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N.B.—T'HE Figures at the beginning of the line, correspond with the at the
foot of each Bill; and the Figures at the end of the line, refer to the MS. Paging
of the Volumes arranged for The House of Commons.

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Highway Rates :

Bill to continue an Act for authorizing the Application of Highway Rates to Turn-
pike Roads

- - - p. 333

Joint Stock Banks (Scotland and Ireland):

76. Bill to regulate Joint Stock Banks in Scotland and Ireland

231. Same (as amended by the Committee] - - - -

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Taxation of Costs (Compensations for Land), Ireland :

502. Bill to amend so much of “The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845," as relates

to the Officer by whom the Costs of Inquiries holden under that Act, as to Com-

pensation for Lands, shall be laxed in Ireland - - - - - 413

Leases (Ireland):

385. Bill to facilitate and encourage the granting of certain Leases for Terms of Years

in Ireland - -

- - 417

507. Same (as amended by the Committee) - - - - - - - 425

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