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with the Apostles and Martyrs; with all who have lived for Christ, and died for Christ on earth. There we shall have a right to be, and to be there for ever. It will be our own home. The kingdom prepared for us, before the foundation of the world. The place prepared for us by our beloved Lord and Saviour. There all will be simple and sincere, no polite deception, no mere pretence will be there. All will be bright and beautiful ; nothing dreary or unsightly there. All will be joyous and blissful, neither tears nor sorrows there. What will it be to realize freedom from all pain, all fear, all sorrow, and all sin ; possessing at the same time the deep inwrought assurance that we are free from all these things for ever!

O blissful prospect! O glorious anticipation !

Yes, heaven is home, the home of the heart. All the objects of the heart's love are there. All the objects of the heart's desire are there. All that can feast and delight the heart is there. I will therefore endeavour hence. forth to think of heaven as my home, the home of my heart ; nor expect to find a home to satisfy me, until I arrive there. Without holiness, without love, without peace, without Jesus, no place would be home to me. But in heaven all are holy-in heaven love is perfect-in heaven peace reigns—in heaven Jesus dwells, is seen, and heard, and enjoyed for ever. Let me, therefore, when called to suffer privation, or endure temptation, or

pass through affliction ; remember that I am but a stranger and a sojourner below, that “my home is in heaven, my home is not here." Nor let me ever expect long to dwell at ease, or to be free from trouble, until I reach the home of my heart. Father of mercies, I bless thee for providing such a home, for such a sinner as me! Saviour, Jesus, I praise thee for procuring me a title to such a home, by the labours of thy life, and thy sacrificial death! Holy Spirit, I adore thee for thy gracious work, which is meetening and preparing me for that bliss. ful home, where I shall be holy and happy for ever!

I'm but a stranger here,

Heaven is my home:
Earth is a desert drear,

Heaven is my home:
Danger and sorrow stand,
Round me on every hand:
Heaven is my father-land,

Heaven is my home.
What though the tempest rage ?

Heaven is my home:
Short is my pilgrimage,

Heaven is my home:
And time's wild wintry blast
Soon will be overpast;
I shall reach home at last;

Heaven is my home.


The parent was carrying his child, and the little prattler delighted his ear and his heart. But his arms got weary, and he put it down to walk.

It was put forward that the father's eye might watch it, and the father's hand defend, or catch it, if needful. It soon turned to look back, when the parent said, There, look where you are going.' Look before you, not behind. Look forward, not backward. How frequently we need such an admonition! How prone we are to look back, as if we doubted whether our father had not left us to ourselves. Or, as if we were afraid to go forward. But there is a race set before us, and we must run it. There is a goal to be reached, and we must reach it. There is experience to be gained, and we must gain it. A voice may be often heard behind us saying,

« This is the way, walk ye in it." The father's advice to his child, we may apply to four classes.

YOUNG CHRISTIAN, look where you are going.There are snares in your path, dangers in your way. Keep your eyes open, and let them look right on, or before you are aware, you fall. Temptations will assail you on every hand. If invited to the theatre, or ball room, or concert, or dance, or to join the pleasure party, look where you are going.Ask yourself the question, Will the Lord go with me? Or, will the Lord smile upon me there? Or, shall I honour Jesus by going ? “ Look where you are. going," lest you grieve the Spirit, wound the cause of God, or lay a stumbling-block in the sinner's way. There is no neutral ground, it either belongs to Jesus, or to Satan ; and if you venture on Satan's ground, you give him occasion against you, and power over you. Seek happiness in God. Expect pleasure in doing good. Never let it be said, that you were obliged to seek pleasure in the world, or in carnal things.

PROSPEROUS PROFESSOR, “look where you are going.Business is increasing, trade is flourishing, and you are making money. You will soon be tempted to change your style of living, to relax in

attendance on the means of grace, and to allow less time for the exercises of the closet. If you yield, you will soon lose your tenderness of conscience, your zeal for God's glory, and your sympathy with the Saviour. If you retain the forms of religion you will lose the life and power, and become formal. Beware of making haste to be rich, or you will be betrayed into rash speculations, or launch out into business beyond your depth, and come very near to the whirlpool, which drowns men in destruction and perdition. ** Look where you are going,or you will go into the world, and become worldly; and instead of testifying unto it, that the works thereof are evil, you will give it reason to believe that it is in a good state. Jesus prayed, that his people might be kept “from the evil” of the world ; and Paul exhorted the Corinthians, to come out of it, and be separated from it.


AGED BELIEVER, look where you are going." You are very near home. Your father's house is just before you. A few more steps and you will stand before the gates of glory. The wilderness is all behind you, you have only to cross the Jordan, and you will enter into the promised land. Be not anxious then about anything earthly. Set your affections on things above. Keep your lamp filled with oil, and the flame bright and clear. Keep your ear open and attentive, and listening for the Master's call. Realize his presence with you, rest on his promise to support you, and anticipate the pleasure of being for ever with the Lord. " Look where you are going.You are going where there is no sin, no sorrow, no pain. Where there are no foes to alarm, no fears to trouble, no wants to pinch.

You are going where Jesus reigns, where angels worship, where saints are perfect, and God is all in all." There will be no weary body there, no tempting devil there, no distress of soul there; all will be ease, holiness, and happiness.


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