasure of the King, were scandalously obsequious. Yet, obsequious as they were, they were less ready and...
Page 20 - Banister dwelt), and thence, after a good while, my wyffe being great with childe, retorned into Lancasheare to the Speakes, and I ridde to weme (where my brother Bannister had another dwelling house), and thence to London to gett a pardon, where, sending home my horses, I, with my man Peter Stocke, staide there about ffive weekes, and without getteing a pardon, I came into Staffordsheire, changing my name, whither my wyfe came to mee, and theire wee staide about two yeares at six several!
Page xxvi - Edmund's-bury, for dispersing books against the Common Prayer. With respect to the great part of the Catholic victims, the law was fully and literally executed; after being hanged up, they were cut down alive, dismembered, ripped up, and their bowels burnt before their faces ; after which they were beheaded and quartered. The time employed in this butchery was very considerable, and, in one instance, lasted more than half an hour.
Page 9 - They were directed to make inquiry, not only by the legal methods of juries and witnesses but by all other means and ways which they could devise ; that is, by the rack, by torture, by inquisition, by imprisonment. Where they found reason to suspect any person, they might administer to him an oath, called
Page 33 - More and a com panic of others to the number of 20 in all, came to litle Crosbie and disposed themselves, some to gather Catle together, others rideing in the lanes with drawne swoards in theire hands. The Sherife meeting an ould woman above 64 yeares of age with a Pitchfork in her hand to take upp a boate of flaxe out of the reeling place as shee tould him, he...
Page 24 - Geeve judgment, Lord, twixt them and us, The ballance yett let pittie houlde : Let mercie measure their offence, And grace reduce them to thy foulde, That wee, all children of thy spouse, May live as brethren in thy house.
Page 15 - To add to his misfortune, he was accused of "settinge on, countenancinge and mainteyninge severall Riotts and Riottors who endeavoured to prevent the execution of the Sheriff's warrant for the Seizure of four oxen, seventeen sheep, nine kine, and certain swine corn and hay of the Defendant Blundel', by sore beating and wounding his bailiffs.

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