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bome for ever.

Our Father's house is magnificent. Our family gathering will be large and glorious. Our joys will then be perfect, and our happiness perpetual. Not one of all the millions who will be there will drop a tear, or heave a sigh, or utter a groan: not one will be disfigured by a wrinkle of care, a spot of pollution, or the least stain of sin. Perfection, absolute perfection will be stamped on each; and all will be satisfied, as they appear in the Saviour's likeness. then attend to our heavenly Father's admonition. Let us daily hear him say to us,

John, James, Mary, Sarah, cleave to Christ, walk with God, adorn the gospel, and WHILE I HAVE A HOUSE, YOU SHALL NEVER WANT A HOME.

Let us

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Heaven is Jehovah's dwelling place,
The home of every child of grace,

Where he his Father sees;
His journey's end, his treasure great,
His mansion, and his vast estate,

Where saints all dwell at ease.

My spirit here renewed by grace,
Enjoys the smiles of Jesus' face,

Ånd waits his sovereign call;
Contented travels on the road,
With pleasure bails the blest abode,

Where God is All in All!



on them.

I HAVE often derived benefit from wander. in a church-yard, therefore, I never see a church, if the gate is unlocked and I have time, but I take a turn round the grave-yard. Many a one has seen me thus rambling in a country church-yard, reading the inscriptions on the head stones, and then musing

Often have I been annoyed by the silly things I have read there. Surely if the dead knew how they are flattered and misrepresented by their friends after their decease, it would greatly annoy them. Only now and then do we meet with a good epitaph. But I have lately met with one, a part of which I transcribe, “ Oh, that this mouldering stone, may remind a sinner, of the mercy that may be found in a Saviour ! This is touching! It is striking! It is calculated to do good! It is the breathing of a soul filled with the love of God, and influenced by benevolence to man.

It is sure to be read by sinners, for who but sinners will ever be found standing before that stone, and reading its inscription. It reminds the sinner of his need, mercy, and informs him where mercy is to be found,

in a Saviour. Yes, every sinner needs renewing mercy-pardoning mercy-preserving mercy-sanctifying mercy-in à word, saving mercy. He must be saved by mercy, if saved at all. The mercy he needs is in Jesus, who is the mercy promised to our forefathers ; and who is the channel, through which the ocean of mercy which is in God's heart, flows down into our sinful world. Yes, yes, there is mercy in Jesus for sinners. For miserable, vile, and wretched sinners. For all classes, and all kinds of sinners. He has mercy that suits all, and mercy for all, who are willing to receive mercy from him. The mercy that is in Jesus, flows freely to the vilest of men. Every poor, miserable, condemned, and wretched creature is wel. come to it.

But sinners need to be reminded that they need mercy, and that there is mercy in Jesus for such as they. Reader,


soul breathes out the desire of the epitaph for thee, for every one that shall read these lines. From the bottom of my

Oh, that these poor lines of mine, may remind a sinner of the mercy that may be found in a Saviour.' Holy Spirit, convince the reader, whose eye may rest on this page, of his need of mercy-shew him that there is mercy in Jesus for him, and for all like him and lead him to seek mercy until he obtains it! Oh, honour Jesus, by leading thousands of immortal souls to him, for that mercy that is treasured up in

heart I say,


him, and without which they can never enjoy pardon, peace, or everlasting life! Help me, with my pen, whenever I write ; and by my tongue, whenever I converse; to remind sinners of the mercy that may be found in a Saviour. Mercy, sweet word! Mercy in a Saviour, precious provision ! Mercy to be found in a Saviour, glorious fact! Mercy to be found in a Saviour by sinners, vile, base, and hell-deserving sinners, blessed news! May we seek, obtain, enjoy, and then publish this mercy to all around us.

Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song,
The joy of my heart, and the boast of my tongue;
Thy free grace alone, from the first to the last,
Hath won my affections, and bound my soul fast.

The door of thy mercy stands open all day
To the poor and the needy, who knock by the way;
No sinner shall ever be empty sent back,
Who comes seeking mercy for Jesus's sake.
Thy mercy in Jesus exempts me from hell;
Its glories I'll sing and its wonders I'll tell;
'Twas Jesus, my friend, when he hung on the tree,
Who open'd the channel of mercy for me.
Great Father of mercies! thy goodness I own,
And the covenant love of thy crucified Son;
All praise to thy Spirit, whose whisper divine
Seals mercy, and pardon, and righteousness mine!



Rom, iii, 19.

EVERY man by nature is under law, for if there is no law binding upon us, no sin can be committed by us. As the law was stamped on the nature of Adam, or as it was de. livered on Sinai, we must therefore be under it. Conscience acknowledges this, and in proportion to the clearness of its light, is in. Auenced by it. All have some consciousness of sin, and therefore all feel uneasy. All are apprehensive of condemnation, and therefore seek in some way to satisfy justice, or dread death. With the Bible in our hands, the law is plainly placed before us, and as holy, just, and good, commends itself to us.

How can we object to that, with any show of reason, that only requires us to be holy,

to do justly, and to love all around us ? Will any man say, that he ought to be unholy, act unjustly, and indulge hatred or malice in his heart ? If not, every one must consent unto the law that it is good, and that its requirements ought to be met. The law speaks to every one of us.

It prescribes our duty, both in its nature and 318



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