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our Lord assures us, “It is your

Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke xii. 32. O how God's heart must have been set upon doing us good, to have provided a kingdom for us from the foundation of the world, and then to have undertaken to lead us forth by the right way, that we may go in and possess it. The Lord then in order to do his people good, gives them his good Spirit, uses the rod of correction, hanges their hearts, leads them to choose the good part, orders their footsteps, establishes them in grace, and gives them the everlasting kingdom. Reader, can you say, Now know I, that the Lord will do me good ?

Let us notice the persuasion expressed. "I know that the Lord will do me good.” How is this to be known? By several things. But to my own mind, the following is satisfactory. I know that the Lord will do me good, for I feel my need of the good things he gives, and the good work he performs. This sense of need, springs from the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart; and the Spirit never convinces us of our need, but in order to lead us to Jesus for a supply.

If the Spirit teaches us our need of any good thing, it is because God has that good thing for us, and intends to bestow it upon us.

I know that the Lord will do me good, for I am willing to receive God's good things in his own way; God saves gratuitously.

He gives freely. He works sovereignly. In every

thing he will be God, and act like a God. Now no one is willing to be saved in God's way, or to be blessed on God's terms, until he has made them so. Therefore it is written, " Thy people shall be willing, in the day of thy power.” If therefore I am willing to be saved by grace, that is the evidence that God is willing to save me: and, if I am willing to surrender myself to God, that he may work in me to will and to do of his own good pleasure, that is the proof that

God will do me good. I know that the Lord will do me good ; for I heartily desire it. Now a desire for spiritual things, proves there is some spirituality in the mind, for the carnal mind, never heartily desires spiritual blessings; and if there is any spirituality within us, it has been imparted, or produced by the Holy Spirit, If therefore the Holy Spirit has generated a desire in my heart for spiritual blessings, all such desires will be satisfied, the Lord will do me good. I know that the Lord will do me good, for I earnestly pray for it. All real prayer comes from God, ascends to God, is approved of God, and will be answered by God. His nature prompts him to answer prayer, and his promises bind him. Desire is the soul of prayer, and prayer is the giving vent, or expression, to desire. If I ever earnestly pray for a spiritual blessing, from a sense of my need of it, it is because I am inclined and induced to do so, by the Holy Spirit; and if the Holy Spirit in.


clines and induces me to pray for spiritual things, God will answer me ; and in doing so, will do me good. I know that God will do me good, for I am willing to wait God's time for the blessing. Unbelief is always in a hurry, and the Lord's people, find it hard sometimes, patiently to wait for God. therefore, feeling my utter unworthiness to receive any good thing from the Lord, and yet heartily desiring it, and earnestly praying for it, I am willing to give God time to bestow it, or work it in me, it is clear that I am taught of God; and if taught of God, he will do me good. I know that the Lord will do me good, for I have already received some foretastes of it. God, if he begins a work, never forsakes it, but always completes it. If therefore I have received the Holy Spirit, convincing me of sin, emptying me of self, and leading me to Jesus ; or, if I know any thing of sanctified affliction ; I have received some good thing from the Lord, I have had a foretaste, and I may confidently say, the Lord will do me good : or I know that the Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Once more, I know that the Lord will do me good, for I wish him to be glorified in doing it. Man by nature never troubles himself about God's glory. He is a poor selfish being. But grace takes the eye off self, and directs it to the Lord; so that instead of making self our end in all we do, or even the welfare of our fellow creatures, we desire above all things that God should be glorified; and when we seek God's glory, he always secures our best interests. Our seeking to glorify him, is an evidence that he will glorify us; if therefore I do not merely desire that God would do me good, but so do me good, as to glorify himself in doing it, I may fearlessly say, the Lord will do me good. If then, I feel my need of good things—if I am willing to receive them in God's way--if I heartily desire them if I earnestly pray for them—if I am willing to wait God's time until I receive them if I have received a foretaste of them-and if I wish God to glorify himself in bestowing them, I may with all confidence say, “Now know I that the Lord will do me good..

Reader, what say you to these things ? Have you been able to follow me in my previous remarks ? Is it your heart's desire and prayer to God, that you may see the good of his chosen, and rejoice in the gladness of his nation? Do you desire his good Spirit to instruct you, and to experience his good work within you? Are you looking to God to guide you, and that his afflictive dispensations may be a real blessing to you? Have you been brought to sit down at the feet of Jesus, listening to his word, and finding rest for your soul? Are you established in the doc. trines of divine grace, and is your heart es. tablished with the grace of the doctrines ? If 80, fear not, for it is your Father's good pleasure, to give you the kingdom. But, if you are not seeking the Lord and his goodness, if you have not tasted that the Lord is gracious, if you are indifferent on this im. portant subject, you are in a fearful case, in a very dangerous condition; and I entreat you to consider the matter well, and while you may obtain mercy, beseech the Lord to work in you mightily, to give you grace plentifully, that he may do you good in your latter end.

Shew me some token, Lord, for good,
Some token of thy special love;
Shew me that I am born of God,
And that my treasure is above.
My supplication, Lord, is this,
That all my sins may be subdued ;
That all thy precious promises
May be to me, and for my good.
O seal my pardon to my soul,
And then proclaim my peace with thee:
Thus make my wounded conscience whole,
And that will be for good to me.
Let thy good Spirit rule my heart,
And govern all my words and ways:
Let grace abound in every part,
And teach my tongue to sing thy praise.

I see that I am thine,
And feel my heart to thee ascend;
Then shall I know that thou art mine,
My God, my Father, and my friend.

Tbus may

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