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more than children and grandchildren. Yes, yes, Jesus is more than all.

Friend, what is Jesus to you? How do you esteem him? What value do you set upon him? What are you prepared to part with for him ? Have you ever felt him to be precious to your soul ? Did you ever experience the cleansing efficacy of his blood, the heal. ing virtue of his name, the comforting tendeny of his word PH he delivered your soul from death, your eyes from tears, and your feet from falling? If you know Jesus, so as to trust him; if you trust him, so as to enjoy peace with God; and if the peace of God raises you above the love of life, and the fear of death ; you also will be prepared

he is more than all. David could say, “ Whom have I in heaven but thee, and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee. Peter could say, “Lord, we have left all and followed thee." Paul could say, “Yea, doubtless and I count all things but loss, for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.' And our venerable friend

He is more than all.O may the Holy Spirit, so reveal Christ to our souls, apply, his blood to our consciences, and shed abroad his love in our hearts; that now, while we have health and vigourthat when brought to experience disease and weakness and then, when we lay our heads on our dying pillows, we may bear this testimony, JESUS IS

to say,

could say,




My dear suffering infant is gone,
To the regions of pleasure and peace;
No more will be struggle and moan,
My Saviour has sent a release.
His poor weary body will rest,
With Mercy and Annie below;
His spirit with liberty blest,
Unspeakable pleasure shall know,
Who knows what sensations divine
He felt, when the struggle was o'er ?
Caught up with the ransom'd to shine,
On glory's felicitous shore :
How great the transition must be!
How rapturous the feelings he knew!
The bright gates of glory to see,
And pass as a conqueror through.
He dropped the vile body of clay,
And with it, all sorrow and pain;
Fled swift to the regions of day,
To join with the glorified train.
There, there with the ransomed he sings,
And evermore glorifies God;
Each moment fresb happiness brings,
And all through the Lamb and his blood.

Their song will be evermore new,
Their bliss through eternity run;
The Saviour fresh glories wili show,
And the will of Jebovah be done.
They shout the adorable name
Of Jesus, who died to atone,
With vigour and rapture the same,
Before the magnificent throne.



O was I as happy as those
Who live in the presence of God,
Safe housed from all troubles and foes,
No more to smart, under the rod :
Was I with my little ones blest,
From sin and perplexity free;
Enjoying the long look'd-for rest,
Where Christ and his people shall be!
My Saviour, thy mercy exert,
For us who are still left below;
Thy grace and thy Spirit impart,
That we to thy pleasure may bow;
Display thy omnipotent grace,
Lay claim to our offspring as thine;
Give each one in glory a place,
To praise thee in transports divine.
Lord, I to thy dealings submit,
I wish that thy will should be mine;
I lay down my soul at thy feet,
And all to thy pleasure resign;
Thy counsel shall guide me below,
Thy promise by faith I believe;
I trust thee to bring me safe through,
And then to thy glory receive.


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