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together; and as these privileges will never be enjoyed but as the effect of the Lord's blessing, in answer to the powerful pleadings of His church, all the people of God should pray much for the world.

Brethren, is it so ? Does the world need the truth of God, and are we intrusted with that truth for the world ? It is even so. Can we then refuse or neglect to spread abroad that truth in every direction, until it reaches to earth's remotest bounds, without being cruel and dishonest ? Cruel, to see souls perishing, while we have the remedy they need, and refuse or neglect to make it known! Dishonest, seeing we are put in trust with the gospel, and are commanded to preach it to every creature, and to teach it to all the nations! Does the world need the Spirit of God, and is the gift of the Spirit suspended on the prayers of the church ? It is ; for Jesus has said, that our heavenly Father is much more willing to give the Spirit, than an earthly father is to give a good gift to his child : and our heavenly Father has said, that though He has promised, He will yet be inquired of to grant the blessing promised. Can we then see the world lie dead in trespasses and in sins, and know that nothing but the Spirit accompanying the truth, can raise them from a death in sin to a life of righteousness-and know, too, that the Spirit is only to be expected in answer to our united, earnest, and persevering prayers—and can we withhold

those prayers, without being guilty of our brother's blood ? If sinners destroy themselves, and we do not try to prevent it, are we not accessory to their ruin P Can we be guiltless of their blood? Can we, living as we do, acting as we do, honestly say with the apostle, “I am clear from the blood of all men ?" Ought we not rather to pray with David, “ Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation : nd my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation ; and uphold me with thy free Spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.'

o that the Lord would so lay the subject on our hearts, that we may feel that we cannot rest, cannot enjoy our temporal comforts, or religious privileges, if the truth of God is not sent to all nations—if the Spirit of God is not poured upon us from on high-and if in every place, and by every believer, prayer is not offered for the world, that the earth may be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea! Let us rise up as one man, and remind the Lord of His oath, of His promise, “ As I live, saith the Lord, the whole earth shall be filled with my glory!” and plead with Him until it is made good, or we are wafted on the wings of such prayers to glory.

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That God is the hearer and the answerer of prayer, is very generally admitted; but it is one thing to acknowledge this truth in the general, and another to prove it in our own personal experience. I have just received, in a letter from New York, a very striking case of the power of prayer, and of the way in which God at times proves the consistency of his poor children. It was related at the Fulton-street prayer meeting, and thus communicated by a godly man who was present.

“I went down to the Fulton-street noon-day prayer meeting yesterday-such seasons of blessedness are not often mine to enjoy-but I was more than repaid for going there: a very remarkable example of simple faithfulness and fidelity, in the person of a poor dressmaker, was related, and you can easily believe that there was not a dry eye in the place. It seems she had been a long time out of employment, and being almost brought down to want, she betook herself to prayer, asking that He who conde.

He says,

scended to care for her soul would now in her extremity care for her poor body, and send her some employment before the day was out. About ten o'clock in the morning her prayer was answered, but in such a way as only brought her perplexity and trial. An actress, about to fill a new and closely approaching engagement, bringing with her the materials for her new costumes, entered her apartments, and soliciting her attention, began to give instructions as to the making up, &c. The dressmaker, being exceedingly conscientious as to the purposes for which they would be used, was undecided in her reply. Finally, she told the actress that if she would wait a few minutes, to enable her to consult her Father, she would give her a positive answer. And then and there, in her presence, she bowed her knees, and in audible words addressed the throne of grace. In a few moments the astonished actress was struck with conviction, and cried out lost! lost!' She flung herself on her knees beside the other in perfect agony

of mind. The result was, the order was countermanded, her resolution fixed, never more to appear on the stage, and the engagement consequently broken. In three weeks more her soul was free, her spirit was rejoicing in God her Saviour, and her name was enrolled among the followers of Jesus. It was also stated that legitimate employment offered itself before the day was out.” What a striking in ta..ce of the power


prayer! What an illustration of the Lord's word, “ Them that honour me, I will honour.”

Reader, do you pray? Do you obtain answers to prayer ? Have you a tender conscience, as this poor dressmaker had, who feared to offend God, who habitually consulted the Lord, and who was not ashamed to ask for his direction and guidance before one who came to employ her? Her extremity was God's opportunity. He tried her by poverty, he then put her principles to the test by the offer of questionable employment, and finding her faithful he honoured her in the conversion of the actress, and then gave her such employment as she needed and could approve.

Let the poor apply to the God of providence in their poverty. "Let us all get and keep a tender conscience. Let us never be afraid to do the thing that is right under any circumstances. Let us consult God in all doubtful cases, reading his word, and applying at his throne. Let us never be ashamed to pray because our fellow creatures are present. Nor let us fancy that God cannot or will not use us in the conversion of souls because we are poor, illiterate, or hidden from public view. If my reader is not a Christian, I must say, that what the actress felt you must feel. You must feel that you are lost, or you will never seek a Saviour. In every case where the Spirit of God works in the soul, he convinces of sin, warns of danger, awakens con

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