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self known to us by the gracious teaching of his Holy Spirit, as our Saviour and unchangeable friend. He visits us in mercy, sometimes in the Sanctuary, sometimes at his table, sometimes in the closet, and sometimes in the solitary walk ; and his visits are always precious. He enters into communion with us, drawingout our hearts to himself in prayer, praise, meditation and adoration; and he applies his truth to us, and sheds abroad his love within us. He also vindicates his people, not always just at the time they are reproached, slandered, or misrepresented; but eveutually he brings forth their righteousness as the light, and their judgment as the noon-day. So that we may always rejoice, that we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous One. We will now glance at Mary's

POSITION. She was sitting at the feet of Jesus. Most probably he was reclining on the couch, and she went and took her place behind him, where she could hear what he said, and occasionally get a glimpse of his face. It is the posture of humility, she took the lowest place. She had no wish to be seen, nor did she regard her own ease, she was intent on getting good from Jesus. It was the posture of attention, she wished to catch

every word, and to understand all that the Lord was saying. If Jesus teach, Mary will attend and listen. It was the posture of a learner, she was a disciple of Jesus, therefore she sat

down at his feet, that she may receive of his words. He need not now say unto her,

Learn of me,” for she was most anxious to do so. It was the posture of satisfaction, if she could but be within the sound of his voice, within the sight of his eye, it was enough for Mary. Any where with Jesus. It was also the posture of repose, here at the feet of Jesus, she found rest unto her soul. Her de. sires were satisfied, her love was gratified, her hungry_soul was fed. It was enough, the feet of Jesus was to her a kind of earthly heaven. Reader, how is it with you? Are you humble enough to take a seat at the feet of Jesus? Is it your delight to listen to his words? Are you like a little child desiring to learn of him, and be taught by him? Are you satisfied if you can but get near to Jesus? Do you find sweet and refreshing repose in his presence ? If so, happy are you. Observe now Mary's—

EMPLOYMENT. . She was hearing Jesus. We have not his discourse, one could almost wish we had. But anything from Jesus would interest_Mary. She was receiving his doctrine. It is one thing to hear, but quite another thing to receive. She saw the beauty, tasted the sweetness, and realized the value of the Saviour's communications, therefore she drank them in as the dry ground the rain, or the thirsty ox the water. She endeavoured to retain what she heard. She took no notes, but she caught fast hold of the truth with her


memory. She held it and would not let it Like David, she hid it in her heart. Like another Mary, she laid up those things in her heart. She felt interested in all he said, she was riveted to the spot she had chosen, she was pleased with his various communications, and was profited by all she heard. She seized the opportunity offered her, and thus displayed her ardour, teachableness and spirituality. She sat at the feet of Jesus in the cottage, she now sits by his side in the mansion. Reader, how is it with you? Do you hear Jesus, when he speaks by his servants, or in his word? Do you receive and retain his truth? Are you pleased with, and profitted by, the gospel ? Have you Mary's wisdom, to seize opportunities to get good ? Are you teachable and spiritual as Mary was ? These are important questions, may the Lord apply them, and enable you to answer them.

Let us ever remember, that Jesus is present in his ordinances, present whenever, and wherever his people meet. For he has said, " Wherever two or three meet together in my name, there am I.”

Yes, Jesus is as really present, though not as visibly, or sensibly present, as he was in the cottage of Bethany. We may therefore do as Mary did, we may sit down at his feet, listen and receive of his word. But have we the open ear to listen-the honest heart to receive-the refined taste to enjoy--the faithful mind to reLet busy

tain--the lowly spirit to embrace and the willing

mind to take the lowest place, as Mary had? Too many meet where Jesus is, but do not perceive him; do not feel their need of him; do not thirst for his grace, or long for the application of his word. To them religion is but a form. To them the gospel is no more than the word of man. To them, alas! too often, it becomes the savour of death unto death.

My soul, I charge thee to take thy place, as Mary did at the feet of Jesus. Marthă be careful and troubled about many things-one thing is needful-see to it that thou choose the good part which shall not be taken from thee. Go where Jesus goes. Get near to Jesus if possible, even if thou hast to force thy way through a crowd, as the

poor woman in the gospel had. Keep near to Je. sus, let not company, business, or any angry relative draw or drive thee away. It is the most blessed place under heaven. Mary's privilege prepares for John's. Those who are willing to sit at the feet of Jesus, and esteem it a privilege to do so; will be raised to lean on his bosom, and sit by his side for ever. “He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the needy from the dunghill; to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory." Oh what a tran. sition, from the dunghill, to inherit the throne of glory! What wonders love can do! How low grace can stoop! What privileges are conferred on worms !



MANY of the Lord's little ones doubt their interest in Christ, their acceptance with God, and their title to everlasting life. In consequence of this, they are not happy ; they are afraid to profess Christ, nor can they be as active for Christ as they should. I want to write a few lines that may be of use to such, if the Lord will. The occasion of my doing 80 is, I have just received a letter from a godly minister, who, speaking of one of his congregation, says, "Poor thing, her cry, very often when I am talking to her, is, IF I WERE BUT SURE. BUT I AM NOT QUITE SUBE. She has a hope, and so have many, but that is not satisfactory. She wants to be sure, quite sure. Wels, we cannot blame her for this; for certainty, on a matter of so much importance as the salvation of the soul, is most desirable. But ought not such persons to be sure ? Let us examine the case a little, endeavour to impart a little comfort, and give a word of advice.

“IF I WERE BUT SURE." This indicates a deep sense of the value and importance of

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