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And let us bear in mind, that the Lordship of Jesus, and the worship of his people, are inseparably connected ; the one being defended the other is maintained.

Reader, do you worship Jesus P Do you render to him the homage of the heart ? Jesus is to be worshipped both with the body and with the soul. To him every knee must bow, for the Father has solemnly pledged his word that they shall. If therefore you do not bow to him now as the God of grace, you will be obliged to bow to him at length as the God of justice. We must either bend or break. He will be Lord. He will subdue every foe, either by his gracious power, or by his just wrath. Every obdurate foe he will destroy, for he has informed us, that the time is coming when he will say, “ As for these mine enemies, who would not that I should reign over them, bring them forth, and slay them before me."

Brightness of the Father's glory,

Shall thy praise unuttered lie?
Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence!

Sing the Lord who came to die.
Did archangels sing thy coming ?

Did the shepherds learn their lays ?
Shame would cover me ungrateful,

Should my tongue refuse to praise.
From the highest throne in glory,

To the cross of deepest woe;
All to ransom guilty captives :
Flow, my praise, for over flow.


"As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”-DEUT, Xxxiii. 25.

Let me

THE future—who can tell what will be in the future P Our days are numbered, but we know not their number.

Our days are appointed, but we know not their character. Nor would it be well for us to know. We know something better, for we know, that our heavenly Father has made full, suitable, and sufficient provision for us; to enable us to meet, endure, and honourably pass through all the days of our appointed time. never look into the future, but through God's word; and then, I shall not be unduly elated by the prospect of prosperity, nor unduly de. pressed by the prospect of adversity. Every day I shall have God with me. Every day I shall have the throne of grace near me. Every day the promise will belong to me, As thy days, 80 shall thy strength be."

HERE THE FUTURE IS ANTICIPATED. thy days,” thy future days. What will be the character of those days, or how many of them there will be, I know not. Whether

" As

they will be dark or light-wet or dry-foggy or clear-hot or cold-long or short-I am not informed, but I am assured of sufficient strength. I shall no doubt in the future, as in the past, meet with days of conflict, when the enemy will thrust sorely at me-days of disappointment, when lover and friend will stand far from me-days of pain, when much patience will be required-days of depression, when I shall be filled with heaviness, through manifold temptations days of bereavement, when the Lord will take away the desire of mine eyes with a strokebut for every day, the strength promised me will be sufficient. My working days may be many, and my resting days but few—my days of pain may be long, and my days of pleasure may be short-but long or short, working or resting, as my days, so will my strength be. HERE THEN THE FUTURE IS PROVIDED FOR

As thy day8, so shall thy strength be.”

It shall be sufficient for the day, be the day what it may. It is wisely apportioned, each will have enough, none any to spare. It is to be daily given, we shall not have tomorrow's strength either to use or squander to-day. As we must wait until to-morrow, for to-morrow's troubles ; 80 must we wait also for to-morrow's strength. The promise that ensures us suitable and sufficient strength, for all future days, is made by one that knows all that will happen, he cannot be taken by surprise, nor can any thing occur which he


has not known long before.

Not only so, but the promise is made by one that loves us. Loves us but who shall describe, who can suitably represent his love! It is infinite, and cannot be comprehended. It is eternal, and cannot be measured. It is unchangeable, and cannot be diverted from its objects. It is sovereign, and was fixed on them without any thing in them to attract or draw it toward them. It is love, deeper than a father's love, more tender than a mother's love, stronger than a husband's. It is a fire that cannot be quenched, an ocean that can. not be exhausted, a sun that will never set. It is also the promise of one that will never leave us, nor forsake us. O precious promise, of an infinitely wise, loving, and present God! It is divine, therefore both true and certain. It is tried, and was never known to fail. As, therefore, it is divine and well tried, let us receive it as from God's hand, believe it with all our hearts, and trust it with all the strength of our souls.

Let us then look forward into the future without fear, care, or foreboding. What should we fear, if we have strength given us for any thing, for every thing! Why should we be anxious or careful, if all is anticipated and provided for by our heavenly Father. Let us rather exercise faith in God, consecrate ourselves to God, and manifest a growing love to the cause of God. And as God is so good, so faithful, and so true, let us direct others to him, encourage them to exercise faith in him, and expect sufficient strength from him. My soul, I charge thee never to forget, or doubt, or disbelieve this precious promise ; but as in all times past thou hast proved it true, go forward expecting to find it true even to the end! Holy Spirit, as the Remembrancer of the Lord's people, I beseech thee to bring this promise to my remembrance, in all seasons of weakness, in all times of trouble, and in the day and hour of temptation. And as the author of faith, I

thee to work faith in my heart, that I may cordially believe it, confidently trust it, and at all times, in faith plead for its fulfilment, at the throne of God! Heavenly Father, I bless thee, I praise thy glorious name, for this precious promise--help me at all times to look to thee to make it good, and may I never dishonour thee by doubting either thy faithfulness, or love, or care! Precious Lord Jesus, as all the promises were confirmed by thy blood, are deposited in thy hand, and are made good through thy intercession, enable me to rely on thee, walk with thee, and openly honour thee, by believing always, and under all circumstances, that as my days, so shall my strength be.


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